Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday With Blog Friends!~And More Makeovers To Do

Hello everyone! It was a great Saturday out with Kindra & Janae! It was rainy and gloomy but that didn't stop us! We started out at a great prim shop called Weathered & Worn, then we went to a smaller antique store (lots of great buys...all three of us had a few good laughs, it seemed like everything we picked up had a $10.00 price tag on it) I guess you had to be there...but it was funny! Then we made our way to Goodwill....I found a few little things to makeover! Then we went to a HUGE antique mall! That was fun! Wandered around there for a while! As you can see from my pictures I found plenty of things that I can re-do! Everything I got was really reasonably priced. I was a happy camper! I guess you could call me "Tote Girl" I bought a few of those and a couple little stools. The divided box in the back of the first picture I got the other day at one of my favorite prim shops called Primitive Treasures. I will show you where I hung it in a bit.

We had a wonderful lunch at Janae's home. And yes her home is even more beautiful in person than it is on her blog! Kindra and I just had fun looking around at all of her wonderful displays. She is so very talented. Thank you for your hospitality Janae you were such a sweet hostess with the mostess! We will get together again time in Lincoln..Janae wants to go back to Aunt Patty's Attic another wonderful prim store. I can't wait for our next get together girls!

Kindra brought me the birdhouse I had ordered that her Mom made! ...couldn't wait to get is so neat~

Then because I did the driving on Saturday Kindra also brought me this great prim flower that she made! Thank you Kindra...I can't wait to stick it in the ground! :)

I mentioned a divided box that I got at Primitive Treasures. I hung it above my kitchen window. I just love it! I put a few crock bowls in it for now! Knowing me I will change out what goes in it all the time...I get too bored too fast!

Close up~

Here is my bowl rack with a little towel, basket and herb pot added....I am still trying to decide if I like it..Hmmmm? What I want hanging there is an old ladle, just haven't found one yet! I apologize for my bright camera is broken (I desperately need a new one) so I am using my phone....the color just isn't good.

Nothing too exciting here...I just changed the top of my toaster cover and also added my new cutting board from yesterday!

That is about it for me tonight! I have to get busy on some makeovers (tomorrow)! I just can't decide which one to work on first! Thank you for visiting...It means so much that you all take the time to read my blog and leave such nice comments! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Wow you found some great finds love them all...
    sounds like you girls had a wonderful time together...
    Prim Blessings..

  2. Sarah, It looks like you gals had a wonderful time. I love all the little boxes and totes you bought. Can't wait to see your make-overs with them.

    Love your blog,


  3. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time!! You found LOTS of great TS goodies and I can hardly wait to see them re-finished. I love what you did with the little box thingy. Gets me thinking (lol). Hope you have a great week.

  4. Sarah, I love the box above the sink with the small bowls. Great idea! I'm going to have to build one of those bowl shelfs, your liitle bew basket looks great hanging from it. You have such a talent for displaying. I am always anxious to see if you have posted and what new things you have done. Great great job! Dawn

  5. Yes, it was a lot of fun!! I can't wait to do it again! And yes, you found a lot of good deals!. Can't wait to see their makeovers! I love the divided box you got at Primitive Treasures. I got to get there with no boys in tow. :) You know it been awhile since I been there...isn't that my line of the day from Saturday? LOL Have a great Monday!! Hugs.

  6. So happy you all had a great time!
    Love all that you bought Sarah, the divided box above your kitchen window looks great with the bowls and I'll be checking back to see what makeovers you do:)Also love the basket hanging on the bowlrack.

  7. Hmmm,I'm looking at that tote you got at Weathered and Worn and I'm thinking I might need to go back and get one of those.:-) You sure got a lot of great stuff! I can't wait to see your redo's. I had a great time with you two and really look forward to coming to Lincoln sometime.Have a great day Sarah!

  8. Good morning Sarah, can you hear from there....I'M SOOOO ENVIOUS of you meeting Blogger friends. lol

    I was trying so hard to live through your post much fun it sounded and all those goodies!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with us


  9. Oh you lucky girl!! What a wonderful day you had with two sweet gals and look at all the goodies. Lots of eye candy there! Now we can look forward to the makeovers!!

  10. Looks like you got some great items to re-do Sarah. Have fun with it all!!

  11. Sounds like you girls had a great time!

    I love all the goodies you found. Can't wait for the makeovers.

    The divided box over the window is such a clever idea!


  12. looks like you hit the jackpot. You got yourself some really nice things that I know you will remake and they will look all so prim and great.

    I love the birdhouse that you got from Kindra's mother, it's beautiful!

    How fun to meet up with some blogging buddies. It sure seems like you ladies had tons of fun.


  13. Love the bowl holder above the sink...and the bird house!

  14. I am so jealous of your finds.. you must have a awesome GW where you live... I am always checkin out the Lincoln GW's and dont bank nearly as well as you do there! Kudos to Aunt Pattys Attic as well... miss that store!


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