Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vintage Christmas Ornaments & Our First Snow

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It has been a snowy day and night here. Parts of the Midwest are getting hammered with a lot of snow. I hope everyone can stay inside and do some decorating, baking, cleaning etc. No reason to go out if you don’t have to! Enjoy some time by the fire instead!


I am SO excited tonight and just had to share. I found some Vintage Christmas ornaments on Ebay! These are ornaments JUST like my Grandma’s & Grandpa’s used to have. My Mom & Dad still have a few of these wonderful ornaments on their tree.

Here’s a few photos of the kind of ornaments I am talking about~

Vintage Ornamentsmatte

Vintage Orn2set

Vintage Orn3set

Vintage Orn4set

I cannot wait to get them! These ornaments bring back so many special memories for me. Thank goodness there are people out there who have preserved pieces of the past for people like me!  :)

I thought I would share a few snowy white photos with you~






And here is a little visitor we saw outside our window today. Trying to seek some shelter from the frigid, high winds today I am sure. I think it is a turtle dove. But I am certainly no expert, if any of you know what kind of bird it is please share~


If winter has set in where you are, stay warm and stay safe.

Until next time, take care.






  1. Congratulations on your ornament find! When my grandmother passed away I was lucky enough to get a box of some of the old ornaments she use to hang on her tree. Unfortunately with my cats I can't hang them up for fear they would knock them off of it.

    We have our first dusting of snow here in our little place in Missouri. Just enough to make it look nice but the winds are horrible. Today will be spent here at home, watching Christmas movies and trying to stay warm.

    Merry Christmas!

    Debbie K

  2. Sarah, It's all lovely! Those ornaments will be pretty anyplace! That bird looks like a morning dove. They have the prettiest coo!
    We got 17.2" of snow where I live in Minnesota! Now we have the cold to deal with.
    I have been crafting and cleaning! Hubby and son had a hard time snowblowing as we had winds up to 50 miles per hour, so we will see how far they get today! I will have the coffee pot on all day today!
    Have a great day!

  3. Sarah, those ornaments brought back a flood of memories from my childhood as well. You are so lucky to have found them on ebay! How wonderful like you said that someone has taken such care of them all these years! Enjoy them!
    Stay warm and safe~

  4. Hi Sarah, I love the old ornaments. They bring back a flood of memories for me, too. I have my grandmother's and my mom's ornaments and they are just like some of yours. Aren't they beautiful? I even have an ornament from my great grandmother. Such fun! Thanks for sharing. I do not have mine out this year because of having you brought back a good memory for me. Thanks, again.


  5. Congrats on finding your ornaments Sarah! They are so much fun. I found my grandmothers stored away at my mothers house when she passed away. I keep hoping to do a tree in our loft all with those old ornaments! Love your outside pictures too! Stay warm and safe and Happy Holidays!

  6. Hi Sara, wow I would love to snuggle up in your home it look so cozy (even outdoors it look wonderful) No wonder that litte dove (yes you were right) loved it at your place.

    Do keep this sending out here and I'll manage trough wintertime.
    Hugs Dagmar
    oh and enjoy your new found old ornaments.

  7. More beautiful pictures! Love the old ornaments. I have a small tree that I decorate only with my old ornaments. It's so nostalgic looking. We're getting our first snow, too. I'm staying in today! Enjoy your snowy day inside, Sarah!

  8. You must be feeling better, because you are blogging more frequently. That is fantastic! I have some of those ornaments, too. I keep them in a glass bowl because I'm afraid they'll shatter. Hope to see pictures of how you use them, because you have so many creative ideas! We are getting hammered with that snow and wind here in Wisconsin, too. Lucky hubby is in Florida and missing this, but our neighbor is blowing the mess out of the driveway for me. Think I'll stay in anyhow.

  9. The ornaments are a personal favorite of mine. I have already passed them on to my daughter.
    The bird is actually a mourning dove and its coo is a lament, a hauntingly beautiful cry of sorrow. We have numerous ones around the feeders. They are very timid ground feeders. Sadly, some people eat these beautiful birds and they have many predators.
    Not fit out now for man or beast--12' and bitter is prescribed here.
    Check out my post - I'M ON A MISSION - to get tips to make your blog more reader-friendly.

  10. Hi Sarah, I love your vintage ornaments. I have been collecting vintage ornaments for years. I posted a picture of my tree decorated with my vintage ornaments in my blog post today -


  11. Oh these ornaments brings back so memories for me too!!! I'm so glad you found them!! I LOVE ebay I have found some of the neatest things there. Please post pictures of them when you get them I can't wait to see. As you know I LOVE the snow pictures!!! That's all the snow I see, is in pictures!:(


  12. I have some of my Grandma's ornaments. One day I hope to have another tree with the old timey tree tinsel and all. Love wha you found on ebay.


  13. Oh, what a wonderful find! I love the vintage look, I'm sure they will look great on your tree or even a wooden bowl. I have fond memories of these kind also. Your snow pictures are beautiful... makes me wish we had some! No snow for us yet and none in the forecast. Even though we travel around Christmas, I still love to have a white one.

  14. I love your vintage ornaments! We had them on our tree when I was a kid too. In fact, I have
    the santa ornament(second box, bottom left)
    hanging on my tree right now. It was my
    favorite when I was a child and came with
    me when I got married 26 years ago!!
    Merry Christmas


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