Monday, December 13, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Happy Monday everyone! I was not ready to get out of the warm flannel sheets this morning. Winter makes it difficult to get going for the day. So cold here, but not near as cold as some of the weather reports I have been hearing. I hope everyone is staying safe and finding shelter in these frigid temps.

This past weekend we donated 40 coats, some snow pants and snow boots to our local Peoples City Mission. My husband and oldest son delivered them and the man that took the donation was VERY appreciative. He assured us that everything would be put to good use. My husband and I talked about how all of that clothing was in totes just taking up space in our home, now they will be USED! So happy we finally went through everything.

If you have any winter clothing you don’t need anymore pass it on! :)

I was browsing through some of my older photos and I put together a collage of a few of my favorite things~

Christmas Blog Collage

* Crock Bowls

* Mason Jars

* Battery tea lights and yummy scented fixins

* Wooden bowls and spoons

* Pitchers

* Little antique chairs

* Gameboards

* Holiday greeting cards

I love all the different textures and colors of all of these items.

Are you like me, do you ever wonder what the history is behind some of your favorite pieces? Who owned them, where did they come from?  if only these inanimate objects could talk, I would surely listen!

The holiday greeting cards are in my collage because I love to have them on hand. You never know when you will want to send a little thoughtful note. Have you ever gotten a card out of the blue? Makes your day doesn’t it!?

Here is a close up of my dried crab apples. I added some whole cloves, artificial greenery sprigs, mini pinecones and a couple rusty jingles bells~

Bowl Fillers Xmas

Just a little close up of Santa~


A close up of my little holiday greeting cards. Love the message inside~




On top of my toaster cover~


Maybe you have seen these before. I never had until I went to the Christmas Gathering at Nelly’s Nest. They are little wool pinwheels! I LOVE the colors~



Little snowman, big tree~


The reason for the season~


I hope you all have a wonderful night. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I truly appreciate each and every one of your heartfelt comments.

Until next time, take care.















  1. Hi Sarah, love all your things, I think they would all be listed in my favorite things as well.8-) I love the little wool pinwheels, had not seen those before.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Great post Sarah, wonderful photos as always. Enjoy your holiday season!

  3. Sarah,
    I get So excited when I see you have a new post, I LOVE your pictures and your christmas music! It is So wonderful you donated so much, someone will put it to great use!!
    Merry Christmas, my friend, Darla

  4. Sarah, it's all lovely! I like the pitcher with the blue stripes, and I love those wool pinwheels, very nice!
    I also think it's wonderful that you donated the coats. We have done this too, not this year yet, the boys haven't outgrown their stuff yet, but in the past years, I have donated to a similar charity.
    It's been so very cold and snowy here in Minnesota, and I just heard we're getting more on Thursday! I am over it! LOL!
    Have a good evening,

  5. I like your sign and little snowman. You have so many great looking displays love the crab apples.


  6. As always, love the pics! You have such a wonderful collection of Christmas goodies all perfectly displayed.

    BTW, how did you make the photo collage?

  7. i havnt checkd out nellys nest yet... that is going on the top of my list next time im in Lincoln!
    I think thats so great you made your own xmas spice blend with crab apples! A whole lot cheaper than buying a bag! Ill have to put my crab tree to use now :) Thanks for the wonderful inspiration :)

  8. How awesome to donate so many coats and to know they will all be USED is even more awesome! Such a great feeling.

    I love taking a browse around your beautiful home and your wonderful prims, thanks for sharing~


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