Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who knew what blogging would bring?

Hello everyone. Happy Tuesday! I have been rearranging my kitchen today making room for some wonderful new goodies that I received from my great blog friend Lisa we did a sweet little swap and oh what a fun swap it was! This is what she sent me....I am one happy camper! She made me this amazing doughboard which also doubles as a "hide and seek" it covers up my white outlet (on my red wall) that is right by my sink~

Here is a close up~ I love all the character the wood has, the knots and the wood grain are fabulous~

In my little "prim toolbox" she made the large doughboard in the back and the black and mustard cutting boards too~

Close up~

I am so happy with everything. Lisa does amazing work. And what's more amazing is what blogging has brought to me. I never dreamed in a million years when I started blogging that I would meet such wonderful people! There are so many kind hearts out there. And in a world that is so uncertain right now it gives me hope that there are people out there that genuinely care for other people. They offer their talents and their advice. This has been the start of a wonderful journey for me. It would be hard to mention everyone, you have all been so wonderful with your kind comments on my blog and my projects etc. This might sound a little bit like an Emmy award winning acceptance speech but~ I have to thank Lisa for always being so sweet, helping me to get started with my backstitching, she shared her talents and tips with me. She is always there to answer my questions. I have to thank Linda for helping me too, I appreciate your painting tips so that I could give my doughboard just the right finish. And I took those instructions and carried them into my other painting projects. And Kindra who I found through Linda...great story. I asked Linda where she got a set of blocks that I admired in her home, she shared where she had gotten them with me. Come to find out Kindra is practically my backdoor neighbor! I contacted her via email and ordered two sets of her wonderful blocks....two sets were dropped off at my house before Christmas! Kindra has been a wonderful new friend and I look forward to meeting her IN PERSON at a craft fair in the upcoming weeks! What a small small world! Those are just a few stories about some of the gracious people I have met since I started blogging. Thank you ALL for visiting, I appreciate it so much...you all have a special place in my heart. Making new friends is the best...can't wait to make more! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Love the things you received in your swap. Very nice!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Great items you got from your swap. Love the boards!! I agree with you that it has been wonderful meeting and making so many new friends since I started blogging. It will be one year for me in April...and what a great year it ha s been!

  3. Sarah
    I love the stuff Lisa made you. She is the best, Kindra, too. I am so happy I have met so many wonderful people through blogging, too. They are so caring and willing to share their talents. Have a wonderful day.

  4. WOW - Everything looks great. Do you want to share some of your prainting tips? I have been wanting a dough board for my stove top, but haven't had any luck.


  5. Everything looks great Sarah!

  6. Great swap with Lisa! She does such great work!!! I'm so glad that Linda brought you to me. :) And that you started the blogging journey. It has brought me so many blessings and I include you on my special list! Can't wait to meet ya! :)

  7. WOW-What a great swap! Lisa does beautiful work. I love everything!
    Arn't bloggin buds just the BEST and soooo talented! :)

    Have a wonderful evening, Sarah.

  8. I just finished a post before I came here and I too was saying how wonderful blogging friends are. I am so glad we met in cyberspace too!!

    Love all your goodies from Lisa - she is soo talented!! They look great in your beautiful home my friend!!


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