Wednesday, March 16, 2011

:: Spring Salt Dough For Sale ::

Hello everyone! Spring is on its way! We are supposed to have warmer temps in the near future, the sun is shining and I am seeing robins! These are all good signs. Goodbye Winter. Goodbye ice and snow. Goodbye coughs, colds and sore throats. Our family is ready to welcome Spring any time now!

I hope you are all having a great week so far. I wanted to share with you the Spring salt dough bowl fillers that I have for sale. I hope you find something that you like!

I have given each set a name to make it easier for you to order via email. You can email me your order by using the “Click here to email me” button in the top right hand corner of my blog. Just let me know the name of the set(s) that you would like. I have created 4 different sets for you to choose from.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment. If you do not use PayPal  I will also take a Money Order.

This first set is simply called “Blooms”. In this set you will receive 9 assorted flowers all different shapes, sizes and colors. They range in size from 2-3”.

Salt Dough Sale 20116

A closer look~

Salt Dough Sale 20117

Salt Dough Sale 201110

This set is called “Chicks & Eggs”. You will receive 1 Mama Chick, 3 Baby Chicks and 5 Eggs. Eggs will vary in color, style and design.

Salt Dough Sale 20111

Salt Dough Sale 20118

This set is called “Bees & Skeps”. You will receive 3 Bee Skeps, 4 Bees & either 2 small flowers or 1 large flower depending on what I have on hand.

Salt Dough Sale 20112

A closer look….Buzzzzz~

Salt Dough Sale 20113

Salt Dough Sale 201120

This set is called “Running Rabbits”. You will receive 3 larger Rabbits, 3 Mini Rabbits & 3 carrots. Colors of Rabbits will vary.

Salt Dough Sale 20114

A closer look~

Salt Dough Sale 20115

Salt Dough Sale 201121

Again, the four sets are:

1) Blooms

2) Chicks & Eggs

3) Bees & Skeps

4) Running Rabbits

Each bag will come packaged as seen here:

Salt Dough Sale 201124

The fillers are packaged in paper filler, tied with homespun fabric and will have a handwritten Spring themed hag tag attached.

Salt Dough Sale 201123

Each bag sells for $12.00 plus the cost of shipping.

*I take both PayPal and Money Order* If you are paying with a Money Order, your order will be shipped as soon as I receive your payment.

Your order will ship within two weeks. I will do my very best to get them to you as soon as possible. Handmade especially for you does take some extra time. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Please allow 24-48 hours for me to respond to your email. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. You can always assume that I am busy making, baking & decorating more salt dough fillers! :)

All sets are handmade by me and will vary slightly in color, shape & size. They are for decorative purposes only and are not edible.

I want to to thank all of my followers and all of the sweet people who have ordered from me over the past year or so. I take great pride in what I am creating. I do my best to make each filler unique in it’s own way. And I hope my attention to detail shows. Like Bryan Adams says: “Everything I do, I do it for you”! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone! And Happy Spring! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I appreciate all of your sweet comments so much.

Until next time, take care.



  1. Great job Sarah, they all look wonderful. Your work is fantastic. I love all those I have ordered from you and wish I could get them all. For all who have never purchased any, do not hesitate, they are well worth the money. She does a great job with such attention to detail.

  2. Oh I've been waiting for this post. I'm sending an email.
    Blessings to you Sarah!

  3. Sarah I LOVE all of your Spring bowl fillers and I can't wait to get mine!!! I'm working on your Spring goodies. I always look forward to our seasonal swaps!! The blooms are my favorite. Get ready to be making salt dough day and night!!:)


  4. Hope you got my order! Love these!

  5. Oh wow - I love the Bees - how do I order? Thank you.


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