Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Facebook Page To Check Out!

Hello all! Cleaning & doing some chores around the house today. A never ending we all know. I can never seem to get the everyday chores done so that I can dig in & start on the bigger projects. Wanting to re-decorate, paint & declutter. All in good time I guess, taking on one project at a time. No quick, extreme home makeover is happening here!

Enjoying Cinnamon Stick from Village Candle today. Cinnamon is an all time favorite scent of mine & this candle is so warm & homey. A perfect choice to burn while “enjoying” my day of cleaning.

vc cinn stick arlh

Another one of my new favorites from VC is Caramel Almond Cookie. So yummy, I am such a foodie candle lover so it is the perfect scent for me.

VC Caramel Almond Cookie

Mmmm…fresh baked goodness.

vc caramel almond cookie arlh

I wanted to tell you about a new Facebook page from Village Candle called Decorate with Fragrance. Click HERE to “like” their page.

Candles can evoke a memory & set a mood. They are not only a scent but a beautiful decoration for your home. Not to mention the fact that the moment you light that cozy, warm flame it transforms a room. How many of us light a candle right when we get home from work or from running errands for the day. They are our sense of peace, comfort & home, a retreat from our hectic daily activities.

I know you will love this new page! They are sharing ideas, tips, photos, favorite links etc. Be sure and check it out!

It’s back to housework & laundry for me. Have a wonderful day!

Until next time, take care.


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