Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Chic Store With An Antique Twist

Good morning! I wanted to share a store with you that we went to in  Las Vegas. My last post was so loaded with photos that I couldn’t have possibly included all of these photos too. So here I am back again!

I thought this store was so fun and interesting! It was in the Cosmopolitan. The Cosmopolitan to me, seemed VERY modern but yet it had a 70’s retro flair. Here amongst all of the  “hipness” of this brand new hotel and casino was this unique clothing store. All of the vintage sewing machines in the windows caught my eye!


Hundreds and hundreds of antique sewing machines! More than you could ever imagine!



I was busy taking photos of all of the sewing machines outside the store. When my husband said…”Sarah, you have to come see the inside of the store’! Check these displays out!


Yep, old wooden bobbins. I LOVE this~



I couldn’t quit snapping photos! I wasn’t even looking at the clothing, shoes and purses. I was in awe over all of the displays!

Hundreds and hundreds of bobbins~


They turned this galvanized tub into a platform for a mannequin~


Old drawers everywhere~


Fabulous antique cart~





Loved this stool. Wish it was for sale~


What a fun and interesting shop to stop and browse around in! Like I said, I was so in awe of all the vintage goodies around me, I forgot to look around at the clothing. I did check out the price tag of a purse…..$290.00…. Fun to BROWSE…looking is FREE! :)

Bye bye “sewing machine store”! Thanks for  all of the great photo ops!


You just never know what you will find when you are wandering. That was one of the best parts of our vacation. We would wake up each day and say “well, what should we do today”? No schedules, no clocks, just us, on our own to do whatever we wanted! It was bliss!

Oh, by the way. While I was taking photos outside the store, these two high school age girls were standing there and one said to the other…”what are all of those things in the windows”? Someone told them that they “thought” they were sewing machines and the girls were like “sewing machines, really…wow”!? They didn’t even know what they were! Are you kidding me!? I found it so funny! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Until next time, take care.



  1. oh my gosh...I was just there in September and did not see this shop. I'll have to go back!

  2. Wow, visiting that shop alone would have made the trip for me! TFS

  3. Oh I LOVE this shop!!! I've never seen so many bobbins in all my life. I know you enjoyed your time in there!! Now I want you and Geoff to start planning your trip to Savannah!!!hahah


  4. I would love to just look at the store nevermind the clothes LOL.


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