Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Valentine's Day!

I have been looking at everyone's blogs and you all seem to be in the mood to re-do and re-decorate! So fun to see what all of you are up to! And I must say every one of your projects look wonderful! I am jealous!

As for me....still taking it slow. I have put up my Valentine tree....... (well, I transformed my Winter/Snowman tree into a Valentine tree) and I spread a few hearts around the house! I don't do too much but the red color goes well in our home and I have a few favorite things! And you know what?...My kids really like it when I decorate for different holidays. I think it is something they will always remember and I hope they will do it in their homes for their own families someday!

I also included a few pictures of my front door, kitchen window and kitchen counter. The prim heart on my front door says "Love Lives Here". It is one of those things I look forward to putting out each year. And there is usually always a wreath hanging in my kitchen window. I just change it out from time to time. I think my wreath with the little bird in it would look much better with wood blinds or shutters...but for now those just remain on my wishlist. Along with a woodfloor, black appliances, the list goes on and on. :)

We are back into life after the holidays in full swing. I must admit I am looking forward to the weekend. I don't think I am quite ready for all this running around yet. I am really tired in the evenings. I can't wait until I am 100% again and can get back into my yoga and pilates. My nephew got engaged over Christmas and him and his fiance have asked me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding in HAWAII next January so I had better get busy! I have seen the dresses and they are so simple and classy, I would like to do it justice! Hawaii has always been my dream destination so I am hoping that their plans to get married there will all come together!

Geoff and I set a family New Years resolution~To spend more time together. I think whether you have one, two or three kids or five like we do it is SO hard to find that time to spend ALL together. So we declared "What Are We Doing Wednesdays"...a.k.a. Family Night! The kids choose the meal and the might be a game or a movie, whatever they may dream up. The older kids alternate Wednesdays helping Mom and Dad cook the meal! Happy to report tonight was a great success! On the menu~Mad Dad Omelets (made to order) and Alvin and the Chipmunks started at 7:15! It was so fun and when the kids went to bed they all said thank you for the night! :) Everyone says time goes so fast when they are young...and you never believe it but it does! So we decided to embrace the fact that our kids are still so excited to have family time! It's amazing how good it feels just to stop and take the time for the people you love the most!

Well that is what is going on in my little corner of the world. I can't tell you how much fun it has been to blog and read blogs. You are all inspiring to me to try new things and to get things done! And please be patient with me...All my pictures ended up at the top! I wanted them to be here and there throughout my blog. I have not perfected the art of blog design yet. But I will get it! Take care until next time! ~Sarah~


  1. Where did you get those little birdies? They are so cute! Your other Valentine decor looks sooo goood as well. :)

    What a great idea to have a special night with the kids. We plan to do that as well, hopefully after our basement business. :)

    I hope you get to feeling 100% soon!

  2. Oh forgot to tell you that you should just be able to click and drag the pictures around when you post. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi I don't know you, but I was bored and starting surfing pages and came upon your page and I have to say, I am impressed with your pictures!!

    I just started taking pictures myself, maybe one day it'd be as nice as yours. :)

  4. I just found your blog from Linda's and I really like it. Love your Valentine's Day tree.


  5. Hi and welcome to blog land....looks wonderful!
    Hilight the pics HTML.. right click...cut...put it where you want it then right click ..paste!
    We all go thru the learning process....believe me I did know anything...and still learning! Beth

  6. Hi Sarah - Did Kindra tip about clicking and dragiing work? I never knew you could do that - I'll have to try! See even I am still learning! LOL

    All your decor looks great. I have plenty of things on my wish list too - painted woodwork and cabinets, new windows, new interior doors - it never ends. 22 years in this house and my list is as long as ever! LOL

  7. Hi Sarah,
    I just found your blog...Welcome to blogland.
    I love your Valentines tree!! I still have my snowman tree up, but will take it down in a few weeks. I've thought about leaving it up and changing it out for the seasons, but never have. Maybe I should make some valentine goodies to put on it and leave it up.
    I enjoyed looking at your decorating photos on webshots. Your home is very prim wonderful!! I'm in the middle of redoing my kitchen...turning it into the prim kitchen of my dreams.
    Hope you feel 100% better real soon.

  8. Hi Sarah ~~ I think your post looks wonderful, the pics are spread out nicely. I think that's great that you mark each holiday with decorations for the kids. My boys always loved it growing up and my granddaughters love it now. I also use napkins that are special for the holiday all thru the month, we started on the heart ones already .Your Heart on the front door looks perfect, as do the ones
    on your tree. And your "Family Nights" are very Special, great idea.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  9. Family nights are so special. Enjoy them now because as they get older, they are harder to come by with everyone's different activities. I love your Valentine tree. I have a tree in my kitchen that I try to decorate for the different seasons. Enjoy.

  10. Love your blog-it's very pretty here! :)



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