Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Cake Made With Love!

Hello everyone! I have to share this. It touches my heart. My birthday is Wednesday and today I was out running some errands. My kiddos decided to make me a birthday cake! From what I hear it was a good thing that I wasn't here to watch! It sounds like it was an interesting experience! Oh to be a fly on the wall! They made the cake......the boys gladly spoke up and told me that Emily forgot to spray the pans so the cake stuck. Then......after the cake was baked they realized that we had no frosting in the they sprinkled it up pretty and put candles in it....if you will all notice I am 22 again!!! Yay! Bless their little hearts! =) Well 22 candles with some other candles around it...but I am not counting those! Ha ha! They were SO proud and could not wait for me to get home to see and taste their creation! How sweet....this is the moments that I will remember! Just had to put it on my blog...I hope the picture of the cake puts a smile on your faces like it did mine! It's the best cake I have ever had! I don't know all the ingredients that went into this cake (not sure that I want to know) but I know that there is a whole lot of love in it! Have a great weekend everyone! Until next time Take care! ~Sarah~


  1. Awww - those are the best kinds of cakes - baked with love! You are blessed to have the kind of kids that want to do that for mom! What a sweet post.

  2. That is so sweet!!!!! Happy Birthday!

  3. That is just the Prettiest Cake I have ever seen...and I bet it was the Best Tasting. Thanks for sharing Sarah, it not only put a smile on my put a tear in my eye. Happy 22nd Birthday !! lol You are Truly Blessed ~~
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  4. What sweet children you have! Hope you have a wonderful birthday, looks as if you got an awesome gift of love!!


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