Friday, February 27, 2009

~Some New Touches & Another Scale~

Hi everybody! It is snowing tonight in my little corner of the world! A very pretty white, soft, fluffy snow. All the kiddos are tucked in bed and it is quiet. Today was very hectic~lots of appointments and errands to be run. And yes one of those errands was back to Walgreens (again) our 4 year old son Alex has a double ear infection! :( We had a really rough night when it started but happy to say he is doing much better...AND he is the FIRST one out of all five kids to have an ear infection~can you believe it? None of our kids have ever had one let alone a double ear infection! Alex is our first! He is back to 100% full energy so that is good!

I spent some of this morning rearranging above my kitchen cabinets. I will take pictures when I get done. I get too bored too fast with the way something is. So I had just been looking at it and thought it needed to be simplified and switched up. A work in progress. I did move my flour sifter from up above my cabinets and put it on the wall over by the kitchen table~

Other exciting kitchen news~we got our new door knobs and drawer pulls on! And I really like the way they look! With our black appliances I really think it sets everything off so nice~if you would like to see close up pictures of the top of my toaster cover you can check my previous post, I added a couple pictures~

And now about these scales~I just love them! Why do I love them, what is it about them? I don't know, I just think they are great! I have seen them in wonderful rustic finishes in black, rusty, cream, green, red and even orange! Each one is so unique. I just want to buy them all up! But for now I have three~I got the black one and the cream one on my birthday when my hubby took me to the antique mall and I couldn't decide which one I wanted so...I got both! :) This last one I got because of the red numbers....I just loved it...and it was only $9.50! The black one was $15 and the cream one was $12~so in my opinion that is a fairly cheap I mean collection! I have visions of putting a shelf above my double patio doors and just put a collection of scales up there. Sometimes I think things can look nice all grouped together. Any opinions out there please share them. I am NOT the type of person who likes clutter. But somehow I feel like an organized collection can look nice. And don't worry I won't go crazy buying I said NO clutter. I would like to have a green one though. I welcome all of your thoughts. Here are the three that I have now~

And here is one more I picked up for one of my best blog friends! I packed it up quick and sent it before I kept it for myself! LOL....I'm just kidding....I can't wait until she gets it! It's a great one~
Well...time to flip another load of laundry trying to get that done so it is not something I have to be doing tomorrow. As you all know laundry is such a vicious cycle....I can't ever seem to keep up with it! Hoping to make a little pegboard for my upstairs bathroom this weekend. I have a board and some masonry nails. Just have to decide what color I want it! I hope I can find the time to make it. The chrome one in there now has GOT to go! Have a great weekend everybody! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Love your old scales. I would like to have one for my kitchen, but just one because I don't have alot of display space in it. There are cabinets everywhere...on all 4 walls. Great for cupboard space but not for decorating.
    I looked for a scale last year at the flea markets with no luck. We have 3 antique malls here, so I hope to find one there if they aren't too expensive.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Sarah,
    Your drawer pulls and door knobs look fantastic, love the black. I also love all of those old scales. You got them at such a great price. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Sarah~First I want to tell you how much I love reading your blog!
    Second...Where did you find that great flour sifter? I would love to find me one of those!
    And lastly...Your scale collection is awesome, so prim! I don't think that if you added one more it would be considered clutter!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I LOVE your flour shifter. Geez, now I want one for my soon to be painted kitchen! That is amazing that you have had one child with an ear infection and not until the age of 4! My daughter had to have tubes put in hers due to multiple chronic infections. I also love your scales and what GREAT prices on them! Have a great weekend!

  5. I have a black scale. My hubby found it in an old building. I love it. He also found an old scale like you see in the grocery store to weigh veggies. I love it also. It's hanging in my kitchen.


  6. I love what you added to the sifter, it looks so inspiring for spring! As far as changing i know what you mean, my kitchen is do for alittle rearranging! gotta make room for a scale my friend is sending me!! LOL

  7. Hey girlie!...I LOVE THEM SCALES! ever wanna barter one...let me know!

  8. Evening Sarah....I sure love your decorating. The red walls are such a pretty red.
    Scales are such fun to collect - we have a few but they are all different kinds. My favorites are the candy or dried beans/nuts scales. We were going to look for scales like you have but they were never in good condition. Yours are just wonderful.

  9. Hi Sarah, just me again....I see there's a really pretty black scale on THE SPICE CUPBOARDS header....really nice looking:

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Love your scales!
    Your new knobs and pulls look wonderful.
    I love your blog header pic too..(I might have already told ya that??)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  11. Love, love, love your blog! My first visit here and it's great! The scales are wonderful and what a deal!! Your new kitchen hardware looks fabulous! Love your header as well!

    I'll be stopping by often!

  12. Hi Sarah! This was my first visit here, and I loved it:) You have a great blog...and a great collection of scales started! If I had all the collections I would like to have, I would be totally broke! But you're right...I think yours isn't too expensive. All the more reason to let the "collection" grow right? :) I'll be back to visit again!

  13. WOW - Those scales are wonderful and your door knobs and pulls look GREAT!!

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    ~Some New Touches & Another Scale~
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