Sunday, October 3, 2010

Looking More Like Fall At Our House

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! The weather here was beautiful, couldn’t have ordered anything better!

I am STILL working on my Fall decorating. If I don’t stop tweaking I will never be done! After tomorrow I should be finished, then I can start on the front porch! :)

I went to a Fall Open House yesterday,  a shop called Primitive Treasures. You can visit Alison’s Etsy  HERE. I got some great prim stuff! I am so excited!

I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at this jug. It is crackled and amazing and I finally bought it!


The wonderful shaker cheese basket was handmade by Pam It is the perfect backdrop for so many of my displays for all seasons~


Close up of the crackles~can you tell I am so happy to finally have it?~~~


I also got these great handmade black pumpkins~


And this prim pumpkin went on our front door to welcome our friends and family~

Front Door

Harvest hang tag~

Front Door Harvest

Door closed, Y’all come back now ya hear!


It is SO fun to get some new things to put out for the Fall season!

Here is my Fall flag swingin’ in the breeze today~


I changed my doughboard (again). I can’t seem to leave it alone. Oh well, I am sure it won’t stay this way either~ Haha~



How are you all doing on your Fall decorating? Isn’t it a perfect time to clean and rearrange? Except I am finding that with the beautiful weather and the windows open, the dust is very plentiful! Oh well, it is worth the smell of fresh air in the house!

Until next time, take care.



  1. Sarah, I love all your fall touches! Everything looks so perfect. I have been late with my fall decor as well. I'm slowly getting finished up. :)

  2. Simply gorgeous Sarah.

  3. All your things looks inviting! Fall is a wonderful to clean and rearrange...but I find myself being outside more and not inside, but who can refuse this gorgeous autumn we are having in Nebraska!
    Thanks for sharing~

  4. ohhhhh...I always enjoy your and your home is such an inspiration....loooooove all of your fall goodies....

  5. Your home looks gorgeous all decorated for Fall. I love all your new additions, they really add to the warm homey feeling you have in your home.

  6. Sarah everything looks great!! I love that jug!! I too keep tweaking and can't seem to get finished. Or I need another pumpkin or some more garland or whatever. After living in a camper for five year I have gone beserk on this fall decorating. 8-)

  7. Still tweaking in my home as well! Everything looks so nice! I've posted some fall photos on my blog ~ come take a peek and become a follower!

  8. Looking good, Sarah ... Fall decor is coming along slowly here as well, but I hope to finish up this week.

    My Dad and I spent three days outdoors a couple of weeks ago reworking gardens and preparing for the new decorative fence he's building for us over the winter ... I feel like I'm still playing catch up indoors ;)

    Enjoy adding those finishing touches...

  9. Everything looks so warm and cozy and wonderful!! I miss having time to tweak and play with my pictures like I used to. My folks and Lili fill my weekdays now so I am enjoying seeing everyone else's decor!! Yours is lovely as usual!!

  10. Sarah,
    Everything looks so festive and gorgeous. I love your black pumpkins, love that jug too, oh well, love it all. We've had a gorgeous fall here, too. That sunshine does show the dust, haha.

  11. Sarah, I love the basket you got from Pam, she is a great gal. I am looking for one like that because you are right you can change it for all the different holiday's and I see them in all the magazines etc. I am going to have to check her selling blog or email her! I LOVE yours and the prim pumpkins are GREAT!

    I love that you are the same way as me always changing the stoveboard, that's what I do and I love what you did with yours! IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!! FAB-U-LOUS!!!

    You really have a gift, a true talent for decorating and doing makeover's, I have to say I have learned alot by your posts on makeover's and how you decorate!!!

    I am very busy trying to stock my website shop it should be done by the weekend because My husband Ken helps, it is more difficult than what some people think. I am learning and I will have tons of Christmas things!

    I love everything.
    Have a great day!!!

    Prim Blessings,

  12. Love your decorating! TeeHee! Makes me want to do it at home! Resting today! Alison

  13. as always...gorgeous decorating gorgeous photos! good work! :) i am loving the black pumpkins...i have been seeing more & more of them in decorating this season....i need to find me some! :)

  14. All your tweaking paid off. All looks prim & perfect. I was so glad to see what you did on the stove board for fall. My stove board is done for fall & I am thinking ahead for Christmas already. I love your little black pumpkins. I have never seen these until now. Blessings!

  15. Sarah everything looks great and I LOVE your new flag!!!

    Fall Blessings,

  16. I wish I could find a neat fall flag like that! I finally bought a flag holder and have yet to find any prim flags around here. All your fall decorating looks wonderful Sarah! I enjoy my fall decor so much that I actually start decorating at the end of August. So needless to say... there is lots of tweaking that goes on in the course of the months leading up to Thanksgiving. Mainly because there are always cute new things to buy! =]


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