Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Weekend~Painting~Makeovers~Etc.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend!! We got a lot accomplished! The living room is almost put back together..after painting it, the hallway, foyer and stairway. Hanging things back up is just a little stressful....the walls are so clean and perfect I hate to put any holes in the walls at all. But....we did manage to get things hung back up~and thus the tweaking begins! My poor shelves are begging me to leave them alone already! :)

We needed an end table in our living room, and my husband and I found this one at Goodwill for $9.99! Can't beat that price!

Here it is before~

And here it is after~

A couple more photos of our new paint job and also the makeover I did on a shelf that I got at a garage sale for $5.00!

Here is the quilt that hangs above our stairs. The quilt hanger was just wood...I painted it black~

Here is what that shelf looked like before~

I also have a hide and seek to share. I have always hated the security pad and this lovely key hanger by our door. So I asked my Dad to make me a cabinet to cover it all up! And boy did he do a great job! I LOVE IT! Thanks Dad! :)

Here is what he made me!

Now you see it~

Now you don't~

I love hide and seeks!! And the little shelf on the bottom holds my husbands wallet, cell phone etc!

We also put a makedo shelf above our deck doors. We went to Lowes and bought some pine brackets and a 1x8 piece of poplar. I painted it the same color as the wall. Really happy with the way it turned out. Just experimenting right now as to what I will put up there....but I can't wait for Fall and Christmas to decorate it! :)
Wow...we WERE busy! When I sit here and blog about it...we did get a lot done! I have some Goodwill finds to share...and some of those finds are already made over and scattered around the house! We were hanging shelves and as I was decorating them....I was running out to the garage to paint something quick to put on those shelves! LOL! :) Don't tell me you have never done this! I will share all of my treasures and re-dos next time!
Here are a couple of pretty pictures I wanted to show you. My Clematis are in full bloom! My kids just love these flowers....in fact they were the ones that came running in to tell me to come and look at these pretty flowers!! Thanks kids or I might have missed them!! :)
We went to the zoo...and we saw these pretty flowers...not sure what they are but they were gorgeous!

This is such a beautiful time of year....take the time to smells the smells and see the sights around you! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. sarah everything is just beautiful kathy

  2. Sarah~You home is so cozy and welcoming! I bet you have a big problem getting rid of your guests!
    My problem is that I can't wait for the paint to cure...I get so excited about the future outcome that I antique and seal before the paint has cured! Some day I will learn...but not likely soon!

  3. Everything turned out so pretty! That cabinet your dad built is truly wonderful! Love your redo on that shelf too, what a bargain and it looks expensive now......great job!

  4. WOW - I love your new hide n seek cupboard that your Dad made you!! Your table that you found at the Goodwill store turned out PRIMTASTIC!! Oh and that shelf that you found at a garage sale looks wonderful. I just love all your decorations... it is decorated so tastefully and it gives it such a warm feel. Oh, I love your new header too : )

    Ok, I LOVE IT ALL!


  5. I love your redos..you do nice work..I especially love your header and the basket all decked out..you are one talented lady...:)

  6. Your header looks so patriotic, Sarah. Very nice.
    The color you painted your walls looks very warm and inviting.
    I love all of your makeovers and your dad did a great job on your cupboard!
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Take care,

  7. Sarah,

    You have been busy! I love that comment about painting something to go on the shelf. LOL! Haven't done it yet but I'm sure that will happen sooner or later. You find some great bargains at GW. I liked everything especially the hide and seek keypad and key rack. Nice painting, what color did you use?


  8. Did I tell you how great your header looks? Are those wooden berries?

    The security cover is perfect - and your redo looks great. What a pterry quilt! So much eye candy today!!FUN!!

  9. Sarah ~
    I love all of your redos & the lil cabinet your dad made. Your living room and new shelf are great.

  10. That's just the kind of end table I'm looking for for our living room! Our local GW doesn't get much good furniture to choose from...at least when I'm there there isn't anything...LOL I'll keep looking and I'm sure I'll find one.

    I love the color of your walls and everything looks so cozy and inviting! Nice job! :)

  11. Hi Sarah,
    I love the wall color and the black just pops against it! The shelf from the yard sale looks so nice painted black and the end table turned out just great for 9.99:)
    Love the header too:)

  12. Hi Sarah,
    I love that table. What kind of paint did you use? Did you seal it after? I just love the look that it has, not too shiny and not too dull. I have 2 end tables and a coffee table that I would love to do just like yours.


  13. I just love it all~your redos, your paint color, how you decorate, all of it!! Looks great! You have been busy.

  14. Sarah, I love your new header. Very nice! Your do's and re-do's look great. What a great shelf. Looks really nice. Your clematis is beautiful. Mine is just starting to turn green. We are always way behind the rest of the country. Jayne

  15. Sarah,
    I love your makeovers! Your living room looks great and I totally love that little cupboard to hide your security system and other stuff! Awesome!

    Have a wonderful day :)


  16. Redorating is so addicting. You do wonderful work . Love the Your flowers.

  17. What a busy weekend you had! Love the table redo...looks great and has motivated me to do some painting myself! I really enjoyed looking over your blog...will be back to visit soon!

  18. Oh! This has given me something else to make my husband do. :)


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