Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~A Couple Makeovers To Share~

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just thought I would pop on quick and share a couple of makeovers that I got done. The first one, some of you may remember a while back I painted a toolbox that my daughter made in Shop Class. Well....my son brought his home yesterday, walked in the door and said "Hey Mom, what color are you going to paint mine"?? So that was the first project on my list. He seemed very happy when I told him that I was going to paint it black and use it in the other bathroom! When all is said and done I will have five of these totes! :) Here is his tote before (He got an A by the way) Yay~


The next makeover is another tote. One that I got at the antique mall this last weekend! Here it is before~

Here is the after~

One last thing to share....I made a quick stop at the Goodwill and found a few goodies. The mold in the back is oval shaped..I think it will make a neat pantry cake. And I really like the mold with the acorn and leaves on it! Can you say....FALL pantry cakes! :) The cutting boards...well I just love them.... you can never have too many in my opinion! So it was worth the stop~

Thanks for stopping by! There will be more makeovers to come...I have plenty of things to work on that's for sure! Until then......Take care. ~Sarah~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday With Blog Friends!~And More Makeovers To Do

Hello everyone! It was a great Saturday out with Kindra & Janae! It was rainy and gloomy but that didn't stop us! We started out at a great prim shop called Weathered & Worn, then we went to a smaller antique store (lots of great buys...all three of us had a few good laughs, it seemed like everything we picked up had a $10.00 price tag on it) I guess you had to be there...but it was funny! Then we made our way to Goodwill....I found a few little things to makeover! Then we went to a HUGE antique mall! That was fun! Wandered around there for a while! As you can see from my pictures I found plenty of things that I can re-do! Everything I got was really reasonably priced. I was a happy camper! I guess you could call me "Tote Girl" I bought a few of those and a couple little stools. The divided box in the back of the first picture I got the other day at one of my favorite prim shops called Primitive Treasures. I will show you where I hung it in a bit.

We had a wonderful lunch at Janae's home. And yes her home is even more beautiful in person than it is on her blog! Kindra and I just had fun looking around at all of her wonderful displays. She is so very talented. Thank you for your hospitality Janae you were such a sweet hostess with the mostess! We will get together again soon...next time in Lincoln..Janae wants to go back to Aunt Patty's Attic another wonderful prim store. I can't wait for our next get together girls!

Kindra brought me the birdhouse I had ordered that her Mom made! ...couldn't wait to get it...it is so neat~

Then because I did the driving on Saturday Kindra also brought me this great prim flower that she made! Thank you Kindra...I can't wait to stick it in the ground! :)

I mentioned a divided box that I got at Primitive Treasures. I hung it above my kitchen window. I just love it! I put a few crock bowls in it for now! Knowing me I will change out what goes in it all the time...I get too bored too fast!

Close up~

Here is my bowl rack with a little towel, basket and herb pot added....I am still trying to decide if I like it..Hmmmm? What I want hanging there is an old ladle, just haven't found one yet! I apologize for my bright pictures...my camera is broken (I desperately need a new one) so I am using my phone....the color just isn't good.

Nothing too exciting here...I just changed the top of my toaster cover and also added my new cutting board from yesterday!

That is about it for me tonight! I have to get busy on some makeovers (tomorrow)! I just can't decide which one to work on first! Thank you for visiting...It means so much that you all take the time to read my blog and leave such nice comments! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Time~Nice Weather Means More Makeovers

Hello everyone! What a beautiful day today! Spring has sprung! I wanted to share some pictures of our Flowering Snow Crab in our front yard. I have to snap these pictures fast because the winds will come to take these beautiful blossoms away soon! But let me tell you when there is a little bit of a breeze...the smell is amazing!

Close up~Look how blue the sky is~

Here is a closeup of our Crab Apple tree in the backyard~

Here are my favorite flowers of all~

Yep...you got it! Dandelions! My son Owen picked these for me today. Is there anything sweeter than a little child's hands...all grubby....running to you with that big smile on their face!? He brought them to me and said "Mom you have to get these in water quick"! And of course I did! It is the most beautiful bouquet in the world! I set it by my Spring blocks from Kindra. :)
One more Spring image to share..this is our Creeping Phlox..so pretty and of course we are now have always been and will always be Iowa Hawkeye Fans~~Go Hawks!

Well the nice weather means I have had time to get out in the garage and do some makeovers. The first one was for a friend of mine. This shelf we found at the antique mall...and we couldn't pass it up...we both loved it! But we both thought it would look better in black.

