Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bench Makeover & Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful short week! It’s been a busy one at our house, but busy is good!

I started adding some Christmas touches to the house. Trying to get decorated early so we can sit back and enjoy it! It seems like we have our Christmas decor out for such a short time. And so many of my favorite things are holiday/winter prims!

I also found time for a makeover. A bigger makeover this time. This is a bench that sort of has a funny story that goes along with it. A few years ago (before I was doing makeovers) we gave this bench away to our neighbor.

Well…then I started doing makeovers and everyday I would see it sitting in his garage collecting cobwebs, needless to say…he never used it. Soooo I had my hubby ask for it back! Our neighbor was SO nice about it and didn’t mind one bit.

Here it is before~

Bench Makeover 001


Bench Makeover 006

A Closer Look~

Bench Makeover 008

I am SO glad I got it back! :)

That’s about it for today. LOTS to do before tomorrow! I want to wish you all a safe, blessed Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for. Good family, good friends and so many other things. Take time out to reflect on all of the wonderful and good things in your life. Enjoy your holiday with the ones you love.

Blogging has given me many great gifts. I have made so many new friends. All of your comments and visits mean the world to me. Thank you.

Thanksgiving Postcard

Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Makeovers

Happy Tuesday to you all! It is another gray day here. Makes me want to curl up under a blanket and watch and movie. But….there is no time for that. Things to do. But I can dream can’t I? I have been in the mood to watch Gone With The Wind for SO long…maybe this weekend?!

I have been busy with some Goodwill Makeovers. I intended to do a couple but once I got started I just kept on going. Before I knew lots of things had a black basecoat then a topcoat, then I was sanding and staining! I haven’t found places for all of it yet. But a couple of the things I wanted to get done in time for Christmas decorating.

So here is what I accomplished.

This is an old chair that I got at an antique store for $9.00 a long time ago.


Old Chair


Red Chair

This chair is just waiting for a Santa or a Snowman to sit in it…or maybe a little tree?…so  many options! Anyway…it is still drying so I have time to think about it!

Remember the mirror I got at Goodwill?


Goodwill Goodies 002

Here it is after. I will be flipping it around and making the top the bottom and the bottom the top. Because I like the way the finish came out better on one end than the other. But here it is hung up “as is”~

Mirror Makeover 012

I got this spoon rack for a $1.99!


Spoon Rack


Spoon Rack Makeover

I got some small bowls for 99 cents each. Here they are before…shiny salad bowls~

small bowl makeovers 001

Here they are after~

small bowl makeovers 011

Here is a little cutting board….$1.99.


small bowl makeovers 002


cutting board makeover 003

Close Up~

cutting board makeover 002

Notice the wonderful turkey in the photo above? It was made by Audrey. Here is her selling blog  A.Lil Somethin And her other blog Audrey’s Prim World. She makes the most amazing prims!

Here is a close up~

small bowl makeovers 008

I have a couple more makeovers finished. But I will save those until next time! I got the glass canisters with wooden lids done, the square Kleenex box and I also painted my wooden candle holder that I got at the Prim Open House.

Here are some prim napkins that I found at Target! I just love them and thought I would share them with you. I think they are  great for Thanksgiving~

Napkins 001 more thing! I got these bowls at Good will. The large one was marked $7.99 and the small one was marked $3.99. When I got up to pay the lady said “I am just going to give you the set for the $3.99 price”! To that I say Woo Hoo!! I am sure she thought… “If you want to buy these “cute” bowls more power to you”!

Here is what was painted on them~

Crock Bowl Before

Now as much as I “loved” the munchies on these bowls…the design HAD to go! Wink Wink!

Here they are After~

Crock Bowls

Much better don’t you think? Back to their original beauty! FYI for those of you who don’t know…nail polish remover takes the paint right off of crocks or crock bowls like these! I don’t know if it makes a difference but I have “Salon Strength” remover, you can buy that pretty much anywhere. I got mine at Walgreens.

