Friday, May 13, 2011

:: Come Along With Me To Arizona ::

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since I have made a blog post! I missed all of you. I was on vacation…a week in Arizona with my Sister Jen! We had an AMAZING time and I wanted to share! Between the two of us we took hundreds & hundreds of pictures. I hope you don’t mind…I am sharing A LOT of photos today! …a lot….I hope you enjoy!

Ready??…let’s go where it is warm, sunny & beautiful!

There was a massive amount of this going on….

AZ 2011 020

My Starbucks Shaken Black Ice Tea by my side at all times!

AZ 2011 014

Ahhh…beautiful & so relaxing!

Jens Pool

AZ 2011 074

We went to the Arizona Women’s Expo and took in a fashion show…

AZ 2011 027

Saw Patricia Heaton from Everybody Loves Raymond & The Middle.

AZ 2011 039

And Susan Lucci!

AZ 2011 065

Book signing!

susan lucci collage

This was breakfast…right off the tree, my Sister made fresh squeezed OJ!

AZ 2011 012

AZ 2011 016

AZ 2011 030

Every morning the sun beamed in!

AZ 2011 005

And here is the beautiful evening sunlight.

Jen Sun Shadow 002

Statues on Main Street. Downtown Mesa. This is only some of them, they were on EVERY corner!

Cubs Game 002

Cubs Game 003

Cubs Game 006

Cubs Game 008

Cubs Game 009

Cubs Game 010

Cubs Game 011

Cubs Game 014

Cubs Game 012

Cubs Game 018

Cubs Game 020

Cubs Game 021

Cubs Game 022

After snapping photos on Main street we were off to the Chicago Cubs vs. Diamondbacks baseball game!

Cubs Game 028

Pool in the outfield!

Cubs Game 036

Awesome stadium!

Cubs Game 039

Some of the Cubbies!

jen cubs40

Take us out to the ballgame!

Jen Me Cubs Game

Our steamboat cruise and scenic Apache Trail drive along the way.

Steamboat Cruise 004

Steamboat Cruise 046

Tortilla Flats, an old West town.

Steamboat Cruise 061

Steamboat Cruise 062

Steamboat Cruise 065

Steamboat Cruise 071

Steamboat Cruise 082

Steamboat Cruise 085

Our Steamboat…Dolly.

Steamboat Cruise 087

Steamboat Cruise 095

Steamboat Cruise 102

Steamboat Cruise 135

Steamboat Cruise 155

Steamboat Cruise 159 

View From The Steamboat

Time for golf!

AZ 2011 005

AZ 2011 009

AZ 2011 008

Arizona scenery. We took the golf cart around the neighborhood & I snapped some photos!

AZ 2011 034

AZ 2011 036

AZ 2011 038

AZ 2011 039

AZ 2011 040

AZ 2011 042

AZ 2011 044

AZ 2011 045

AZ 2011 047

AZ 2011 053


AZ 2011 055

AZ 2011 060

AZ 2011 064

A cactus that looks like a bird! :)

AZ 2011 073

Here’s where we spent our nights.

AZ 2011 014

Jens Pool Patio



Relaxing AZ

It was the most fabulous week away! My Sister’s hospitality is always top notch! We had the perfect mix of go, go, go & chillin’ out & doing nothing! Thanks Jen! I love you! Can’t wait until next year!

And thank you to my wonderful hubby for keeping the kiddos home so that I could go away & recharge, refresh & renew! It was just what I needed! I was ready to come home to big hugs & kisses from everyone!

I hope you didn’t mind ALL of the pictures! I know there was A LOT of them! Maybe so many that you didn’t stick around until the end of this post…Haha! Believe it or not, there are still a ton that I didn’t share. I was snappin’ away every minute!

Have a thankful Thursday everyone!

Until next time, take care.



  1. Looks glorious Sarah!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great photos..that pool and the glass of orange juice look very inviting.

  3. Great pictures, Sarah. Where exactly did you stay? Were you in Mesa most of the time?

  4. Ooooooo I am loving this post! I lived in Scottsdale for years..and it made me a bit homesick..despite not missing the heat! Maybe we will have to take a trip on down with the kids!! Beautiful photos..everyone! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I do miss the fresh orange juice!! Yummmmm!! Sarah :)

  5. Looks and sounds like the perfect week for a busy mom and wife!! How nice you got to spend it with your sister too. The Steamboat cruise sounds like a lot of fun. I love boat rides like that. So glad you enjoyed your time away (I need to find me a long lost relative with hospitality like that! :-)

  6. Loved all the pictures Sarah, so glad you could get away and be with your sis. Arizona looks beautiful. My FIL lives in Phoenix now and we have never been there. Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. Seems like I have spent forever looking at your wonderful photos, Sarah. Time WELL spent! Cheers to your husband for "kiddo" sitting so that you could have a change of scenery.

  8. You hope we don't mind the pictures? Are you kidding? They were great. Gave me a good feel for where you were,whick I don't know alot about Arizona. I love bare feet, pools, and a cold drink at the pool tho....that sure all looked great!
    Good for you for having a nice get away, and a wonderful Sister to share it with.

  9. my husband grew up in Mesa... what fun to see some pics there! Now if I remember right Tortilla flats is or has a restuarant that is incredible out in the middle of nowhere? Glad you had a wonderful time.

  10. Just looked at all your photo's....beautiful! Glad you got to spend some awesome time with your sister.....making memories.
    Hugs, Winona


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