Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spiced Pumpkin, Why Not?!

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good day! I have been crafting today. Working on Spring salt dough bowl fillers! It is still chilly here, but working on bunnies, chicks, flowers etc. makes it feel more like Spring!

While I have been crafting I have been enjoying Spiced Pumpkin in my IndianTrail Pottery tart warmer. And I say, Spiced Pumpkin…why not?? Fall is my most favorite season and I enjoy the scents of that seasons any time of the year! I am working on a Spring craft and it smells like Fall! It’s a confusing but yummy combination!

ITP Tart Warmer Blog

I guess I will always be drawn to the comfy, toasty, warm Fall aromas! The tea light glowing inside is Creamy Vanilla…Mmmm!

ITP Tart Burner Spice Pump

I’d better get back at it! Have a wonderful night my friends!  See you again soon!

Until next time, take care.



  1. I thought I was the only one who burned those fall scents most of the year. I've never been one for the floral scents - but I do love flowers! Can't wait to see your Spring bowl fillers. I'm not going to miss out on getting some this time!

  2. I'm with you Sarah, I love the spiced aromas anytime of the year! I tried my hand at making some of the bowl fillers but they didn't turn out well and went in the trash! I would love to order some from you when they are ready!!
    Enjoy your day~

  3. I love burning fall scents all year round. I love fall as well, it is my favorite time of the year even though I like Christmas alot as well, fall is just much cozier for me for decorating outside and just lots of fine hunting for bittersweet!!! I love the smell of pumpkin spice burning!!!! I might just have to go home and burn that!!!

    Have a great day


  4. It's been smelling good at your house lately,huh? :) Can't wait to see your bowl fillers!

  5. I say "Go For It!" I love to burn my Perfect Pumpkin candle any time of the year as well! Can't wait to see those Spring/Easter fillers!
    Have a great day!

  6. I also Love the Fall pumpkin scents...I burn pumpkin scented candles through out the year. My family thinks I'm crazy....LOL.
    I must get me one of those tart warmers! Can't wait to see your spring bowl fillers!

  7. You can never go wrong with the Autumn scents! Such a neat votive burner you are using. I would love to see your spring bowl fillers! Are you selling them again, because if you are I would love to purchase a set.
    Have a great day~
    I'm home with illness...and I say I never get sick, boy I ate my words on that one.

  8. I burn fall scents all year too! I thought I was weird! Not much for flowery scents, unless it is REAL Lavender!
    Enjoy your crafting

  9. I didn't know aromas had seasons. I just use the ones I like when I'm in the mood. Right now, I'm into Mulling Spice. Kind of makes me want some Spiced tea!

  10. From a fellow fall lover, let me say that I totally agree with you! I am constantly using the scents of vanilla, spice, and cinnamon in my home on a regular basis. Every once in awhile, I'll throw in a clean, spring scent or a tropical scent for summer but then I have to go right back to my regulars. Such a cute tart warmer!


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