Sunday, January 4, 2009

Busy visualizing!

Hello all.....We are four days into a new year. Many of us have taken down Christmas decorations and are "re-doing" our homes for the Winter season. Some of you know that I had gallbladder/umbilical hernia surgery last Tuesday. So I am moving slow, no un-decorating for me yet. Thus the reason for the title of my newest blog! I am busy visualizing where everything will go and what I will do when I take down my greens and Christmas wreaths etc. Bless my husband's heart he did get the trees down and ALL of our ornaments put back in their boxes. He also took down (per my direction) all the things that were too undeniably Christmas...things that just cannot be out any longer i.e. prim candy cane on the front door and the mistletoe hanging in the hall doorway & the Merry Christmas Sign above the window in the kitchen. My everyday sign that reads "Eat Drink And Be Merry" is now back up! :)

I am excited to "makeover" the house, give it a new look and put out some new prim goodies that I have gotten recently! All in good time!

Planning is fun too....but I find that when I have an idea I just want to jump up and do it. I think I will make a list so that I don't forget what I want to go where. Although once I am able to rearrange it will get tweaked and tweaked over and over again. My husband will never understand why I will fiddle with one Fall leaf or berry or pine garland for what seems like hours. Or move or turn something a fraction of an inch. He always says "do you really think anyone will notice" and I know that I will notice and that is what matters!

So for now here is a link to my Webshots albums which is mostly Christmas, some Fall & Summer...a little of this and a little of that I guess. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos, I had fun taking them and how many of us are thankful the next year when we can pull our decorative pictures out and see what went where! I know I am. Not everything will go back in exactly the same place but it is nice to have an idea.

Projects on the horizon.......I am hoping to re-paint our bedroom in the near future, which has been the same color since we moved in. And also re-paint the living room (which would be a big job). I wanted a neutral color and my husband wanted green....we went with green. Needless to say I now want it neutral. I am hopeful he will agree! Hey I still like my red kitchen...that's a good thing!

When I get my house all "done" I will take new pictures and post them on here and on Webshots! I am excited to get busy! Until then I will keep visualizing and taking notes! lol! I think I will hang my prim Valentine heart on the door and put together my Valentine tree! Fun! Have a great week!


  1. Yes, I love that green color in your living room. :) But I know when a girl has her mind made up then it's hard to adjust. LOL

  2. I can't wait to see all the changes! Awhile back I did a whole post about tweaking - seems there are a whole slew of tweakers in blogland! LOL

  3. Good Morning Sarah ~
    Happy New Year ~~
    Hope you are feeling better and stronger each day. With the size of your Family(Bless them) I'm sure its a chore to get all the regular daily stuff done...let alone all the "to do" stuff on your list. So make your list up and keep visualizing till your up to snuff. Linda is so right I think here in BlogLand there are a bunch of us tweakers. I call in ditzing, I love to ditz around with my stuff most times it all goes back the way it was....but I have fun none the less. Feel Better Soon ~
    Hugs ~ Connie xox


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