Saturday, February 21, 2009

~A Couple Of Makeovers~

I blogging again so soon?......I just wanted to share my Saturday projects with you. My hubby and I went to a little antique store and I found this shelf for $15.00. It was a shiny dark green and I thought that it would look great painted black. So after we stopped at the Salvation Army and picked up a couple of goodies there (which I will share in a minute). I went home and got to work. Although I hardly call it "work" I really really enjoy it! Here is the before picture~

And here is the after. I painted it black, distressed it and then put some stain on. I might distress it a little more. Haven't decided yet.

And at the Salvation Army I got this little wooden box cheap. Here is the before picture~

And here is the after. I painted it red and then painted a black topcoat, distressed it and stained it. I just love it. Not sure if I want to go the practical route and use if for bills/mail. Or I just think it would look so great with some greenery in it. Hmmm I will let you know what I decide. Unless any of you have any other great ideas....they are surely welcome!

The other little item I picked up at the Salvation Army was this iron "corn"bread skillet. I have been looking for one, but the ones I had come across were so expensive. So when I saw this one for $7.00 I picked it up. Thought it might look cute hanging in the kitchen somewhere.

So that was my Saturday. Hubby and I had fun running our errands together and he is so sweet to go along to antiques stores and thrift stores with me. Today he found an old toy that he got as a gift when he was in the hospital in 3rd grade with a kidney infection. He called me over to look at it and he had tears in his eyes. He said it was his favorite toy as a kid and it brought back so many memories for him. He is so sentimental and so sweet, that is just one of the reasons that I love him so much. The toy was $75.00 so he didn't buy it and he said he really didn't want to buy it, that it was just fun seeing something from his past. He is now wondering if his Mom still has it? I told him that the same thing happened to me the first time I went antique~ing. All of these memories and thoughts just came flooding back to me. It is a wonderful way to remember and re~visit your past. I am glad that it is something we both enjoy doing together. We even found time to workout together today~45 minutes on the elliptical! Yay! It was a good day! Finished it out with family movie night. High School Musical 3.......Mom and Emily were excited...all the boys~~~not so much! Hey sometimes it is all about the "chick flick"!
Have a great Sunday everyone. Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Sarah~You found some really great items. They look fantastic all primmed up like that!
    It is so nice when the hubby's enjoy going thrifting!
    How was High School Musical 3? I was thinking of renting that one this week.
    Sounds like you are having a great weekend, hope today is the same!

  2. The best part of that trip was not the great goodies but that hubby may now have the itch too! How neat he saw that toy. I bet he gets it even more now!! Indeed, that was a great day!!

  3. You found some great buys and they look great refinished. I just recently bought a cornbread skillet too, but mine was $10.00 so you got a GREAT deal. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Sarah,
    I love your TS finds and your redos. Love the black over red. Sounds like you had the perfect day.

  5. Morning Sarah ~~ Love your finds, and the makeovers...good hunting !! I also love the story you shared about your sweet. Its great that the two of you can do some exploring together, I think it makes it twice the fun.
    Always love my visits here.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  6. I like your shelf! Love to find things and redo them. You are much faster than I am though! The box is very cute too! I started following about a week ago after I saw your pics in webshots. You do a very good decorating job. I had to laugh about the footballs thrown etc. Happens at my house too! Thanks for sharing! Jayne

  7. Hi Sarah,
    What great thrift shop how they turned out!! Isn't it wonderful when we see something that brings back childhood memories! Sounds like you all had a great day.

  8. HI Sarah-
    Love your finds and your re-do's are fantastic! Love 'em!
    I agree, goin to the antique shops brings back so many [happy] memories, What a wonderful way way spend the day ;)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. I always love spending time alone with my hubby. I'm glad you had such a great Saturday. I loved the shelf re-do.


  10. Hi Sara - your day sounded wonderful and I love your new treasures.
    Suggestion for the box....not sure if you can but how about one of the batter operated grubby lights - put some pretties in the box like Sweet Annie, maybe some small grubby stars and have the light sticking out through it all - you'll probably have to have the candle sitting in a candle holder so it will stick up....but I bet it will be pretty.



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