Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goodwill Goodies


Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your day. Another wonderful weather afternoon here. I just looked at the forecast and it looks like rain for the end of the week. So we better enjoy it while we can!

I went to the Salvation Army and Goodwill yesterday and found some goodies~

This pitcher I got at the Salvation Army. It was $10.00 but I liked it so much I was willing to pay a little more than my usual “thrifting budget”!

Goodwill Goodies 001

Here are the other things I got. I am excited about the mirror. I have been looking for a mirror to put in our office. I think I will do this makeover first!

The bowl is heavily coated in a VERY shiny finish! And aren’t the ivy leaves gorgeous!? This bowl could prove to be quite a challenge! But I am up for it!

I got another Kleenex box, a square one this time. And a couple of glass canisters with wooden lids.

Goodwill Goodies 002

Here is a close up of the little picture. I am going to paint and prim up the frame.

Goodwill Goodies 003

It was a good day! I also got a prim rake, but my camera battery died. I will take a picture and post that soon.

Thought I would share these cute napkins I found at Target! I just love them!

Napkins 001 

Here is a picture of my MOST favorite turkey! I have had him FOREVER! I got him at a craft show a LONG time ago! And every year I get him out! I plopped him in my big bowl of pumpkins and gourds for a picture…who knows maybe he will stay there! :)

Turkey 003

And last but certainly not least! It is our daughter Emily’s 15th Birthday today! Boy does time fly, people always tell you that and I never believed them but it is true! I CANNOT believe she is 15!!

She is growing up SO fast and we are SO proud of her!

Happy Birthday Emily! WE LOVE YOU!

Emily Bday 015

Make a wish!

Emily Bday 016

Have a wonderful day!! Give the special people in your life a hug and tell them you love them! It is just an important thing to do! And you just might brighten their day! Love….pass it on!

Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Sarah~I would like to wish your daughter, Emily, a very happy birthday!
    I love your thrifting finds...It is so fun to see what others are finding and what great bargains are to be had out there!
    I may have to go to Target to pick up some of those napkins...they are very prim!

  2. Sarah..I would have paid $10.00 for that pitcher too! It's beautiful. I can't wait to see all your makeovers done. You so inspire me! I am heading to Target tonight to look for those charming napkins. I hope there's some left.
    Have a great evening.

  3. Happy Birthday Emily!



  4. Hi Sarah!
    While blog hopping today I came across your beautiful blog. I love seeing what other people do with their recyclables. I love your bowls that you rescued. Love the little shelves you redid, the boxes are just precious too.

    I would have paid $10.00 for the pitcher also. It is just darling. Sometimes a girl has just got to splurge.

    Happy Birthday to your Sweet daughter Emily. They grow up so fast. Mine have all grown and now I have (7) grandchildren and another one on the way. So by June we will have (8). We just love them.

    I have signed up to follow your blog. I can't wait to see what you share next. Please pop over and say hello. I would be so honored if you would follow my blog as well.

    Country hugs, Sherry

  5. Happy Birthday Emily. Soon she will be driving. You better watch out Sarah.

    More great finds you've got there. That pitcher was definitely worth every penny of $10. What cute napkins those are. I wonder if our Target has any left. I think they would make our Thanksgiving table look even more special this year.

    Enjoy your week,

  6. Happy Birthday Emily!! I love all them Goodies Sarah, I went out again today, but found nothing!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Emily!!Love the turkey Sarah!!

  8. Happy Birthday Emily....hope your day is super special!
    Love all the new finds Sarah! That pitcher is gorgeous...yep I would have joined ya in paying that for it...love it!

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter Emily! It is amazing how fast time flys when our children are growing...my youngest just turned 20 in May and I still can't believe it..he was on 2 a few weeks ago...lol
    I love your pitcher, I would have paid that too! Beautiful! Love your other finds too..can't wait to see them finished.

    Have a relaxing evening!

  10. I love that pitcher! I think I would have paid that much for one also. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  11. Happy Birthday wishes to Emily ☺
    Love you pitcher and that cute turkey too :)

    Have a great rest of the week, Sarah!

  12. You had a good haul here - I really like the little picture, I'd love to live in that little house. I also wanted to say how much i love the picture in your header - and I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday.

  13. I love the pitcher! You had a good day. :)

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope it was a happy one for her. They definately grow up too fast.

    Take Care,

  14. Love the pitcher Sarah and I to would have paid 10.00 for it:)

    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter yes, they do grow up fast especially now a days, Sydney turned 8 yesterday!


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