Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~Where I Blog~

O.k. I am joining in on the fun! It has been so great to see where everyone blogs from! So I thought I would share too. I am a little different because I don't have a certain room that I blog in all the time. My motto is "have laptop will travel". I almost have to be mobile while I am on my computer. There are so many distractions and kiddos that need my attention, I very rarely get to sit down and write a blog all in one block of time! Although if any of you read my very first post I am a night owl! I love night time, always have, always will! This is when I get most of my work done whether it be laundry, unloading the dishwasher etc. or blogging & reading blogs while I watched my favorite shows that I have on my DVR. The first picture is of my kitchen which in my most recent previous post you have all seen. But I stuck my laptop on the counter for the full effect. I have to be honest, I don't blog here as often as I blog in my next spot...............

Yes it is here on my sectional! I sit in this cozy corner spot with my blanket (all folded up neatly just for the picture) and blog away! I am pretty sure my husband would say that my laptop is permently attatched to my lap since I started blogging. He is about ready to buy me some sort of device that I can strap on to my body (sort of like a fanny pack for my computer)...I say sounds great. Just make sure it has some sort of cup holder and maybe a snack pouch and I am good to go! :) Blogging has been so fun. "Meeting" new wonderful people, getting fantastic tips, tricks and ideas. And all of the talented people I have come across that make so many great things! Who wouldn't want to blog!? It's been a great experience for me that's for sure!

Other places I have blogged in my house......standing up in my kitchen while dinner is cooking, in the hallway yes I said my bed all cozied up listening to the wind the basement on that sectional (hey I'm not picky either sectional works for me).......hmmm I think that's it. I have also become quite addicted to taking pictures of everything just in case it may end up in one of my blogs. The night I took a picture of our dessert my family just giggled! Oh well...I'm having a blast!

In my case thank goodness for wireless routers! Makes you all wonder where I will be when I make my next post doesn't it?? Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Sarah, you are a hoot!! LOL I love all your blog spaces!

  2. I just got my nee computer in Decemeber and I think I am last of the breed that actually wanted a desktop. DH has both a laptop and desk top so he told me get what I want. We already have the wirless router but I just cannot type well on the laptop - even a big one like his! I like that yours is red though. I might have changed my mind if I had paid attention to that! LOL Maybe next one!!

  3. You have such a pretty house & I bet when you get the chance, you curl up on that sectional & blog away. I'm like Linda, I still have a desktop & actually prefer. All of our children (grown) have laptops & I cannot get the hang of typing either. Have a wonderful evening.


  4. Wish I could lounge and type/drool over blogs. I am stuck at the computer desk instead. :) I just love your home, it looks so warm and inviting.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I also do my blogging on my laptop. Mine is pink! I usually am found on my comfy sofa with a blanket, our yorkie beside me, and our yorkie-poo on the back of the sofa at my shoulders while I'm blogging away. I get laughed at for all the pictures I take now...but you're right, just never know when we might want to post it to our blogs.

  6. Hi Sarah, How nice that you can blog anywhere you want in your lovely home! Love the color of your's my new favorite color!!!!

  7. Hi Sarah!
    You had me laughin about taking pictures of everything,,,,,,so am I.. food, animals,magazines, birds, flowers, the shop, vehicles, the weather, I could do on and on!! I am ahving a great time too!
    Love where you blog!!
    Take Care!!

  8. I love your honesty Sarah! lol
    I like the cozy sofa you sit on to Blog - looks real cushy.

  9. Hi Sarah ~~ I'm up later than
    I thought I left this comment the other day.
    Oh well I'll leave it now ~~ Love all the places you Blog...each and ever one nicer than the one before.
    EnJoy your PM alone time ~~ :-)
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Just found your blog from Linda's and I do admire your decorating:) I added your blog to my favs...always love making new friends:)
    ps...I love how you have the tops of your kitchen cabinets done.


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