Here it is before~

After~I am thinking of doing some painted and distressed wainscoting behind the shelf...opinions are welcome~

Close up of drawers~

Here are just a couple quick makeovers~ I don't have before pictures..but I will tell you that this little tote (got it at Goodwill for .99 cents) was dark brown and had some holly leaves and berries on the front...I sanded those right off with my handy dandy Black & Decker Mouse sander (my new best friend) gotta get yourself one of these! It works like a charm!

Here is the little tote after~

And this is a little bowl I got at The Salvation Army for $1.59. It was just plain brown. I painted it black, then brown, then I sanded it distressed it, gave it a few knifes marks and then put on a dark walnut stain. All of which don't show up very good in the picture....Bummer. :(

I have a couple more makeovers to show but will save those for next time...I hope you are still with me after this long post. I just wanted to share those pretty Spring photos with you. I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Spring day too where ever you may live! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I am getting away tomorrow for some shopping with two prim blogging friends~Kindra & Janae...I am SO looking forward to it! I know it is going to be a fun time and I hope I have LOTS of goodies to share with you when I get back! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Bowl Rack!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekends! It started out rainy today but turned out to be wonderful! My parents are here! And we are enjoying our time with them so much! My Mom & Dad and I went to a little antique shop together today! That was fun...seeing them see things that they used to have or still do have! Then my Mom and I got away for a little shopping! Came home and ordered out some yummy supper...Grandpa's treat! :) SO much easier to bring food home than to take five kids out to eat!

My Dad got my bowl rack done and I was SO excited ....I went out to the garage after supper and got it all painted, sanded and stained! Then I came in and my hubby and my Dad put the hangers on it! It is literally drying ON the wall!! Haha!! I have wanted one and can't believe I finally have one...and better yet...my Dad made it! That makes it a keepsake! This is it before~

And here are the afters~

The bowl on the bottom left belonged to my Aunt Lucille (we called her Aunt Toots, she was such a sweet sweet lady) It is a WONDERFUL old bowl~it says Munising on the bottom. My Mom brought it for me to have! Another keepsake that I will cherish always! Thanks Mom!

I couldn't be happier! I painted it the same way I painted my doughboard!! Thanks Dad!

Here is a close up of my tabletop bench. I changed it up a bit for Spring~

And one more makeover to share. I got this little wall cupboard at the Salvation Army for $4.99! It was a bright mustard before..I showed it in a previous post with some of my other thrifting goodies.

Here is a couple of after photos~

Well that is about it for tonight! It is late...and I better head to bed... Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Few Makeovers To Share~And Painting A Bedroom

Hello everyone! Yep.....I am looking forward to another weekend again! We are hoping it is nice out to do some yard work and so that I can get in the garage and do some sanding and painting on some projects for a friend of mine! I am anxious to get started on them but it hasn't been nice enough to get out there and do it.

Well I went back to the antique mall real quick on Tuesday night. I took my daughter with me and boy did she have a blast! She LOVES Little House On The Prairie and anything from "back in the day".....so she was in awe of all the treasures! It was fun to see! She found a ton of old old phones...and a big pump from a well...an old Victrola...the list goes on and on. Needless to say we both enjoyed ourselves! I was on a mission for Firkins....or "Firkin Like" Firkins!! And I found three that I thought would make great makeover candidates. I know, I know they aren't the "real deal" but hey..... they work for me. Here are my three finds before~

Here they are after~

The top mustard one...the metal bands on it look so shiny from the flash! The bands are not shiny. I wasn't real happy with the lighting on this picture. I have had this black iron stand FOREVER and I thought...hmmmm...four "Firkins"...four shelves on the stand...perfect! But now where does my stainless steel recycle can go? I guess it goes out to the garage!

I did another real quick makeover the other day on a small clock that I got at the Goodwill for $3.00. It was painted all black....very dusty. It needed some TLC. So here is what it looks like now~

It was black...then I painted brown over that and then a red topcoat....sanded it and put on a dark walnut stain. The photo doesn't show the detail real well...but it really brought out the grain in the wood. I am glad that I made "time" for this little makeover....o.k....sorry it's late and I am tired. Forgive my cheesy joke!

My next project is painting our bedroom. I am hoping to get started on this soon. I am keeping the same quilt as in the picture.

Not loving the window treatments...too matchy matchy with the quilt...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I need something new.

