Wednesday, October 13, 2010

~Family Treasures~Handcrafted Baskets & Cement Leaves~

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day! I know of 33 men who had an especially wonderful day! I have been watching the television coverage of the miners in Chile and thank God they are all now out alive! God bless each one of them and their families! God Bless all of the rescue workers as well!, they are all above ground safely now too! A very emotional day for everyone.

I thought I would share some treasures that my Mom and Dad brought to me while they were visiting last weekend. Lots of great family treasures that I will always cherish!

These fabulous green/blue Ball canning jars. I just love the color~




This Coffee, Tea and Spice Set. LOVE these and they are so special. They were my Great Grandmothers. Such a keepsake~


Original galvanized lids~


This crock that also belonged to my Great Grandmother~


Here are the markings on the bottom~


There is nothing like receiving wonderful antiques with great sentimental meaning behind them. I am so honored to have them passed down to me and I will take care of them, display them proudly and pass them down to our children someday!  Thanks so much Mom and Dad, I love you!

Next, I want to share some handmade baskets that I ordered from Pam They are beautiful! I have one of her larger shaker cheese baskets. I wanted one of the smaller 9 inch shaker cheese baskets. It is as cute as can be and SO well made! Pam is one talented gal!


A closer look~


I also got this weed basket in black (the one on the left)~



I am so happy with both of them Pam and I will enjoy using them for ALL the different seasons! Thank you!

And my last FUN new goodies! I went to get my hair cut today. My gal has a salon in her home. And lining the walkway to her door were these amazing cement leaves!!  Yes, I said CEMENT LEAVES! Her Mom makes them! They are fabulous, heavy but fabulous! I bought a large one to put on top of our birdbath, she said you can use the birdbath as a stand for them. And put water or bird seed in them. You can also just rest the large leaves in the rocks too, so as you can see..I haven’t made up my mind yet!

I haven’t put it out in the rock garden yet. I will do that tomorrow, but I just had to show it to all of you now.


They are made out of real HUGE leaves that she impresses into the cement. Then paints them and covers them with a protective coating. The detail is just incredible!


I also got a smaller leaf that sits on a small iron stand.


I just can’t believe the “vein-ing”. Not sure what I am going to do with this one. My hairstylist just had some little wrapped candies in hers. I might do a candle and some acorns. But I am not sure I want to cover up all of that detail. Stay tuned, I will show you both leaves when I get them displayed!


That is all I have to share for today. Lots of photos in this post too, what can I say…I have gone photo happy lately! Time for me to get off of the computer and work on some laundry. I keep waiting, but i just isn’t going to wash itself.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all of my followers/friends and all of your sweet comments so much! Stop by anytime!!

Until next time, take care.



  1. Hi! what treasures you have to share with us this time, it was so kind of your mom and dad to hand them all down to you. I know you will always love and appreciate them. The new baskets are great! Love the cement leaves, that has been on my to-do list for a few years, just never got to it. Have a great day!

  2. oh wow! what great treasures your parents handed down to you...that was sooo sweet of them...I love them all..and the canister jars are amazing..and the cement leaves are awesome....

  3. Sarah,
    I love the blue canning jars, I have a few that I've had for years and love to display different seasonal things in them. Your jars and crock are fabulous and what treasures. There is nothing better than family heirlooms to display in our homes.
    So happy you like your baskets. Those cement leaves are awesome and I've never seen anything like them. Such talent.
    Have a wonderful day. What a blessing/miracle about the miners.

  4. Sarah the jars and crock are just awesome, and what a treasure to receive. I love things with a history and the ones from family are the most cherished. I like the peg rack you have and the sign above it too.

  5. Sarah, what great treasures and even better for the fact that they belonged to your people. The coffee tea set is priceless. Good for you!

  6. Sarah,

    Wow! I love the antiques that your mom and dad gave to you. And that they were family treasures makes them all the more special. The cheese baskets are really cute.

    Aren't those cement leaves too cool? A couple that I have known for years sells them at a craft show we do in PA.

    Have a wonderful day.


  7. My goodness your treasures are beautiful Sarah...I only wish I had SOMETHING from any of my wonderful.
    I love the green jars!

    And those cement leaves...just beautiful. I saw them at Wholesale last time I went...someone had made them too.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Sarah,
    I have never seen a crock like that. You have a real treasure there. And the fact that it has been passed through the generations makes it even more special! I have numerous family pieces of history. They are all so special. My daughter looks forward to having them in her home. Your parents were most generous, passing these on. makes me smile!

  9. Sarah your treasures are wonderful. I have been doing what your parents did. Give family treasures to the next generation to take care of. I have given my grandchildren family things and I hope they love them as well as you love theirs. Keep these wonderful pics coming.

  10. Sarah,
    I just LOVE all your treasures from your Mom and Dad I know you will always cherish them. Your baskets from Pam are great. I have one of her baskets and I just love it she is so talented. WOW!!! those cement leaves are so cool I've never seen anything like them, they are just beautiful the detail is just amazing!!

    Fall Blessings,

  11. You are so lucky to have such treasures handed down through the family. Congratulations on such a lovely blog! x

  12. Hi Sarah~

    Just found your lovely blog and enjoyed reading about the treasures you received from loved very special that is!!

    I would love to invite you to stop by my blog for a visit sometime too!!


  13. You have some beautiful treasurers! I especially love the coffee, tea, and spice set. As usually, your decorating is wonderful.

  14. Sarah,
    I would LOVE to have at least one of those cement leaves! Would you mind "hooking" me up? They are so cool!

  15. Oh wow Sarah! You are so fortunate to own such wonderful treasures!! How delightful that these antiques were in your family. I love aqua glass the most. I collect glass jars of all colors, but that is my very favorite! And look how much you have, all with their original lids! Oh, I am envious! Haha! I have been looking for some old coffee, tea, and sugar jars like your set but all I can find is reproduction sets. Not giving up yet thought. Love the crock too! That's so wonderful Sarah, I'm happy for you.

    Pam's baskets are beautiful! That little one is so cute. Love those leaves too. Wow, the detail in them is incredible!


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