Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Time~Nice Weather Means More Makeovers

Hello everyone! What a beautiful day today! Spring has sprung! I wanted to share some pictures of our Flowering Snow Crab in our front yard. I have to snap these pictures fast because the winds will come to take these beautiful blossoms away soon! But let me tell you when there is a little bit of a breeze...the smell is amazing!

Close up~Look how blue the sky is~

Here is a closeup of our Crab Apple tree in the backyard~

Here are my favorite flowers of all~ got it! Dandelions! My son Owen picked these for me today. Is there anything sweeter than a little child's hands...all grubby....running to you with that big smile on their face!? He brought them to me and said "Mom you have to get these in water quick"! And of course I did! It is the most beautiful bouquet in the world! I set it by my Spring blocks from Kindra. :)
One more Spring image to share..this is our Creeping pretty and of course we are now have always been and will always be Iowa Hawkeye Fans~~Go Hawks!

Well the nice weather means I have had time to get out in the garage and do some makeovers. The first one was for a friend of mine. This shelf we found at the antique mall...and we couldn't pass it up...we both loved it! But we both thought it would look better in black.

Here it is before~

After~I am thinking of doing some painted and distressed wainscoting behind the shelf...opinions are welcome~

Close up of drawers~

Here are just a couple quick makeovers~ I don't have before pictures..but I will tell you that this little tote (got it at Goodwill for .99 cents) was dark brown and had some holly leaves and berries on the front...I sanded those right off with my handy dandy Black & Decker Mouse sander (my new best friend) gotta get yourself one of these! It works like a charm!

Here is the little tote after~

And this is a little bowl I got at The Salvation Army for $1.59. It was just plain brown. I painted it black, then brown, then I sanded it distressed it, gave it a few knifes marks and then put on a dark walnut stain. All of which don't show up very good in the picture....Bummer. :(

I have a couple more makeovers to show but will save those for next time...I hope you are still with me after this long post. I just wanted to share those pretty Spring photos with you. I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Spring day too where ever you may live! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I am getting away tomorrow for some shopping with two prim blogging friends~Kindra & Janae...I am SO looking forward to it! I know it is going to be a fun time and I hope I have LOTS of goodies to share with you when I get back! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Love the shelf and I think wainscoting would look great behind it. Love the dandelions, sweet!

  2. The shelf looks great. I agree with Colleen, wainscotting would look good behind it and maybe paint it mustard.

    Have fun shopping with Kindra & Janae.


  3. I am jealous! We are just loosing the last of our snow. Won't see flowers on the crabs for a while yet nor the lovely dandylions. Love the shelf you redid. I am a "blue" person though and other than the drawers not matching liked the original too! Great job. I do think the wainscoting would be great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sarah,
    Your trees are beautiful but not as pretty as the flowers from your lil one. I remember those days & am looking forward to it with the grandchildren. Love your makeovers & I agree, beadbord or wainscotting would be great behind the shelf though I like it the way it is. You lucky girls, all getting together tomorrow, wish I could join you. Have a wonderful time.

  5. Sarah, the makeovers look great. I think the wainscoating would look good behind the shelf. I love how your finishes turned out. I'm going to check out a BD mouse sander tommorrow at Lowes. I think I need one of those. I have been using the hubbys palm sander but this mouse looks like it gets into corners well. Everything looks great! Dawn

  6. GO HAWKS!!! I agree...I also have a son at ISU that is a our home is fun when they play each other...All your make overs are fantastic. You do wonderful work...Lisa

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I love all your redos!! I love the shelf the way it is, but I also think it would look great with the wainscoting behind it. Can't go wrong either way.
    Have fun shopping with Janae and Kindra. Can't wait to see what goodies you find.

  8. Oh you lucky girls have fun tomorrow and think of me. I hope you find some great items.

    I love all the redo's like always they are gorgeous. I'd say yes to the wainscoating.


  9. Sarah~

    The picture of your tree is absolutely gorgeous!! And LOVE the makeovers, as usual!! I do agree with the beadboard or wainscoting ideas though...other than that, it looks great. You certainly have some talent!!

    Hugs!! Carrie♥

    Oh BTW, I am TOTALLY jealous about the shopping trip tomorrow with Kindra dn Janae!! Hope you girls have a GREAT time!! And make sure to show us all of your 'goodies'!!

  10. Looks like you have beauty all around! I love your tote especially. You find such good deals! Have fun shopping with Janae and Kindra, with I could go with you guys.


  11. Your trees are so pretty and the sky is just beautiful:)

    Great makeovers and the shelf would look great with wainscoating on the back of it:)

    Love the bouquet of dandelions more beautiful than roses:)
    Have a wonderful time with Janae and sure to take lots of pics!

  12. Beautiful pics of your trees and flowers. I love your makeovers. They look great.


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