Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~A Couple Makeovers To Share~

Happy Tuesday everyone! Just thought I would pop on quick and share a couple of makeovers that I got done. The first one, some of you may remember a while back I painted a toolbox that my daughter made in Shop Class. Well....my son brought his home yesterday, walked in the door and said "Hey Mom, what color are you going to paint mine"?? So that was the first project on my list. He seemed very happy when I told him that I was going to paint it black and use it in the other bathroom! When all is said and done I will have five of these totes! :) Here is his tote before (He got an A by the way) Yay~


The next makeover is another tote. One that I got at the antique mall this last weekend! Here it is before~

Here is the after~

One last thing to share....I made a quick stop at the Goodwill and found a few goodies. The mold in the back is oval shaped..I think it will make a neat pantry cake. And I really like the mold with the acorn and leaves on it! Can you say....FALL pantry cakes! :) The cutting boards...well I just love them.... you can never have too many in my opinion! So it was worth the stop~

Thanks for stopping by! There will be more makeovers to come...I have plenty of things to work on that's for sure! Until then......Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Your makeovers turned out adorable! And you have to love when you find goodies at the GW!
    Have a "BLESSED" week!!

  2. Sarah,
    I love how the tote boxes turned out!! Also great GW finds! Hope you are having a great week.

  3. Sarah, great makeovers! I love the color of the tote in your blog header. I am always looking for different shaped molds for pantry cakes. I hope I can find one with acorns on it.

  4. Sarah,
    Love the totes and how you have displayed them. Great finds at GW, too. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  5. Sarah,

    These turned out great! I love the fact that your son gave you his tote. I hope that my son will be so thoughtful one day. I like the color over the second one too. It's very spring like in a prim way. I look forward to seeing your next projects and those fall cakes, great thinking!


  6. Your totes turned out wonderfully!! I love them and I love the displays that you put together in them...especially the 2nd one. Did you make your lemons yourself? As goes for the cutting boards. I agree with you - one prim gal can never have too many : )

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. How great to have your heart make a little flip, this early in the morning. Love both of your makeovers

  8. isn't it cool to have things the kids made in shop? I have several! The teacher would ask for ideas and I would send in things I liked and I have a few still!!

  9. I love your totes. You have a great way of displaying them. I wish I had your luck in finding goodies at thrift stores!!


  10. Morning Sarah....isn't it wonderful that you will always have those totes the kids made in school? And such a great job your son did...Yeah...he got an A!
    Loving your GW finds.
    I still don't see those molds at my GW/Thrift shops....and Prim hasn't even caught on here. What's up with that, it's not like everyone's buying them up as they come in...lol

  11. Sarah, your totes looks awesome. Great GW finds, I love your makeovers. The big one is perfect, nice display.


  12. I like your GREEN tote. :) It was a hoot seeing you girls go back and forth at APP! Love your goodwill finds!

  13. Those molds just take my breath away...especially the acorn one.
    You hit the cutting board mother load. I can never pass up a cutting board either.
    How lucky that you will getting a total of 5 of those great totes. He definately deserved the A, and you get an A for the great prim job!
    Have a great day!

  14. I love what you have been doing with all the wooden totes. They look great.


  15. Your make-overs look so great! I love love love the greenish tool tote! I am with you on the cutting board thing too!! Never enough!!
    Hope your day is great!!!!

  16. Sarah, How lucky are you?! You've done such a great job painting these up and I love your clever displays.
    Have a great day.

  17. Love all of your makeovers! Great job!


  18. Awesome job, Sarah!
    Love your totes and the diplays!!
    My fav is the greenish one too ;)
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  19. Oh...I wanted to say "thank you" for your prayers too, for baby Ava and Amanda! :) I so appreciate it!
    No news yet............



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