Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beautiful Blooms & A Whole Day Of Makeovers

Hello! It was an absolutely gorgeous day here! It was definitely time to get outside and do some makeovers! The boys couldn't have been happier...they got to be outside and run off some energy...and play with some sidewalk chalk! I hope they will sleep like logs tonight!!

First I have to share much to my surprise I walked around the corner of the house and my lilac bushes were blooming! Talk about taking time to stop and smell the lilacs!! Life is moving so fast I didn't even know they were blooming!! I LOVE lilacs! They smell AMAZING...and they bring back some great childhood memories for me!

And then there are these bushes on the other side of our house. I call them Snowball Bushes...but please anyone that knows the technical name for them feel free to speak up! All I know is that they are in full bloom too and they are beautiful!

I just had to share those beautiful blooms with all of you! Here is what I worked on most of the afternoon:
The first makeover is a basket that I have had forever.



This is a recipe box I got at Goodwill and a tote that I had got at a garage sale.


Recipe Box After~

Tote After~

Close Up~

Here is a basket I also got a Goodwill...I just put a walnut stain on it.



Here is the tote that was in our bathroom...I just couldn't leave it I painted it red and then a black topcoat, sanded and stained it...I like it much better!


The last makeover I don't have a before picture for. It was just a little unfinished picket fence that I got at Goodwill for 99cents! I painted it red, sanded and stained it and tucked it behind my topiary on the shelf in my bedroom!

That is about it for me today! It is time to go wash all of the stain and paint off of my hands and get all of the kiddos to bed! What a beautiful day to be outside!!! Maybe tomorrow will be just as might just be another great day for MORE makeovers!! Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Love the flowers...don't know the technical name either I've always called them snow balls too:) The lilacs are so old fashioned aren't they?

    Your doing great wit your makeovers love the tote!

  2. Sarah ~
    I love the flowers ~ just gorgeous and I love all of your makeovers, too. Amazing what a little paint can do. I got your order finished so I'll be getting in touch with you.

  3. Your lilacs are gorgeous!! And all your makeovers look great!!! Have a wonderful Friday!~Wendy:0)

  4. Sarah,
    Wow, you have been busy and all your makeovers look great. Your lilac and snowball bushes are beautiful.
    Have a great evening.

  5. Sarah,

    I loved your pictures of the lilacs. When I saw mine were just beginning to bloom I got excited then they were just gone due to a strong storm. Enjoy them while you can! Your makeovers were all just wonderful. I love the toolbox makeovers. I think those flowers are hydrangeas but someone else may want to confirm this to be sure.

    Look forward to more makeovers,

  6. Sarah,

    I love it all. The baskets look nice stained. I like the little fence also it's too cute.


  7. Wow Sarah~ I love all of the makeovers! You sure do find a lot of great items to redo!Thanks so much for the info on the prim stores in Lincoln:-)I'm so looking forward to going back to Aunt Pattie's! I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. BEAUATIFUL flowers :)
    You're make overs are always PERFECT, Sarah!
    Have a beautiful weekend.


  9. Your makeovers look AWESOME!! You always amaze me with your talent. Your flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.... I can smell them here in Ohio (lol)

  10. Sarah,
    What gorgeous flowers! If I am not mistaken the white ones are called Oak Leaf Hydrangeas.Your make overs are simply wonderful, isn't it fun to see what paint can do? Have a great weekend!

  11. My gosh Sarah your make overs are just beautiful....I envy all of you out there that have this kind of time to be wonderful.
    I love the basket! And your blossoms are so pretty too.

  12. You have been very busy...and everything looks wonderful. I have yet to find anything that I loved at the GW but I will keep trying. Dianntha

  13. I can't believe how much you accomplish!! I do think the nice weather helps out.Everything looks so neat. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  14. Hi there Sarah, I love your do such nice work..and I love your lilac bush and snowball bush..they both bring back such good memories of being a kid..I remember going out and picking lilacs for the kitchen table for dinner..I need to grow one..cause I love em...:)have a wonderful weekend..:)

  15. Everything turned out great! What kind of stain do you use?

    Beautiful flowers, too!

  16. Your flowers look beautiful.

  17. Sarah ~~ Your Lilacs and Snowballs are Beautiful,thanks for sharing. I haven't been by for I'm catching up. Love the picture of your Mom & Grandmother how Blessed you are to have them both. Love all you makeovers I need more time to study them, and you hide and seek for the speaker is Great !!
    Sending Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  18. Hi Sarah,

    Our lilacs are now gone by. That awful heat wave we had made them come out early. I love them too and they remind me of my childhood as well. Yup those are hydrangeas! You can dry them. Check the picture on APP opening page from Kathy's Home on the Hill with the little dress hanging. Those are hydrangeas!

    Great makeovers as usual. Have agreat week my friend! hugs, Linda


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