Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~Time For Some Rearranging~

Happy Tuesday everyone! We had some wild weather in Nebraska yesterday. Nothing too serious where we live. There were watches and warnings and we had sirens! Our basketball hoop blew over and our garage door was a victim of the wind but luckily nothing too major.

I was busy inside working on a couple painting projects for a friend. And doing some rearranging. I found what I think is the perfect place for the gameboard I bought from Kindra. This is in my upstairs bathroom...I know I know.....maybe a gameboard would look better in a living room...but it goes so well with the colors in there and I thought it looked good right above my towel rack from Goodwill that I made over~

Here is a little nail rack that I hung in there too. My hubby didn't want me to hang it there (he thought it looked too crowded in that corner) but as you can all see it IS hung there and I love it! Now that it's hung he likes it too! Wink Wink! :) The lighting in these three pictures makes my paint color look different in every one. The paint color is most true in the first picture.

The other little thing I did was change out my doughboard. I was just ready for a new look!

That's about it for today. I am off to get some housework done. And work on my painting projects. I feel like making another trip to Goodwill soon too....Hmmmmm? Have a great day everyone! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. I love the gameboard in the bath, I saw a home in a magazine and she had a whole wall done with them in her bath:) Looks great, I may do the same...my bathroom is small though:)

    Love the stove board arrangement, I'm always moving things on mine too:)
    Have a great day!

  2. Sarah,

    Everything looks great. I love the gameboard in the bathroom and the towel rack looks good also. I love your dough board. I so want one! Maybe one day!


  3. Sarah,
    I love the gameboard in the br. and your redone towel rack. Love the nail rack, too. You have such a knack for prim decorating. Love your pics at a Primitive Place. Have a great evening.

  4. Hi. I just love following your blog. Your home is so peaceful and cozy looking. You have done a great job with it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the way your bathroom turned out!! The gameboard looks great in there.


  6. I think the gameboard looks great there! And I Love your other projects too!

  7. Sarah,
    I love your bathroom! I was just looking at my tiny bathroom this morning and trying to decide what I'd like to do to make it more prim.I think the gameboard looks great in there. I also love what you did on your dough board. It all looks so nice! Have a great afternoon!

  8. I love everything!...I love your new arrangement on the doughboard too...who would of thought that a stove top could get decorated and rearranged as much as us Prim Lovers do?!...hehehehehehehehe....truely if it wasn't for me rearranging mine stovetop cover so often....I probably wouldn't be visiting my stove as much!

  9. Love your bathroom Sarah!!! Everything looks great!!

  10. As always your home looks so inviting and I love all your decorations too. Your new header... I LOVE IT and the items you arranged on your doughboard look great. I am definitely into your prim bathroom as well : )

  11. I ran across you from Kindra's blog and thought I'd say hello! I love your bathroom and I've also enjoyed browsing through your blog.

    Stop by and say hello!


  12. Sarah,
    I love the gameboard in your bathroom. The towel rack redo looks great also...and I love the nail rack in there too!!

  13. Hi Sarah,
    Your bath is so primpretty, love your new gameboard in there, looks great above the towel rack, btw-I really like the finish on the towel rack, and how all the color/tones on that wall display compliment each other! :)
    Your dough board looks wonderful too, you're a perfect tweaker! ;)

    Have a happy day.

  14. Sarah, Your bathroom looks great! You've inspired me to add a few more things to ours! Our MB is very small and I've never hung much up because of that, but it works very well in your bathroom. Thanks for sharing the pix. ~Ann

  15. Well I'm loving what I see - I'd like to re-do our bathroom in the style yours is in but that will be some time from now....GREAT JOB.


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