Monday, January 19, 2009

So.....How Did I Do?

Happy Monday all! My weekend was productive and fun! My friend and I went out this past weekend for lunch and some shopping for our birthdays! We started out at our normal stores.....then I mentioned that I wanted to go somewhere to find some rolling pins, cutting boards and some crocks for my kitchen! And boy did we ever! We had the BEST time together! I cannot tell you how fun it was to go browsing through rows and rows and rows of antique items! The memories that it brought back were incredible. I saw things that my parents had and have and I saw things that my Grandma and Grandpa's had AND I saw toys that I played with when I was little! It was like stepping back in time!

Most of you are probably very familiar with antique shopping and you are most likely shocked that this is my first time experiencing the fun and joy of browsing and "hunting" down these treasures! But I can honestly tell you that I am a complete newbie when it come to antique-ing! Which is precisely why I titled this post...."So How Did I Do"? I am clueless! I took pictures of my goodies and I am going to tell you how much I spent then you are going to let me know if I "done good" OR...."Oh have a lot to learn about antique shopping"! Believe me....your criticism and tips are very welcome!

Some things that I observed as a first timer......Wooden bowls are VERY expensive...why? This really bums me out. :( I loved so many of them...but left them at the store. They were all beyond my budget! As were Red Wing crocks...yikes! It appeared that if they were in pristine condition they were very pricey, if you were willing to accept some cracks and imperfections they were more reasonably priced. Kitchen utensils, wooden or metal varied in price like crazy! I couldn't believe it. I really shopped around to find the ones I did get! I didn't pay over $2.00 for any of them, some were a $1.00 (I hope that is good)!

Some goodies I left behind that I surely would have bought if money were no object: An old sled (loved it) a black kitchen scale, a #5 crock with a star on it (loved loved it), wooden bowls and I saw lots of crock bowls that I left behind for someone else to snatch up! Some of those were very pricey as well!

Oh and Linda I saw wooden ironing boards...they made me think of you! :) They are so neat!

I am sure just by reading this you can sense the excitement in my "voice". I had a great time walking down memory lane and finding what I think were some great treasures! I am going to display them around the house when I am done with my blog. Laundry is over rated anyway! I have much more fun things to do! has come to that time in my post where you can look at my pictures and tell me what you think of my finds. Be honest now....I really want to know what you think, so maybe next time I can be more educated when I go looking! Thanks everybody! Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~
I got all of this for...drum roll please :) $70. Be brutal, be honest...I can take it!


  1. I think you did fabulous!...did you get that goose too?!...Now that was a great find...and them molds!...and that basket!!! you finds!

  2. You did geat Sarah!! The molds are wonderful and so is the sifter(if that's what it's called) and the cutting boards! It's what I call a successful day of antique-ing!!

  3. WOW! What great finds ...I'd say ya did REALLY GOOD! :)
    I love everything!


  4. I hate you! Brutal enough for ya? LOL! Just kidding! Girl, you got some serious deals! I love it all! That piggy is just too cute! I wanna go shopping with you! :)

  5. I think you did very well, too and I love it all. I know what you mean about the wooden bowls and crocks being so high. I have a few and have had them for years.


  6. Now, that picture of the sled is absolutely beautiful! The pics bring back memories....

    The older I get (I'm a great-grandfather), the more I realize how precious memories are. I spend most of my time thinking about and writing down memories, and playing songs to stir them up!

    Thanks for your pics and post!

  7. Sarah,
    You did great!! I just love everything you got.
    I have some crocks that I've had for years, but wanted to get some of the real big, are they high in price! We use to make & sell the wooden pig cutting boards years ago. I've been seeing them in everyone's kitchen...might have to have hubby make me one as I never kept any that we made.
    Have fun decorating with all your goodies.

  8. Let's see the rules to the shopping trip are you need to post the sources and that is it! The sky is the limit!! Please do join me and posy one - that would be fun.

    Just keep looking for the old crocks, rolling pins, maybe save up for the ironing board and a few bigger old wooden things. They really nmake an impact. And take me with you next time! LOL

    hugs, Linda

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  10. Sarah ~~ I think you did great...especially for your first time out. I think girlie days are real important...(especially with you being a sahm ~ with 5 kids) so that alone made it a red letter day. Love all the stuff
    you purchased...your wood items have a good patina if you are interested in tin items...(for display) I would look for items a little more gray in color. The brown crock is wonderful....keep looking to add to that collection. I also love your enthusiasm
    you may have caught the Now that you know how much fun antiquing is...keep your eyes never know where the next great treasure is hiding.
    Have Fun playing with your new "Stuff". :-)
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  11. Well dear girl you DID GOOD!
    You have a great eye for seeing a bargain and a great item.
    I love all your finds and yes, the excitement was in the post - one could feel it.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday!
    I love your Blog glad I found it!

  12. what great finds...its always fun hunting for husband loves to go with me...i have to tell HIM to put stuff back LOL


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