Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Simple Stitchery & More Makeover Fun

Hello....Almost at the end of the week! I have an exciting Saturday planned. A little "ME" time is in order. I am going with a couple of friends to the Log Cabin Prim store and another little antique store.....last time we tried to go to the antique store it was closed! :( We are hoping they are open this weekend! We will have some lunch out! Looking forward to it! And then Saturday evening out with another friend that I used to work with.....haven't seen each other in a while! Sooooo now you can see why I am so excited!

Just thought I would share a couple of projects that I worked on this week. I drew this little stitchery ALL BY MY LITTLE SELF! I know I know .... it's such a simple and easy pattern but hey.....I did it~

And I worked on another makeover. I got this little 7 drawer chest at the antique mall for $19.00 (not a steal of a deal) BUT I have shopped around and the little spice drawer cubbies that I have been looking at are SO expensive! I am pretty sure this used to be a jewlery box. But I thought why couldn't it be a little spice cubby? Here is the before picture~

And here is the after picture~
Not sure where it will go yet. But I am sure I will find a spot somewhere. Well, I guess that's about it for me. Today was a beautiful day! It was 74 degrees, the little boys got to play in the backyard and run off some energy! I had the windows and doors open...felt so good! I hope you all have a great weekend! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Sounds like a great Saturday you have planned, Can i come too? The stitchery is great, I am so proud of you, you are just doing all kinds stitchin! Have fun girly! HUGS

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Love the little willow tree stitchery and it looks great with the game board!! Also love the jewelry box turned spice cabinet!! It is so prim looking!
    It's warming up here in Ohio also. Makes me so happy. Have a great time out with your friends.

  3. Oh-Wonderful job on the stitchery, Sarah! Love your re-do too!
    Have a FUN time this weekend.
    Warm weatehr, good friends, prim & 'tique shoppin' what more could a girl want???? :)


  4. You are doing so great with your stitcherys...I usually draw my patterns too:) I like it by the checkerboard, just goes together so well!!!
    Just love the box that you bought and you primmed it up just right!

    Have fun tomorrow and buy some neat prims to show us:)

  5. Sarah,
    I love your sweet little stitchery, it does go well with your game board. Love your redo, too. Have fun with your friends ~ I would love to join you.

  6. Cute stitchery. Love your new little drawer chest. Have a great ME weekend. I can't wait to see what you buy.


  7. Happy Friday!! I love your willow tree stitchery that you did. It looks great and your new spice cupboard looks wonderful.

  8. Well done Sarah!! Well done - and the redo it great. That will fit in so many areas, with something playing hide and seek from one of the drawers, it will be perfect!

    Have a wonderful time with the girls. It sure does refresh your soul to get those special visits in!! hugs, Linda

  9. Very cute stitchery! I love making up my own patterns..your's came out so nice:) I LOVE the spice cabinet too! I've been looking for one myself, and they are really expensive. I think I would take $19...maybe I'll find one soon. Have a fun weekend with your friends!

  10. Your stitchery is FANTASTIC!
    I so wish that I could master that!
    I love how your jewelry box/spice cabinet turned out!
    You saw the potential and it looks fantastic!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. simple is did a wonderful job!!!

  12. Sarah, The will tree is very prim, love it. Have a great weekend. ~Ann

  13. Good Morning Sarah ~~
    Love the stitchery...good job on the design, an
    the stitching. And your little chest looks great, I have a few of them around the right near my kitchen hanging on the wall, I do put my jewelery in it. I always seem to leave the kitchen last when Im going out, so that's where I put my jewelery on..and where I remove it when I return home. I don't think any one would think to look in there. lol
    Have a wonderful "girlie" day and night. EnJoy !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  14. I hope you had a great time today in Roca! :) And please share with us your goodies. I'm sure there was a great selection to oooh and aaah over.

    Your stitchery turned out great! And gotta love those "trash to treasure" projects. Your little chest looks great!

  15. looking for a petty quilt with some stichery and applique that would be nice for a wedding quilt. that is not the wedding rings.


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