Here is the bottom of the 10” bowl~


And the bottom of the 6” bowl~


Roseville, Ohio U.S.A. Not bad for $3.99!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! In the time I wrote this blog…the sun is now shining! :) Might just be a great day for a walk outside. To enjoy the last sights, sounds and smells of Fall.

Take care, until next time.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Primitive Open House

Hello everyone! Today was a busy day! A lot of running kiddos around here and there! In other words…a typical day! :)

Tonight was a fun night! Kindra and I went to a Primitive Open House in a town nearby. They had wine, bread, crackers, cheese and dip. So that you could munch while you shopped. We both got some prim goodies and had a great time!

Here we are~

November 12th 001

And one more. I was taste testing the kiwi pear wine and Kindra was tasting the apple wine.  I don’t normally like wine…but this one wasn’t too bad.

November 12th 002

Here are the goodies that I got~

November 12th 047

I love the light with the snuffer. And the wooden candle holder was only $5.00. It is green, I think I am going to paint it black. And I couldn’t resist the little grungy flicker light. Everything was really reasonably priced, that makes it even more fun!

Getting together with Prim/Blog friends is the best!

Time to hit the sack! Everyone have a wonderful weekend!! Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goodwill Goodies


Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your day. Another wonderful weather afternoon here. I just looked at the forecast and it looks like rain for the end of the week. So we better enjoy it while we can!

I went to the Salvation Army and Goodwill yesterday and found some goodies~

This pitcher I got at the Salvation Army. It was $10.00 but I liked it so much I was willing to pay a little more than my usual “thrifting budget”!

Goodwill Goodies 001

Here are the other things I got. I am excited about the mirror. I have been looking for a mirror to put in our office. I think I will do this makeover first!

The bowl is heavily coated in a VERY shiny finish! And aren’t the ivy leaves gorgeous!? This bowl could prove to be quite a challenge! But I am up for it!

I got another Kleenex box, a square one this time. And a couple of glass canisters with wooden lids.

Goodwill Goodies 002

Here is a close up of the little picture. I am going to paint and prim up the frame.

Goodwill Goodies 003

It was a good day! I also got a prim rake, but my camera battery died. I will take a picture and post that soon.

Thought I would share these cute napkins I found at Target! I just love them!

Napkins 001 

Here is a picture of my MOST favorite turkey! I have had him FOREVER! I got him at a craft show a LONG time ago! And every year I get him out! I plopped him in my big bowl of pumpkins and gourds for a picture…who knows maybe he will stay there! :)

Turkey 003

And last but certainly not least! It is our daughter Emily’s 15th Birthday today! Boy does time fly, people always tell you that and I never believed them but it is true! I CANNOT believe she is 15!!

She is growing up SO fast and we are SO proud of her!

Happy Birthday Emily! WE LOVE YOU!

Emily Bday 015

Make a wish!

Emily Bday 016

Have a wonderful day!! Give the special people in your life a hug and tell them you love them! It is just an important thing to do! And you just might brighten their day! Love….pass it on!

Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~

Monday, November 9, 2009

Makeover Madness!


Happy Monday everyone! We have had absolutely gorgeous weather here! So I took advantage of it and got outside and did some makeovers!

Some of these things I have had for quite a while, I am just now getting them made over!

Here is a little chair that I got quite a while ago. It had an orange looking finish with some green paint peeking through.


Everything 600

After. I think I can see a prim Santa or Snowman sitting in this chair…or maybe a prim Christmas doll. Hmmm?

Makeovers 016

Here is that big bowl that I got at the antique mall.


Antique Mall Fall 017 

After. I forgot to take a picture of the bottom…Oops~

Makeovers 019 

Here is a Kleenex box that I got at Goodwill for $1.00

Before. This was after I sanded off all of the shiny varnish~

Makeovers 005


Makeovers 030

Makeovers 029

Remember this shelf from the antique store?


APP Misc 001

After. I am not too happy with the way this one turned out. It may be getting another coat of black paint. Hmmmm?