Now for paint samples...oh boy! I went looking and here is what I came home with! Yikes! Too many choices! My first instinct is to go mustard. That is what my gut is telling me. I love the blue color in the quilt...but I have NO other blue in my whole house...so that would be quite the change for me. Then I thought will all of those colors make the room too dark? See what I am struggling with here~

I think I have narrowed it down to these choices and I am really leaning towards the mustard. Not the darkest one but somewhere in the middle.

Close up of the quilt~

Oh it's all just in the planning stages right now..but I want it done yesterday!! I will have to think everything through. I am also painting the master bath...what do you all think...keep it the same color as the bedroom..or do a different complimentary color in there?? I know you don't have time to answer all my questions...but if an idea just jumps right out at you or you definetly have an opinion on something let me know! I would love the ideas... But, oh yea....if you don't like the quilt~~don't tell me...because it HAS to stay!! LOL!!! :)
Wow...this turned out to be a much longer post than I had planned! I was going to show you my fake firkins and call it a night! I guess I just got carried away! Thanks for stopping by, thanks for reading and thanks for leaving such nice comments. They are all very much appreciated!
And to my good friend Lisa..SO glad you are home! You get better soon.....because I have been missing your makeovers! :) Still praying for you to get stronger and stronger with every passing day!
Until next time. Take care everyone. ~Sarah~

Monday, April 13, 2009

~Update On Lisa~ Strainer Makeovers~

Happy Monday everyone! I know i just posted yesterday but I wanted to share what I worked on last night. It was a cloudy day all day and in the evening it started to spit some rain drops so I thought it was a good time to do a project.

First things first. I got a quick email from Lisa! She said she is feeling a lot better and if a few tests go o.k. she MAY be coming home today!! Wouldn't that be wonderful!! We can all pray that she will be home soon! We miss her in blog land! She will have a lot of catching up to do! :)

Here is my most recent project....When I went to the antique mall on Saturday I picked up these antique strainers. I think the people at the antique mall thought I had an obsession with strainers.....! I bought 4 of them! But they had no idea what I had in mind for these little treasures! Here they are before~

And here they are after~

I painted, sanded and distressed some wooden knobs attached them to the top and made them into flyscreens! I LOVE the little ones...just the right size for one little pantry cake! I have seen in primitive kitchens where they hang a collection of these on the wall...I love the look of that but I am bummed that I don't have a wall big enough to display them that way. So now I have a total of 8 flyscreens....one that is antique...3 that are home made out of modern day strainers...and now four that have been transformed from antique strainers! I am definitely running out of space! But I am having so much fun!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today! Rainy and gloomy here again....oh well another great day to work on some more projects! Oh yea...and I guess it's a good day to work on laundry too!...Haha! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Happy Easter~

Happy Easter everyone! We have had a wonderful relaxing day so far. A nice meal and we are having apple pie for dessert later. We sat around the table together and the kids wanted to share something they were proud of about each member of the family. They said some sweet things about each other! And some sweet things about Mom & Dad too! :) The times around the table are some of the best! They are hectic and loud but they are great times!! We talked about how fortunate we are to have such good food and such a wonderful loving family...God is good!

I am just relaxing right now while my hubby and the boys flip between the Masters and the many baseball games that are on t.v.. The little boys are still munching on jelly beans from this mornings hunt. Here is a picture of our yummy apple pie...made from scratch by me! We will be enjoying this later with some vanilla ice cream! Yum-0!

Yesterday was a FUN day out! I got away in the morning for a bit with a friend and we went to a small antique store and got the breadboard that you see our apple pie sitting on. Then we went to the antique mall and I found a 10 gallon Red Wing crock for...are you ready for this?! $33.00!! The price tag said $42.00.....and better yet it was 20% off! It has a small chip on the handle on the left side, other than that it is perfect! :)

Then it was on to the Salvation Army where I got this breadbox for $4.00!




And here is what I did with it! A little Breadbox Hide & Seek! Now you see our cell phones~

Now you don't!~

Who says you have to put bread in a bread box!? It was a fun project and I really like the way it makes all the clutter go away! I do not like cords and plug ins! I cut a hole in the back for the cords....they are all neatly tucked away! Actually there is a faux leather charging station from Bed Bath and Beyond inside to hold everything, there is a power strip in there so there is only one cord coming out! My hubby even ran the power strip cord behind the fridge and plugged it in so that the breadbox could sit flush up against the wall! Yay! And my little lamb hides my white outlet cover just perfectly!

I got some other goodies on my day out yesterday...I will post those another time. Some of them are already in makeover mode!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday. I think I will go dish up some apple pie and ice cream! Until next time my friends. Take care. ~Sarah~