Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Quick Trip To An Antique Shop

It is BEAUTIFUL here today! 69 degrees and sunny! We are in for a cool down so we need to enjoy this weather while it lasts! Fingers crossed that the weather man is wrong. But I think this is too good to last.

I dropped our son off at Preschool and made a quick trip to an antique shop. Tried to stop at a couple other shops but they were closed…boo hoo! But I did find a few things that I am very happy with!

I have been addicted to little butter crocks lately. I love the look and the size of them and they come in so many different finishes and colors. And the best part…they are economical, the two I got today were $4.00 and $4.50. Can’t beat it!

But my favorite find was this butter press! I have ALWAYS wanted one but the ones I have found are just too expensive. I found one today for $24.00! Yippee! That is a price I will pay!



It is a pineapple and I LOVE it!


Close up


I couldn’t be more happy! I finally have a butter press. I don’t know if it will be the start of a collection because I think it could be a very expensive collectible. I am fine with this one for now…but I will still be on the lookout for more!

I am going to get out into this beautiful weather. Take a walk or take the kids to the park or both. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Until next time, take care.



  1. Love the butter press...too cool!


  2. I love the butter crocks, so cute! The butter press is perfect, love the pineapple. Good finds!!

  3. I LOVE your butter crocks!!! I must search for them, I haven't seen any on my search's, but I will surely look harder :) I love your butter press too, that is my new collector piece, I just bought one like your's but it is the wheat shief (?)....they are the cutest things!! Looks like you have a great day with your all of them!!!
    Have a great evening!
    Wanda ♥

  4. wow! great deal on the butter press! they are usually much pricier! love the little butter crocks too! the weather was 68 here today! :) love it!

  5. wow you have been going crock crazy lately! Love them all... Im a crocker myself but Im curious how you are using them all?? or do you just display them on shelves?
    Very cute lil butter press

  6. I love little crocks, too. Your butter press is awesome. It's almost 10 PM but still 61'! I could get used to this!

  7. Great Finds Sarah......
    Love all three items! What a nice group!!!!

  8. That is a great butter press! They are sweet. I have been eyeing them but have none yet. Love your crocks too!

  9. Great find! I love that it's a pineapple design. It looks so prim perfect with your crocks. :)

  10. WOW!!! You had a great shopping day!! You've had some very successful shopping trips lately. I love the little crocks and the butter mold. I have a very old butter mold that Freddie's grandmother gave me an I treasure it.


  11. Your little butter crocks are so cute, love them! That is an awesome butter press, love the pineapple design!


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