Monday, March 30, 2009

~I Filled My Tote~

Good Monday Morning everyone! Just a quick little post for me today...unfortunately LOTS of laundry and housework is calling my name! :( We had Spring Break last week and our kids DID NOT want to get up this morning! But we got them up and got them off to school...yawns and all!

In a previous post I had talked about a mini tool box I painted that my daughter made in shop class. Well I got it filled and put on the counter in my bathroom. I found these soaps at the grocery store yesterday. One is a Lemon is a Honey Almond and I can't remember what kind the brown soap is but they all smell wonderful! I took cheesecloth and tied around one of the bars and tucked in some lavender (that I dried last summer) then I wrapped brown paper from one of my grocery bags (go green) around the other and tied on a little sweet annie with twine and the one in the back I just wrapped twine around and around in a thick layer. The candle stick I painted last night....first dark brown and then tan over that...sanded and covered the whole thing with a dark walnut stain. And does everyone else agree that the battery powered grubby tapers are wonderful! I love them! Now if my kiddos will just leave this little "display" alone.....I will have to explain to them.. "yes it is soap but you don't wash your hands with it"! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day...The wind is howling here and it is chilly! "Spring Yoo Hoo where are you"?? I am going to try and work on my Salvation Army goodies today between loads of laundry! I have become addicted to thrifting and painting! It is so fun taking something that someone threw out as "junk" and turning it into something that you can use! Enjoy your day...whatever you do! :) Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Another awesome display, my friend!!

  2. I love the display and love what you did with the soap. I always enjoy your posts and pictures. :)


  3. Hi Sarah!
    It does become addicting doesn't it? lol

    I love those battery candles you can put them anywhere, right now mine is on my diningroom table!

    Love what you did with the soaps too, great thinking:)

  4. Sarah~That looks great!
    You did such a nice job primming up the soaps.
    It is so do we stop it? Is there a special meeting that is held for people like us?
    I try to rid myself of the guilt by convincing myself that I am saving so much money by spending so little....How do you get rid of your guilt?

  5. Well, I must admit that you have another goodie there. It looks WONDERFUL and I agree...those grubby tapers are WONDERFUL!!

  6. Another wonderful make over Sarah. Sometimes the simple tricks make the most effect!!

    It's cool and rainy so I am staying in and addressing baby shower invitations!

  7. Sarah,
    What a beautiful prim display. Just love it when you post & I get a peek into your beautiful home.

  8. Love it, Sarah!
    Every little thing always looks so beautiful at your house :)


  9. I just love all the goodies you filled the box with! I keep trying to click on it to see it bigger :-)Great idea with the soaps. Have a great night Sarah!

  10. I had to laugh at your post because I know how it is with little hands and prim displays. They like to mess, mess, mess. But for the most part my boys are pretty good about not messing with the decor.

    The tote looks great filled with it's fixins. Can't wait to see what you are working on next!


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