Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~D is for~

Hello everyone I am also joining in on the alphabet fun! Linda passed along the letter D to me! And after a few days of computer problems I can finally reveal my list! So here we go.....this is what D means to me~

1. Deeb~ This has been my nickname since I was a baby. This name was given to me by my brother Paul. To this day I have no idea how I got this name or why my family calls me this but they do and I love it! The name is such a term of endearment and it means the world to me as does my family. This is a picture of me when I was in kindergarten~

2.My Daughter~What can I say. I am so proud of her. She is so talented in so many things! She loves art and excels at it! She is probably one of the kindest people I know. She is so great with her little brothers! She is growing up so fast~highschool next year I can't believe it. Where does the time go? This is an older picture of her but it is one of my favorites~

3. My Dad~ What can I say here as well he is a wonderful man. His family means the world to him and he would do anything for any of us at any given time. He is a good man and I love him. This is him with my son Alex~he is happiest when he is with his family~

4. Driving~I love to go for drives. Turn up the music and just drive. In the nice weather roll down the windows and feel the wind. In the winter I love to look at Christmas lights! This is my nephew and I having some hot chocolate and taking the kids for a Christmas light looking experience!

5. Decorating~Any of you that have read my previous blogs know that I love to decorate! Here is one of my latest creations! I got an old washboard at the antique mall the other day. This is what I did with it, it's hanging in my upstairs bathroom~

6.DVDs~Although I don't get a whole lot of time to watch movies and I never get to go to the theater I have my 80's favorites that I just LOVE to pop in and watch whenever I get the chance! They take me back to a time of big hair and rolled jeans and pastel polos the list goes on and on! I loved the 80's~

7. Diamonds~Who doesn't love diamonds?~ A girl's best friend! :) This is a wedding picture of our hands 17 years ago this July! So many wonderful memories over the years, thanks for all of them honey and all the memories yet to be shared~

8. Daiquiris~These are so delicious I can't not mention them! This is Geoff and I in Vegas having a daiquiri before we went to a Cirque Du Soleil Show! What an amazing night~

9. Dieting~ I'M JOKING...just making sure that you are all still with me!! Haha!! :)

10. Dazzling Bellagio Fountains~In Las Vegas! I know I know these do NOT start with the letter D but they are one of my absolute favorite things! They are memorizing, beautiful, amazing~there is not enough adjectives in the world to describe them! I wish that I could bottle up the feeling I had the first time I ever saw them~I was like a child! I asked my sister "can we just stay for one more show please"? And I just saw them for the first time 2 years ago, I was stunned~

Well there you have it~Whew......that took some thought! I feel a little bit like David Letterman right now! LOL! Until next time~Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Love all your "D"'s! ...and what great "D" pictures too!!

    Have a "D"elightful "D"ay! ;)


  2. LOved your list Sarah!! In April when our son got married in the dessert, we spent time in Vegas and the fountains were one of my fav's too! And diamonds, well of course - antiques, prims and diamonds all go very well together I think!! LOL

  3. Loved your list! Did you know Some Kind of Wonderful is one of my all time favorite movies. :) I had and still have quite the crush on Eric Stoltz (the main character). :) I have been to Vegas several times as a child and it never gets old. :)

  4. Loved your "D" list too, especially the pic of you:)
    The washboard is neat and I love what you did with it:)

  5. Hi Sarah,
    Love you D list and your photos. I like what you did with your washboard. I have one that hung in my laundry room in my old house, but there is no room for it in the laundry room of the house we live in now. I'm wanting to redo my hall bathroom...think I might now put it in my bathroom.

  6. Hi Sarah ~~ Sorry I'm late to D-Party but I love all the ones you listed, Dad Daughter,Driving, Diamonds all fabulous. Love the picture of you and hubby on your wedding day...Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox


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