Friday, February 18, 2011

:: A Sweet Surprise ::

Happy Friday ~ Happy Weekend friends!! My weekend started off wonderful. First of all my hubby had the day off. He got his new surround sound all set up in the basement. He is like a child with a new toy. I know he will have fun with it and I am sure he will be enjoying a LOUD manly action movie tonight!  :)

Next we went and worked out together at the YMCA. So fun, we stopped off afterwards for some healthy smoothies. Then we went to pick up all of the kiddos from school. We got home and THIS was on my doorstep!


It is from my dear friend Kathy. Handmade by her, what a very special gift. I will cherish it FOREVER! Kathy and I have never met but we have built a wonderful friendship across the miles. She is one of the most kind and genuine people I know. I am so blessed to call her my friend.

Here are a few more photos. I will post more photos when I find its permanent, special place in our home. These photos are straight off of the mail truck and out of the box, I was so excited to share I couldn’t wait!


Love the heart~


Two friends holding hands. It is just so sweet~


Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.
~ John Evelyn

What beautiful work she does. Thank you Kathy from the bottom of my heart, what a great way to start my weekend! Friends make this world a better place, they lift your heart up and make you smile!

"I thank you for all the goodness, kindness, honesty and warmth of feeling that the continuance of our friendship brings."  ~Author Unknown

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Until next time, take care.




  1. What a beautiful wallhanging and what a special friend!! Friends are a special gift from God!!1

  2. That is so lovely - and definitely a treasure with so much meaning behind it. I hope the rest of your weekend is just as sweet. :)

  3. What a wonderful gift from a wonderful friend. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. How sweet! You are so deserving

  5. How wonderful your husband had a day off! I like that you were able to spend most of it together and maybe you have ear plugs in by now huh???? lol

    What a beautiful gift from Kathy - her work is just wonderful.

    Enjoy your beautiful weekend with family.


  6. Sounds like a wonderful day!!! Your little quilt is so cute!

  7. How sweet of your friend to think of you!
    Friends are a true blessing!
    BTW~ I hate word verification!

  8. Glad you enjoyed your day! What an awesome Long Distance Friend you have made. How sweet it was of her to make your gift!

  9. how thoughtful! precious! it is just beautiful! also glad you spent the day with your hubby! working out together is great fun! :) love those smoothies too! yummy!

  10. Awww Sarah what a sweet surprise! I just LOVE this quilt square I know you will always treasure it. It was so sweet and thoughtful for here to make it for you. I'm off now to check out her blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. It's going to by sunny and in the 70's so I have a lot of yard work planned.


  11. What a sweet gift from Kathy! Enjoy your weekend Sarah!

  12. That's a very beautiful quilt square. What a wonderful treasure. Kathy sounds like an awesome friend! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a great gift. I love when you get surprises in the mail aren't blog friends the best! Can't wait to see what you do with it.


  14. Aw, how very, very sweet! It is so adorable and Kathy's stitches are perfect, wow!

    Date nights are really fun and much needed! But we have discovered that day dates can be just as fun or even more so sometimes. Glad you got a day with your hubby! =]


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