Friday, March 27, 2009

Pantry Cakes and A Mini Makeover

Happy Friday everyone! Not a whole lot planned for us and that is a good thing. I always look forward to weekends with no schedule. I am going to work on some painting projects that I am doing for a friend. One project down...two to go! Our weather has been so erratic lately. Last weekend was just beautiful...we were grilling out. The kids were riding their bikes and chalking on the sidewalk. We had tornado watches/warnings this last week and now it is COLD and windy and we might even get some snow! Ughhh! My boys have runny noses and coughs again....wonder why? I have a special friend in North Dakota....I want to offer out prayers to her and her family as well as prayers for all of the people that are fearing flooding. I hope everyone stays safe and that Mother Nature is kind.

I made some pantry cakes! And it was FUN! I also dyed cheesecloth last night and let me tell you girls....(maybe you already know this) but drying out cheesecloth in the microwave for 30 seconds works like a charm! Just another tip from Char over at the Pickled Pepper Patch! She is FULL of great ideas and tips and she is always so willing to share! Thanks Char! Here's how they turned out....and notice the breadboard they are on! It was in a previous post of mine. Made by my good friend Lisa I just love it! Thanks again are so talented! :)

My other little project was a mini makeover. My daughter made a little toolbox in shop class. She did a great job! She got an A! :) Anyway, it wasn't being used so she gave me permission to prim it up! It is going to go on the counter in my upstairs bathroom....what's going to go in it you ask?.....I'm not sure yet. But I will post a picture when it is in it's new home.

Here is the before~

And here is the after~

I did a black undercoat and a tan over that. It turned out this blue/gray color. You just never know what you are going to get! But I am happy with the results! I finished it off with a dark walnut stain.

Oh more thing before I go....I stopped by Goodwill! Here are the goodies I got! I found a wooden bowl...someone painted it mustard and underneath that someone painted a watermelon on it ..seeds and all. I hope I can make something out of it! I thought the wooden crate was great and with Easter right around the corner I thought I could give it a makeover and do something with it! I LOVE all the molds...and I will make some larger pantry cakes after I perfect my smaller ones! Look at the bunny mold! Too fun! And I just couldn't pass up the mini "Ball" jars. Now I just need some mini prim labels for them! :)

I hope whatever your weekend plans are you all enjoy them! Take care. Until next time. ~Sarah~


  1. What great makeovers and great finds at GW. Here is another idea for the jars. Cut long strips of the cheesecloth and wrap them around the jar, tie with coffe died string or plain old twind and stick a little sweet annie in the twine. Instant prim!

    Have a relaxing weekend and I hope your avoid the snow! hugs, Linda

  2. LOL! I almost bought that same wood bowl a few weeks ago at Goodwill! Love all your prim goodies. Lisa is very talented and the board looks perfect! And how great that your daughter is starting woodwork early. :) And now it's a great piece to display with a little of mom's prim magic.

    Have a great weekend. It's coooooold outside!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see what you do with your daughters tool box. It's really cute. She did a great job and deserves that A.

    Love the dough board and the pantry cakes.


  4. Love the bowl, I know you will do a great job on it. That is one thing I've never seen at my GW is molds so I'll have to keep looking.

    I'm going to make the pantry cakes today or tomorrow:)
    Lisa is a sweetheart isn't she? Love to read her blog too!

  5. I love the way the tool carrier turned out - great color. I'll have to try that combination! Love the good will finds - you just never know what treasures wait to be reborn.

  6. Sarah,
    The pantry cakes look great, especially on the dough board with everything. Great arrangement!

    I have a little "tool box" in my bathroom, too! Mine was actually one of those wooden toy ones that kids could pound the pegs into. I kept seeing it at the TS and one day I finally bought it and painted it black and it's perfect! I have a few corn cobs wrapped with homespun with a little hang tag I stitched up that says, "Emergency Toilet Paper". I saw that somewhere and thought it was hilarious :) It sits on the shelf of the cupboard behind the toilet.

    Great finds at the TS. I almost bought a little jar like that and I had a wooden bowl in my hands but then I realized I have no where to sit it and back it went!

    Have a great weekend:)


  7. Oh i love the little tool box, how special too that your daughter made it!! As usual i love everything!! Panry cakes look so good on your board! Hugs

  8. Love those pantry cakes!...that toolbox is darling!...your daughter did a great job in it!...and I love how the paint turned out~!

  9. Everyone is making these fantastic pantry cakes! How hard are they to make? Because they look rather complicated!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Char is such a wonderful person to share so many great ideas and projects with us. I just love her blog and love checking it on a daily basis. My husband was so sweet to make two things from wood from some of her past tutorials. Can't wait to finish them up and I will definitely post on my blog.

    You found some great things from the GW...I wish we had one but I will have to wait for Garage Sale season to open and pray that I hit the jackpot somewhere...LOL

    Your pantry cakes turned out wonderful. That is my next goal to get made for my new fly screen. Another tutorial shared by Char. Maybe it will be a project for next week.

    Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Sarah,
    You found some great GW goodies! I just love your pantry cakes and the tool box you painted. It all looks great! I'm not enjoying this windy cold outside today. Not fun!I sure can't wait for it to warm up.:-) I hope you have a nice,relaxing weekend!

  12. sarah, your prim cakes look great on teh dough board. what a great job the daughter did on the toolbox, love the paint tech! Dawn

  13. Ok, I so need to come and go shopping in your home (lol). I love everything that you have and your pantry cakes looks GREAT!! Do you care to share your recipe? I make mine just like I do my sugar molds, but I am always up for trying something different. I love your dough board...quite jealous about it actually.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.



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