Monday, November 9, 2009

Makeover Madness!


Happy Monday everyone! We have had absolutely gorgeous weather here! So I took advantage of it and got outside and did some makeovers!

Some of these things I have had for quite a while, I am just now getting them made over!

Here is a little chair that I got quite a while ago. It had an orange looking finish with some green paint peeking through.


Everything 600

After. I think I can see a prim Santa or Snowman sitting in this chair…or maybe a prim Christmas doll. Hmmm?

Makeovers 016

Here is that big bowl that I got at the antique mall.


Antique Mall Fall 017 

After. I forgot to take a picture of the bottom…Oops~

Makeovers 019 

Here is a Kleenex box that I got at Goodwill for $1.00

Before. This was after I sanded off all of the shiny varnish~

Makeovers 005


Makeovers 030

Makeovers 029

Remember this shelf from the antique store?


APP Misc 001

After. I am not too happy with the way this one turned out. It may be getting another coat of black paint. Hmmmm?

Makeovers 017

Here is a Munsing bowl. I don’t have a before picture. This bowl was slathered in a black oil paint. I just started right in on the removal process and forgot to click a pic! That black paint was a CHORE. And underneath all that black paint there were some “beautiful” strawberries! *Ugh*

Here it is all sanded. I actually like how some of the black paint stayed in the cracks.

Makeovers 001

Makeovers 002

After all of that…I knew that I was not going to paint it again. I decided to stain it with a dark walnut stain. Back to it’s “original” condition.

Makeovers 022

Makeovers 021

Here are a couple little boxes I made over. My husband asked me “What are you going to do with those”? To which I replied “I have no idea yet, but I will think of something”! :)

Before. The spoon rack I will share later. I am not quite finished with that yet.

Makeovers 006


Makeovers 013

Makeovers 002

Well, that is what I have been up to. More makeovers to share soon! I am on a roll! It is amazing once I got started on them Saturday I just did one right after the other. I would put on a topcoat while something else was drying, sanded while stain was drying on something else etc. It was a fun day! When I started out I never intended to do that many makeovers!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday where ever you are! Another beautiful day here, have to enjoy them while they last! I am sure chilly temps are on the way!

Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Sarah, love your make overs. The chair turned out really well. More paint on the shelf? Maybe. It is a really cute piece. It sounds as though you sanded your bowl. One thing I do, a bit more messy is use stripper to remove that nasty stuff, or something I want to paint and not have the under color it is now to come through when I distress it. Clean it off (the stripper), may take more than one coat, sand a tiny bit when its' dry, and you are ready for most any finish. Doesn't require as much elbow grease either! Jayne

  2. Great job on all of the them Sarah:) Love the kleenex box and especially the chair!

  3. Sarah I love all of your great makeovers!! Awesome! You are getting me inspired to get moving on all of the makeovers waiting on me...

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week

  4. As always, you are such an inspiration Sarah! Love all these makeovers...fantastic!

  5. Sarah your makeovers are absolutely beautiful - you always do such a wonderful job on them.

    Do you use Briwax on anything? We just bought some and are not sure how to use it correctly.


  6. Wow, Sarah ~ love them all.

  7. Well you have been a busy makeover bee! Isn't it fun to spend the whole day doing projects! I get one of those days every once in awhile. Everything looks great and your placement of them looks wonderful! keep those pics coming!

  8. Great job on everything Sarah. I wish I had all your energy. Several project makeovers are awaiting me but I just can't seem to get motivated. The chair and the boxes are my favorites. They look great where you have them placed.
    Can't wait for more of your makeovers.
    Enjoy your week,

  9. You have been a maniac with those make-overs and they look GREAT!! I think I might try to do that with my Munsing bowl too. What did you use to remove the paint or did you just sand?



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