Thursday, April 9, 2009

~Update On Lisa~

Hello everyone. I just got a call from a family member of Lisa's. We will all need to keep Lisa in our prayers. She is not feeling well. The surgery didn't go as smooth as planned. She will be staying longer at the hospital than the two days she had hoped. I am keeping things real general....but the report is that she is having a rough time right now. I told them to tell Lisa that she will be in our thoughts and prayers. I don't know when they will update me again. But I will let you all know when I hear from them. Please say those prayers for our sweet prim sister....


  1. Hi Sarah....Thank you for the update, I have been hoping to hear something but hoping to hear she's fine!....I certainly hope that she will be ok, I have been thinking about her all day wondering. Janet

  2. Sarah,
    Thanks for the update. I, too, have been thinking of Lisa all day and will continue to pray for her, our poor girl.

  3. I'm glad I got back on tonight...I hope she will feel better tomorrow, I've been thinking about her.
    Please tell her we are all thinking and saying prayers.

  4. Sarah,

    THANK YOU for the update on Lisa. I will continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.


  5. Let Lisa know that I am thinking of her and saying a special prayer that she is feeling better very soon, and can come home shortly!
    Thank you for keeping us informed!
    Have a great weekend...and Happy Easter!

  6. Thanks for the update, Sarah.
    Keepin' her in my thoughts and prayers....I hope tomorrow is a better day for her.


  7. Thanks for letting us know. Poor Lisa. I will be praying for her. Have a good night Sarah.

  8. Thank you for letting us know, Sarah! I hope you get better news in the morning. I will be thinking about Lisa and praying for her to feel better quickly.

  9. Oh, I hope everything is alright! A co-worker of my husband had gastric bypass a few years ago and ended up with infection. He ended up in the hospital longer than planned but was okay. I hope it's just something simple like that and Lisa is home and on the mend VERY soon!

    Thanks for updating us! I'll be thinking of her..


  10. Sarah, please let her know she is in our prayers!Dawn

  11. Sarah,
    Thanks for letting us know about Lisa...I had been thinking about her. Still keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that tomorrow will be a better day for her.

  12. I am adding my prayers to everyone else's. We can get out own little prayer chain going! Thanks for the update!

    hugs, Linda

  13. Oh, I just got home from my vacation and was hoping for good news!!!...I will definitely be praying!!...hugs,Jen

  14. Hi Sarah, and thanks for the update on Lisa. You are so kind to pass the word along.
    Praying for her.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing this update on Lisa with us. I along with everyone else here will be praying for her.

  16. Sarah, thank you so much for keeping us informed. We all are praying for her. Tell her just to keep breathing. Sometimes we forget to breath.

  17. Sarah,

    Thanks for the update! I've been praying for Lisa!

    And how have I missed your blog? I love it!

    Haved a blessed Easter! :)



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