Makeovers 017

Here is a Munsing bowl. I don’t have a before picture. This bowl was slathered in a black oil paint. I just started right in on the removal process and forgot to click a pic! That black paint was a CHORE. And underneath all that black paint there were some “beautiful” strawberries! *Ugh*

Here it is all sanded. I actually like how some of the black paint stayed in the cracks.

Makeovers 001

Makeovers 002

After all of that…I knew that I was not going to paint it again. I decided to stain it with a dark walnut stain. Back to it’s “original” condition.

Makeovers 022

Makeovers 021

Here are a couple little boxes I made over. My husband asked me “What are you going to do with those”? To which I replied “I have no idea yet, but I will think of something”! :)

Before. The spoon rack I will share later. I am not quite finished with that yet.

Makeovers 006


Makeovers 013

Makeovers 002

Well, that is what I have been up to. More makeovers to share soon! I am on a roll! It is amazing once I got started on them Saturday I just did one right after the other. I would put on a topcoat while something else was drying, sanded while stain was drying on something else etc. It was a fun day! When I started out I never intended to do that many makeovers!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday where ever you are! Another beautiful day here, have to enjoy them while they last! I am sure chilly temps are on the way!

Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~

Thursday, November 5, 2009

~Cabinet Makeovers~

Hello everybody! It is a beautiful day here! The sun is shining.....and I am heading out to the garage to do a few makeovers! :)

Thought I would share my latest couple of projects with you. I bought a couple of unfinished wood cabinets at Michaels. They were $39.99 and I had my trusty 40% off coupon! So a fairly thrifty project! If you have one check out your local Michaels Arts and Crafts Store. They have so many unfinished wood items that you can prim up!

Here are the two cabinets before~

And here they are after. They will hold most of our DVD collection~

The red one is basecoated Black (Michaels Brand Craft Paint) and then the topcoat is Rookwood Red (Americana Brand Craft Paint). Then I sanded, distressed and covered with a Dark Walnut stain (Minwax). I also painted, sanded and stained right over the hinges! Some of you may prefer to take the hinges off. But I really like the look of them painted and roughed up a bit!

This one is basecoated Black (Michaels Brand) and the topcoat is Tan (Michaels Brand). Then I sanded and distressed it and covered it with a dark walnut stain as well (Minwax). I also painted the insides of both cabinets black. Sanded, and stained those as well. I just forgot to take a picture with the doors open! Ooops!

One thing that I do with EVERYTHING that I paint/makeover....I ALWAYS ALWAYS paint everything inside, outside, bottom, top, back etc. It really makes a huge difference and I think it makes it look more "professional". Even though you may not see the back or bottom of something I really think it is important to finish the whole piece and pay attention to detail.

This is just a silly picture that I took while I was lying on my couch the other day (I am battling a sinus infection) sometimes I just need to "take a load off". I looked out into my kitchen and saw a perfect star on the ceiling. No there is nothing there that would cast a shadow of a star on the ceiling, it is just the way the gourds and pumpkins are arranged in the basket. I thought it was cool, I guess I had an "artsy" moment! Haha!

Today is Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary! We all watched it, we all loved it! Some of us still watch it and still love it!! What a great learning tool it has been for SO many kids. So many generations have enjoyed it!
Happy Anniversary to Big Bird, Grover, Oscar, Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Snuffy and the whole Sesame Gang!!
Thanks for 40 years! Here's to 40+ more!! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Our weekend forecast sounds wonderful! Yippee! I am off to do some more makeovers! :) Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~
P.S. I am SO frustrated with Blogger lately!! All of my text turns out all goofy! I just can't figure it out! Looks fine before I post it, then when I post's all messed up! Ugh!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I have Live Writer and that works fabulous...UNTIL I try to post my blog.... then I get an error message and it won't allow me to post! So then I have had to do one blog TWICE! Oh Calgon take me away.....Blogging should NOT be stressful!
Thanks for listening to me ramble!! :)