Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Fun Saturday & Nelly’s Nest

Greetings everyone! What a fun Saturday! The weather was gorgeous, the trees are beautiful and my daughter and I had a girls day out!  We left Dad and  the boys home watching football while we went out for the day!

We stopped at Nelly’s Nest! I had never been there before. One word, fabulous!  It is a cute little house filled with primitive, antique and handmade treasures. You can check out Nelly’s Nest’s Facebook page HERE. Become a fan!

Janelle, the sweet shop owner let me take some photos to show all of you. Are you ready for some primitive eye candy?….. Enjoy!



My daughter and I met the artist who crafts these dolls! She was in the shop. Her name is Paula Conner and her work is amazing ! (Red Door Primitives)


Close up~



















Doesn’t it make you just want to “come on in” and browse!?


I saw so many things I would like to have, but settled on just a few. I got a faux grapevine garland, that looks so real. Some mini gourds, a bundle of wool samples and a cool iron jack o lantern. When I get all of my goodies displayed I will post photos!

I will definitely be going back to Nelly’s Nest!

My daughter and I went to a paint your own pottery shop called Paint Yourself Silly! Fun, fun, fun!

We have been there before and always have such a good time! Here are a couple of the pieces I have painted on other visits~

Leaf and Berry Platter~



Trick Or Treat candy bowl~




Here is the piece that I just picked up from the pottery shop today. I painted a bittersweet plate~


And here is the piece I painted tonight. It should match the bittersweet plate after it is fired, It is amazing to me how incredibly different the colors look before the glazing and firing process.



Here is my daughter Emily’s two creations! She painted the names of all of her favorite t.v. shows around the plate and calls it her “t.v. dinner” plate! How cute! She also made herself a cereal bowl! These will be SO bright and colorful after firing! We CAN’T wait!! We really did paint ourselves silly! FUN TIMES!



Fun day! Next time I will have another prim shop to share, a WONDERFUL swap package that I received in the mail today from a special friend. And photos of where I put  those swap goodies and all my new goodies from today’s shopping trip! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Until next time, take care.





Friday, October 22, 2010

~Fall Beautiful Fall~

Hello everyone! And happy weekend! It’s been a busy week and I am looking forward to a few weekend projects. I hope it can prove to be productive!  I have quite the long “honey do” list!

Thought I would make a short little post about a couple new goodies! The UPS man dropped off the Bittersweet tablecloth and hand towel that I ordered from Primitives By Kathy SO excited to get it, I put it on my table right away!


Close up of the bittersweet~



It is tea-stained perfectly~


Notice I didn’t show my whole table, I need to iron  the cloth first! :)

Here’s what’s burning in our home these days.  It’s called Simply Autumn and it smells wonderful!  1803 Candles  give off the best cozy, warm scent.


And look at what a friend of mine brought me~~ Homemade banana bread. It is delicious! Nothing like having a nice visit with a special friend! The bread board is homemade too, by her husband. It is unfinished and she said I could finish it anyway I wanted! FUN! Thanks Linda! I had a wonderful time chatting with you!


Notice the dough board in the background?….. Yep I ordered another one from Lisa! This one has so much character. I love all of the knots in the wood! And I love how it covers all of the knobs on my oven! Thanks Lisa!

Before I go, we had a Birthday boy yesterday! Our son Owen turned 5!! Here he is trying to make up his mind on what wish he should make!  Decisions, decisions!!  Hope all of your wishes come true! We love you!! 

Owen Making Wishes

Well, that is it for tonight, the hubby and I are heading to Lowes. Going to go shopping for some supplies to do some outdoor home improvements this weekend! Like I said, my “honey do” list is long, maybe a little too ambitious. But I am hopeful!

Next time I will share all of the treasured family heirlooms that I got from my parents when I went back to my hometown last weekend! I haven’t taken photos yet. But I will do that soon!  I got so many wonderful things that I will cherish forever!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time, take care.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

~Family Treasures~Handcrafted Baskets & Cement Leaves~

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day! I know of 33 men who had an especially wonderful day! I have been watching the television coverage of the miners in Chile and thank God they are all now out alive! God bless each one of them and their families! God Bless all of the rescue workers as well!, they are all above ground safely now too! A very emotional day for everyone.

I thought I would share some treasures that my Mom and Dad brought to me while they were visiting last weekend. Lots of great family treasures that I will always cherish!

These fabulous green/blue Ball canning jars. I just love the color~




This Coffee, Tea and Spice Set. LOVE these and they are so special. They were my Great Grandmothers. Such a keepsake~


Original galvanized lids~


This crock that also belonged to my Great Grandmother~


Here are the markings on the bottom~


There is nothing like receiving wonderful antiques with great sentimental meaning behind them. I am so honored to have them passed down to me and I will take care of them, display them proudly and pass them down to our children someday!  Thanks so much Mom and Dad, I love you!

Next, I want to share some handmade baskets that I ordered from Pam They are beautiful! I have one of her larger shaker cheese baskets. I wanted one of the smaller 9 inch shaker cheese baskets. It is as cute as can be and SO well made! Pam is one talented gal!


A closer look~


I also got this weed basket in black (the one on the left)~



I am so happy with both of them Pam and I will enjoy using them for ALL the different seasons! Thank you!

And my last FUN new goodies! I went to get my hair cut today. My gal has a salon in her home. And lining the walkway to her door were these amazing cement leaves!!  Yes, I said CEMENT LEAVES! Her Mom makes them! They are fabulous, heavy but fabulous! I bought a large one to put on top of our birdbath, she said you can use the birdbath as a stand for them. And put water or bird seed in them. You can also just rest the large leaves in the rocks too, so as you can see..I haven’t made up my mind yet!

I haven’t put it out in the rock garden yet. I will do that tomorrow, but I just had to show it to all of you now.


They are made out of real HUGE leaves that she impresses into the cement. Then paints them and covers them with a protective coating. The detail is just incredible!


I also got a smaller leaf that sits on a small iron stand.


I just can’t believe the “vein-ing”. Not sure what I am going to do with this one. My hairstylist just had some little wrapped candies in hers. I might do a candle and some acorns. But I am not sure I want to cover up all of that detail. Stay tuned, I will show you both leaves when I get them displayed!


That is all I have to share for today. Lots of photos in this post too, what can I say…I have gone photo happy lately! Time for me to get off of the computer and work on some laundry. I keep waiting, but i just isn’t going to wash itself.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all of my followers/friends and all of your sweet comments so much! Stop by anytime!!

Until next time, take care.