Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Happy Easter~

Happy Easter everyone! We have had a wonderful relaxing day so far. A nice meal and we are having apple pie for dessert later. We sat around the table together and the kids wanted to share something they were proud of about each member of the family. They said some sweet things about each other! And some sweet things about Mom & Dad too! :) The times around the table are some of the best! They are hectic and loud but they are great times!! We talked about how fortunate we are to have such good food and such a wonderful loving family...God is good!

I am just relaxing right now while my hubby and the boys flip between the Masters and the many baseball games that are on t.v.. The little boys are still munching on jelly beans from this mornings hunt. Here is a picture of our yummy apple pie...made from scratch by me! We will be enjoying this later with some vanilla ice cream! Yum-0!

Yesterday was a FUN day out! I got away in the morning for a bit with a friend and we went to a small antique store and got the breadboard that you see our apple pie sitting on. Then we went to the antique mall and I found a 10 gallon Red Wing crock for...are you ready for this?! $33.00!! The price tag said $42.00.....and better yet it was 20% off! It has a small chip on the handle on the left side, other than that it is perfect! :)

Then it was on to the Salvation Army where I got this breadbox for $4.00!




And here is what I did with it! A little Breadbox Hide & Seek! Now you see our cell phones~

Now you don't!~

Who says you have to put bread in a bread box!? It was a fun project and I really like the way it makes all the clutter go away! I do not like cords and plug ins! I cut a hole in the back for the cords....they are all neatly tucked away! Actually there is a faux leather charging station from Bed Bath and Beyond inside to hold everything, there is a power strip in there so there is only one cord coming out! My hubby even ran the power strip cord behind the fridge and plugged it in so that the breadbox could sit flush up against the wall! Yay! And my little lamb hides my white outlet cover just perfectly!

I got some other goodies on my day out yesterday...I will post those another time. Some of them are already in makeover mode!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday. I think I will go dish up some apple pie and ice cream! Until next time my friends. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Happy Eater Sarah ~~ Sounds like you all had a wonderful day....good food and loving family, and that apple pie looks yummmy !!! Love all your finds, and what a great way to hide your phone, cords and such.
    Sending Blessings, & Bunny Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Sarah, what a pretty pie! and the breadbox makeover is perrfect. Your paint and distress technique is right on. Happy Easter, Dawn

  3. What a great way to hide the phones!! Love it.

    The pie looks yummy too. If I wasn't so full from our feast, I'd come over for a piece! Enjoy the rest of your Easter sunday.

    Hugs, Linda

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family!
    That pie sure does look yummy...
    I love your crock and all your other goodies. But most of all what a neat idea for the bread box. Out of site...


  5. Hi Sarah,
    The apple pie looks so good but right now I'm to full to eat another drop of food:)

    I love the breadboard and crock what a deal on that! The bread box is so smart of you to turn into a cell phone hideaway:)

  6. Oooh...I want a piece of that pie! What great finds for you yesterday! I LOVE what you did with that breadbox! What a GREAT idea! And I'm so impressed at how fast you got it done and sitting out! ~~Annie

  7. I too have a bread box that hides everything but bread. They are great aren't they? Your pie looks yummy. I ate sooooo much today, I think I won't need to eat for a week!!! Great job on your wonderful finds!!! Have a great week.

  8. You are such a talented gal and so creative. I love that crock and your breadbox turned out marvelous!!

    Happy Easter - enjoy that yummy looking pie : )


  9. We are empty nesters. and my husband is a golfer so he has enjoyed watching the master series today also. I am like you I dont like
    cords and outlets showing. They look
    messy to me.
    Susan Woost er OH

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Your apple pie looks so yummy. Love the crock and the breadbox redo... I really like the finished look of the breadbox!! And what a great use for hide those cellphones and chargers!

  11. Hi, Sarah.Every time that I see your blog I enjoy it more and more. Love your Makeovers. Today, I see old posts and find the breadbox makeover and it is very nice. I notice that you have a super cute lamb. It is beewax?? Could you please,tell me where you find it??? Also, you have a beautiful collection of bunnies. I love them.


Thank you so much for visiting & for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate and enjoy each & every one! ~Sarah~