Friday, February 20, 2009

~Hurry Up Spring~

Hello everyone~well I think our family is on the road to recovery! We had had pneumonia, bronchitis, lots of runny noses and nasty coughs! Needless to say Kleenex made a mint off of this family of seven in the last week or so! As did Walgreens~six prescriptions to pick up in one visit! I am so ready for it to get warm and stay warm! It has been so difficult where we live to know how to dress your kids~really warm one day (like 68) and then freezing and snowing the next~ the winds have been horrible lately....Hmmmm maybe that is why they are sick? Oh well I hope that we have had our share for this season. Thus the title of my post! Hurry Up Spring! I have been putting out my bunnies and wooden eggs around the house~wishful thinking I guess. But if it can't quite be Spring outside maybe it can be like Spring inside! This is a little table in my basement~

I have also been putzing in my basement. Spring cleaning and rearranging. I just moved around what I had, didn't buy anything new. Nothing too fancy but it's cozy. The sectional is great for family movie nights. I am hoping to get window treatments soon and I would love to have a black trunk for all of our blankets~we have TOO many! And then when it is not blanket season I can decorate on top of the trunk~~See I am always thinking! :) Like I have said before every square inch of our house is lived in and used! So not a lot of what I put out stays in in place and some of what I put out sometime becomes a casualty! :( Yes we have footballs that get thrown......among other things. We've even had underwear being kicked off hitting some unfortunate prim decoration! Thus it is glued if possible or takes that prim stairway to heaven! I have a pretty good attitude about it, if it is truly something that I would not want broken then I don't put it out. Simple as that! Here are some shots of our basement "family" room~

I took the last two pictures with lightning speed~I lit the candles long enough to get the shot and blew them out as fast as they were lit! Wish it could stay that way~ I love the glow of a candle. The battery candles are great but just not exactly like the real thing. Well that's about all I have had time for with five sick kiddos! My Dad has started my toaster cover, my bowl rack and my candle box~woo hoo! Can't wait to get those goodies and paint them! Until I can get those I am going to give some of the pieces he made me quite a while ago a facelift! I will show before and after pictures as I get those things started. On those pieces I will be getting rid of some mauve and country blue colors~we all remember those don't we girls!? I have also been working on a couple primitive stitcheries. Thanks to one of my very best blog friends Lisa over at Black Sheep Prims Homeplace. (I need to learn how to put a link to someones name or website! Any help would be greatly appreciated)! Anyway Lisa is absolutely the sweetest person I know, she has been such a help to me~getting me started. I am staining my fabrics and primming up some frames~will show those when I am done too....whew...I have a lot in the works! It may be a while before you see finished products! LOL! I am having great fun being creative again! It just feels good! Until next time~take care everyone. ~Sarah~


  1. Hi, Sarah!
    I'm so sorry that everyone in your house has been sick. It's been a really rough winter, hasn't it? I'm so ready for spring myself. I love your bunny in your family room. Your whole family room is so cozy and inviting, especially with the candles lit. To put in the clickable link go to life in the craft lane with Mandie and under free stuff she has a help or how do I do this section. That's how I learned and it took me forever to get it but it finally clicked in my pea brain. It's really very easy. I have your basket finished & will email you tomorrow. I hope you are all on the mend now.

  2. I hope you are all well and soon. I am ready for Spring also. Winter this year seems to be longer than pasts winters or so it seems. I love your basement looks very cozy and inviting.


  3. Sorry to hear about everyone being sick. My little one has been sick with a fever so that hasn't been too much fun. On days that I want to go out and go to the store...I can't because he is sick and we have to stay in. Hopefully everyone is feeling better soon. Your home looks GREAT and I must say that I am so excited to see all of the goodies that your Dad is making you. Yep, I am jealous (lol). I am like you....ready for spring!! Have a blessed weekend.


  4. Hi Sarah,
    You sure have been busy even with 5 sick kids:)

    Love the familyroom and especially the basket with the flowers:)

    About linking the other bloggers name:
    When you are posting on blogger, highlight the bloggers name, then open another window (so that yours doesn't disappear) highlight and copy their link to there blog, click out of their blog and it will come back to blogger that you are posting on, at the top of where you are blogging at there is a little, green thingy click on it and it will come up http:// will already be on there...delete that then paste their link in that space...there you have it! I sure hope this helps, Leslie from My Country Home helped me with this when I didn't know either:)
    Have a great Saturday,

  5. Hi Sarah!

    LOL - our family room used to see that kind of action too. I am liking the quieter days now though. Everything has it's season huh? And I am ready for spring too!

    I hope you all are feeling 100% in no time. I think I may have the head cold coming on. Not good timing - but then is it ever??!!

    Have a great weekend. hugs, Linda

    PS I can explain how to make a clickable link. I'll try to email you.

  6. Hi. Sarah. Looks as if you have a lots of help getting the links going! Great! Your family room looks very inviting! Sorry you have all been sick. Get well...... Spring IS comming! I can feel it.:-)♥ Lewaina

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Sorry to hear that your family has been sick. Hope everyone is starting to feel better. I've had the nasty cold/cough thing for over a week now. Been out doing some shopping with friends that last 2 days and now the running nose and cough is back. I should of known better!!
    I love the photos of your basement. It looks so cozy! Love the bunny...I really want Spring to come also!!
    Take care,

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your house. You've inspired me to try some new decorating ideas at my house.



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