Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lots of Fall Goodness To Share

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! We had a fun-filled, jam packed weekend! This post will be loaded with photos from the last few days. I hope you enjoy!

I finished decorating our porch. All I did was add some real bittersweet to my pumpkins, once I added it I thought that was all it needed!  The bittersweet just pops and adds SO much color!




These next photos I took might seem silly but I got all of this beautiful bread at The Great Harvest Bread Company for our family that came this weekend. So I thought I would have a little “bread photo shoot”!

Look at the Honey Whole Wheat Spider, complete with raisin eyes! Too cute!! 


A beautiful round loaf of Honey Whole Wheat~


In the front, Pumpkin Swirl , in the back Cheddar Garlic and to the right Cinnamon Chip! Mmmmm~



On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch. We all had a great time and bought a ton of pumpkins! The temps were high considering it was October, but a gorgeous day!



Isn’t this little guy cute!?





This was our yummy meal Saturday night. BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, and some of  that yummy bread!

BBQ Ribs and Chicken

I did a little more decorating inside. Here is where my new little crow  (also made by Alison)ended up, in one of my grapevine wreaths. Tucked a little faux bittersweet in for some color~



Well, I think I have overloaded you all with photos in this post! Next time I will share my new treasures from the antique shop Geoff and I went to today! And I did two small makeovers, I haven’t taken photos of those yet. So more to come soon!

Until next time, take care.



  1. Hi,
    Everything looks lovely, especially that dinner, yum!

  2. I love your pumpkin grouping and the bittersweet is pretty. I have never seen it in person before.

    The breads look very yummy. And I wish I was at your BBQ, I love anything made on the BBQ!

  3. Love all your pictures, you make everything look fantastic! Yummy bread, I could almost smell it. Your dinner sure looked fantastic, wish I could make some good ribs. Looking forward to more pictures and posts from you!

  4. Just Beautiful Sarah!!
    Now i want some bread!! lol

  5. Well Geoff did it again!!! He has made some gorgeous ribs!! I bet they were DIVINE!!! All that bread looks yummy too!! We have a place here call The Fresh Market and they make the best rosemary bread. I LOVED all of your pumpkins and the REAL bittersweet lucky you!! It doesn't grow around here at all.

    Happy Fall,

  6. Beautiful pumpkin vignette! I love to add real bittersweet to my fall decor. You're right... once you add it, that's all you need.

    Oh my, that bread looks delicious and I'm sure it smelled just the same. Bread is one of my weaknesses but I can honestly say I've never tried cinnamon chip... interesting. Oh those ribs make my mouth water and I've already had dinner! They look sooooo good!


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