Thursday, April 9, 2009

~Something New....Making It Look Old~

Hello all! A quick post for me today! I wanted to share my latest project with you. It was FUN! One that gives you great satisfaction when you are is one of those moments when you stand back and say "Hey that didn't turn out half bad"!! Haha! Thanks to Char over at The Pickled Pepper Patch she shared a tutorial a while back on how to make a flyscreen out of a modern day strainer. So I went to Wal Mart got myself a set of three strainers and got to work. Here are the results.

Close ups~

Can you believe it started out looking like this? All new and shiny??

I know that we all love to have old antique things too, but I did enjoy making a reproduction flyscreen. I have an authentic mini flyscreen that is very old....that cost me $28.00 (Yikes)! It is fun to have BOTH! On to the next project...I don't know what that is yet...but I have plenty of things to choose from!

I am still waiting to hear from Lisa. I will post something as soon as she gets in touch with me. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. I hope you get to spend time with family and friends. Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~


  1. that turned out great! that green knob!

  2. That green of the knob makes it look so much more authentic so than so many other redos sarah! Perfect!! I love the whole gathering.

    I was so hoping you had heard from Lisa. When you do hear from her, please tell her a very special hello from me. She has been on my mind constantly since yesterday morning. Thanks my friend!

    Have a wonderful weekend and very Happy and Blessed Easter! hugs, Linda

  3. They turned out just great!!! I may have to try one a little later on. Dianntha

  4. I'm new here...just wanted to say "hi" and that I love how your flyscreen turned out. (Love the green knob btw!) I do get a warm fuzzy feeling while visiting your blog...keep up the good work and thanks for sharing ideas with the rest of us. You've inspired me.

  5. OH NO...she had to remove her tutorioal on the fly screen. Can anyone post it somewhere or send it via Email?


  6. Sarah,

    That looks GREAT!! I didn't see that strainer at my Wal-Mart... I ended up buying the 8 inch strainer for $3.50 and it turned out pretty good. I am definitely pleased. You arrangement looks great!! Have you heard from Lisa?

  7. Hello Lisa...this is my first time to post, but I have visited many times :-) I love your blog, and all the beautiful pics that you post. Really like your fly screen makeover, great job! I used Char's directions and made one too(with help from a friend). I hope I can find a "real" one someday. Your display is lovely ~ blessings, kathy

  8. Sarah,
    I love how your fly screen turned out! I just got a fly screen in the mail today that I bought from Holly Hills Primitives. I'd love to find a real antique one someday, too. Have a wonderful Easter!

  9. Everything looks so prim. I just love it. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.


  10. I LOVE the display you made here!!!
    Everything looks so prim and great together.
    I think just about everyone made those fly screen covers that Char shared with us. She has some really great "to do's".
    Can't wait to see your next project :)

  11. I got my biggest one made and it turned out great I had the hardest time getting that band off that thing.. You can't even see where the band was on yours...Great job..

  12. Your fly screen turned out great. I can't even see where you remove the metal ring from the bottom. I didn't see those strainers at our WalMart.

  13. Hi, You make an awesome job with this fly screen cover. It looks very old. I was on Char's blog but she remove her tutorial. Could you please,send me the instructions to make one. The color looks like an antique. Really,you are a super artist making changes to TS items. I love this idea because originals cost over $35.00. Please, you can send it to Thanks you, Evelyn

  14. Hi, you make an awesome job with this fly screen. I was in the Char's blog but she removes this tutorial. Could you please, send me the instructions that you use to make this project. It looks very old, you obtain a beautiful antique color. You are a super artist changing items from TS. Please,if you can send it to me at This is the first time that I see your blog and I love it. Please, continue sharing your TS changes it serve as inspiration for others like me. Thanks you, Eve


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