Monday, June 4, 2012

Sharing Some Garden Photos

Hello again. This post is going to be almost all photos. We spent a weekend at my Mother & Father-in-law’s home recently. I walked around their gorgeous yard and snapped photos of some of their flowers, plants, lawn ornaments etc. It is such a beautiful, calming space. Wind chimes, soft breezes, warm sun & pretty surroundings. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



















Their new patio & fire pit they built themselves. It is fabulous!


We ended the day making smores around the fire!


Such peaceful surroundings. I hope you enjoyed this little garden tour. Maybe one day our yard can be as nice as theirs.We have got some work to do! Love that patio & fire pit. …..something else to put on the “to-do” list!

"Kind hearts are the garden,
kind thoughts are the roots,
kind words are the blossoms,
kind deeds are the fruit."...John Ruskin

Until next time, take care.


A New Facebook Page To Check Out!

Hello all! Cleaning & doing some chores around the house today. A never ending we all know. I can never seem to get the everyday chores done so that I can dig in & start on the bigger projects. Wanting to re-decorate, paint & declutter. All in good time I guess, taking on one project at a time. No quick, extreme home makeover is happening here!

Enjoying Cinnamon Stick from Village Candle today. Cinnamon is an all time favorite scent of mine & this candle is so warm & homey. A perfect choice to burn while “enjoying” my day of cleaning.

vc cinn stick arlh

Another one of my new favorites from VC is Caramel Almond Cookie. So yummy, I am such a foodie candle lover so it is the perfect scent for me.

VC Caramel Almond Cookie

Mmmm…fresh baked goodness.

vc caramel almond cookie arlh

I wanted to tell you about a new Facebook page from Village Candle called Decorate with Fragrance. Click HERE to “like” their page.

Candles can evoke a memory & set a mood. They are not only a scent but a beautiful decoration for your home. Not to mention the fact that the moment you light that cozy, warm flame it transforms a room. How many of us light a candle right when we get home from work or from running errands for the day. They are our sense of peace, comfort & home, a retreat from our hectic daily activities.

I know you will love this new page! They are sharing ideas, tips, photos, favorite links etc. Be sure and check it out!

It’s back to housework & laundry for me. Have a wonderful day!

Until next time, take care.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Has Begun

Hello, I hope you are all doing well. Summer has begun & we are off & running! This last week has been a mission of crossing things off of our long “to-do” list. With the kiddos help we have managed to accomplish a lot! Always MORE to do though, one day at a time. Baseball practices have started, the kids are begging to go to the pool, but in my opinion it hasn’t been warm enough yet. We will get there!

Most of this past weekend was spent tending to our two youngest boys with a stomach bug. I feel so bad for them, they have been miserable. Hopefully it will pass quickly, I think we are already on the upswing so that is good!

I did manage to get outside today, get some fresh air & fill the crocks on our front porch. Last year was a red, white & blue theme. This year is salmon colored geraniums with a mix of blue, yellow & green. I can’t wait until the geraniums bloom, then they will be even more colorful! I always love to watch the crocks fill in & bloom BIG! Such a beautiful process.

Thought I would share some photos, I will share again when the geraniums make an appearance.

planting flowers2arlh

planting flowers8arlh

planting flowers4arlh

planting flowers5arlh

planting flowers7arlh

I wanted bright, cheerful & summery. I am happy with them! It adds so much warmth & welcome to the front of the house. I got a couple of colorful hanging baskets too, we have not had them for a few years, it seems to be a bit of a pain to take them down in the wind, bring them down out of a storm & watering them can be a chore, but they are so pretty I couldn’t resist this year!

We have also been grilling a lot lately. The weather has been wonderful for it. Always fun trying out new recipes. This weekend was Tangy Meatloaf Burgers & Roasted Pork Loin with a Watermelon Glaze. Hubby also smoked a 9lb Boston Butt for us to have pulled pork sandwiches this week. All turned out wonderful & yummy!

Here is the Tangy Meatloaf Burgers. With a little cube of either cheddar or mozzarella cheese tucked inside.

tangy meatloaf burgersjust grillin

This is the Pork Loin with the Watermelon Glaze. We served it with sweet, juicy watermelon cubes & a macaroni salad.

pork roast3just grillin

And here is the Boston Butt pulled pork.

pulled porkjustgrillin

Click HERE to join my husband Geoff and I on our ‘Just Grillin’ Facebook page. We would love it if you gave our page a “like”! We share recipes, photos, tips, tricks & some of our favorite products too.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It seemed to go by way too fast, but then don’t they all?!

Until next time, take care.