Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keeping Busy

Hello everyone! Thursday day closer to the weekend. I know we are not suppose to wish time has just been a busy week. A lot of picking up and dropping off. Getting to the gym to workout..and still have something good on the table for supper. We have two sick little boys again. Coughs and runny noses...I am just sick and tired of everybody being sick and tired! I am ready for us to all be well again! Me included...I am coughing now too...Ugh!

I did find some time to do a couple quick projects and I do mean quick! These were both easy and fun! The first project I did was make some prim grungy eggs. An idea I got from one of my forum friends! Finally got them made...with Easter being right around the corner I wanted to have them done. I am really happy with the way they turned out. Some of you may already know how this project is done but for those of you who don't I will give you a brief rundown. You just start with simple plastic Easter eggs....the ones that snap open and closed. Then I took Modge Podge and brushed it on the eggs....cut cheesecloth squares (that I dyed in coffee first) and stuck it to the eggs. Then I brushed Modge Podge over the cheesecloth and then I rolled the egg in cinnamon and apple pie spices! My little boy said "what's smells so good Mom"?! :) And that is it....done and done! And they do smell good..all evening my family has been asking me "What smells so good in here". I tell them to "go look in that bowl over there"! Haha! Here's how they turned out. Notice the little blackened beeswax animals in the bowl too...those are from a great website called Gramma Frans Fixins The little bag of animals included a couple bunnies, a lamb, a rooster, a horse and a few others...oh they are so cute~ so I thought I would toss them in with my eggs~

Time for something different...again! :) I had some little green apples in this bowl on my doughboard. I switched them out for some blackened prairie cakes (also from Gramma Frans Fixins) And I also switched the braided cloth out underneath for this little stitchery with houses and trees on it. I am constantly changing and rearranging!

My next project was a set of shaker boxes. I got this set of paper mache boxes from JoAnns Fabrics. I didn't take a before picture...But here are the after pictures. I took one picture with the flash on because it showed the detail so much better and I took one picture with the flash off because I like the softer colors.

Flash on~

Flash off~

I have one more set of paper mache boxes....the next size bigger than these...can't wait to do those too!

That is about it for me this time. I have so many ideas in my head and so many things I want to get done...but unfortunatly there is not enough hours in a day. And the more projects I get done..the higher my stack of laundry gets! :( Speaking of laundry..that is what I am off to do now! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Oh, I love everything....I wish our JoAnn's had stacking boxes, I'd have to drive 25 miles to get them:) Yours turned out just great and so did your eggs, I only made three so I should do more:)
    I bet every room in your house is so prim!
    Have a great day and I hope you and the boys feel better today.

  2. I have seen boxes like yours on a lot of blogs and wondered where they came from. Thanks for the tip and all the inspiration!

  3. everything looks just great Sarah, you really need to come help me gf!!! LOL
    I know why cant the laundry and other household chores wait till we are done primming and decorating!!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I really like everything that you do. Do you ever sleep.
    Have a great weekend

  5. You have caught the bug big time girl!! Love the new arrangement on the doughboard. Having seasonal decor makes it so much fun to change things out when the mood strikes.

    The stacking boxes came out great. Love the colors.

    I hope th eboys and you get better soon and spring comes your way. It's back to cool and rainy here. Oh, well, it makes the flowers and grass grow!

    hugs, Linda

  6. Ok, I am DEFINITELY going to have to try my hand at those eggs. That is 1 thing that I haven't grungied up (lol). I have done pears and apples, but I am totally in love with the eggs and what a cheap little craft. Everything looks prim perfect like ALWAYS : )

    Hope you all are feeling better soon. We just got over here in our home, but with the weather being in the 70's this week and 40's next week... oh yeah, watch us be sick again. gotta love Ohio weather (URGH)

  7. Love them eggs!....I like how the boxes turned out too!...I just love paper mache...easy to work with and ages so nicely!

    Hope you all feel much better soon...I am with you....HURRY UP SUMMER!

  8. Very neat projects. I love the egg project! Thanks for showing us. Nancy

  9. I love everything Sarah ~ the eggs, pantry cakes, dough board arrangement, boxes~ Love it all! Hope you all are feeling better and have a great weekend! Oh, but have you seen the weather forecast for this weekend?! Yuck! No more snow! :-) Have a good day!

  10. Sarah,
    I love everything you posted today, of course I always do, LOL. Your eggs & boxes turned out fantastic and I'll bet your family thought you were baking a pie. Love the pantry cakes, too. I'll have to check it out since I can't find the time to make any. Hope you and your boys feel better soon.

  11. I hope you all get better soon. Sarah everything looks great. I love all your tweaking and especially love the boxes. Great job!


  12. Sarah,
    Love it all...the prim eggs, the stacked boxes, and all the goodies on your dough board!!
    Hope all of you get feeling better real soon.

  13. Well you certainly have been busy and I love everything!
    I've covered boxes in fabric but never tried painting them and I love painted ones....was it easy?

  14. Sarah~
    I love all of your projects!! The prim eggs are the cutest. And I also love the stacking boxes. But I think my favorite is the arrangement on your dough board. You have awesome taste!!

    Hugs! Carrie♥


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