Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Bowl Rack!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekends! It started out rainy today but turned out to be wonderful! My parents are here! And we are enjoying our time with them so much! My Mom & Dad and I went to a little antique shop together today! That was fun...seeing them see things that they used to have or still do have! Then my Mom and I got away for a little shopping! Came home and ordered out some yummy supper...Grandpa's treat! :) SO much easier to bring food home than to take five kids out to eat!

My Dad got my bowl rack done and I was SO excited ....I went out to the garage after supper and got it all painted, sanded and stained! Then I came in and my hubby and my Dad put the hangers on it! It is literally drying ON the wall!! Haha!! I have wanted one and can't believe I finally have one...and better Dad made it! That makes it a keepsake! This is it before~

And here are the afters~

The bowl on the bottom left belonged to my Aunt Lucille (we called her Aunt Toots, she was such a sweet sweet lady) It is a WONDERFUL old bowl~it says Munising on the bottom. My Mom brought it for me to have! Another keepsake that I will cherish always! Thanks Mom!

I couldn't be happier! I painted it the same way I painted my doughboard!! Thanks Dad!

Here is a close up of my tabletop bench. I changed it up a bit for Spring~

And one more makeover to share. I got this little wall cupboard at the Salvation Army for $4.99! It was a bright mustard before..I showed it in a previous post with some of my other thrifting goodies.

Here is a couple of after photos~

Well that is about it for tonight! It is late...and I better head to bed... Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. How special Sarah to have your dad make your rack..i am actually in the 'throws' of painting one my hubby made me's just getting enough time {all at once to do} to get it finished..but at least the base coat is done.
    All very nice and prim!
    luv Annie.xx

  2. Sarah, What a great bowl rack. Your Dad is a wonderful woodworker. I'm like you, a little impatient - let it dry on the wall, I just have to have it up so I can enjoy it! The shelf from the SA is very neat. Great additions to your DR. ~Ann

  3. love the bowl rack~and the makeover cabinet looks great~sounds like you had a wonderful time with your mom and dad!

  4. I love your bowl rack, Sarah! Dad is pretty handy to have around. So sweet of him to make things for you and they mean so much more. Enjoy your weekend with your family.

  5. Sarah,
    I love your bowl rack. I know you will treasure it forever. Your little wall cupboard looks really good too. Have a great day.

  6. Good morning Sarah! Your dad made you a wonderful bowl rack. How blessed you are to have someone so talented in the family. It looks great with your bowl collection!

    That little cabinet is the perfect little prim treasure too. What a difference it makes in that color. Nice job! And the table looks darling. So simple and springlike and prim. I love your prim touch Sarah. You have great tsate!

    Enjoy the rest of the visit with the folks! hugs, Linda

  7. Just so awesome Sarah, I have to get Stush to make me one before summer starts. That's boating season and I know he doesn't want to stay inside a garage when we could be on the docks:) Love how your dad makes you what you want...he is a sweetie!

    I think we have the same arrangement that you have in the brown jug on your table:) Also what a find that cupboard was at the SAS it turned out just great.

    Today I'll be working on my step back cupboard...finally.

  8. Good Morning Sarah!....your bowl rack is awesome awesome awesome!!....sooo very special because Dad made it....and you had the perfect spot for it too!....enjoy your Sunday! Janet :)

  9. Sarah, it all looks great. I love the small cansin the cabniet with the old labels and the plate rack looks fantasic! Dawn

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Love your new bowl rack - they are just the best for displaying anything. Dad did a wonderful job.

    Glad you are having a good time with your are one of the fortunate.


  11. Sarah, you did a wonderful job on your the shelf your dad have a beautiful home from what I can that little black shelf too..I have found so much inspiration from others that when I go out thrift shopping.I see things in a whole new light...have a great time with your folks..:)

  12. How nice to spend time with your parents and that the weather turned nice!

    I love your bowl rack. I've been wanting to make one myself, now you've given me the incentive to get it done!!

    Your table centerpiece is very prim and springy! And your cupboard makeover turned out fabulous!


  13. Love your bowl rack! I have been thinking about one too. You are lucky to have a dad that makes you wonderful prims! I like the greenery in your crock on the table too. Have a great Sunday! Jayne

  14. Sarah, I love the bowl rack and how you displayed it. Love the black cupboard with the new makeover. Your dining table display is great too. I will take it all please. Thanks for sharing. Sherie

  15. Sarah,

    I always enjoy coming to visit your blog. You are just so talented and I love seeing what you are working on. That bowl rack is beautiful... you are so lucky to have someone so talented such as your Dad to make you prim goodies. I also LOVE that prim cupboard. It looks great on your red walls. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


  16. Hi Sarah,
    Love the bowl rack that your dad make. He did such an awesome job...and I love the color you painted it. Great Spring grouping on your the rabbit. Sounds like you had a great time with your parents.

  17. Sarah, What an awesome bowl rack. It looks like it was made for that wall...perfect!!

  18. Sarah it looks great. You are so lucky to have a Dad that can and will make things for you. I always enjoy pictures of your redo's.


  19. Your dad did a great job on the bowl rack! It looks perfect in your dining room! And the salvation army cabinet looks sooooo good in black! Much better. :)

  20. Everything looks so nice Sarah. I especially love that your dad made you some of your wonderful prim goodies. The wall cupboard with the spice containers looks really nice on the wall. You did a good job with it.

  21. You really love your dad! that's so sweet.

  22. amazing fixtures! and the arrangements are so fine!

  23. Your dad is talented! No wonder you can do the same thing.

  24. You are just so talented and I love seeing what you are working on.

  25. What an awesome bowl rack. It looks like it was made for that wall...perfect!

  26. The wall cupboard with the spice containers looks really nice on the wall.


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