Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Trade With A Prim Friend & A Little Shelf

Just a little post tonight. Sitting here under a warm blanket. It is a chilly night. Feeling blessed to have a roof over our heads, a furnace to keep us warm, our family sat around the table and had fettuchini chicken alfredo for supper. So many things to be thankful for.

Tomorrow is pumpkin patch day, it is supposed to be perfect weather. We are keeping our fingers crossed and my camera battery is charging! I think I just might treat myself to a caramel apple or a funnel cake! Yummy! :)

I wanted to share some goodies that I got from a sweet friend of mine. I have never met this friend in person, but I can tell you she is such a caring person with a heart of gold. I am so glad to have "met" Dana. I was going to order some of her pumpkin tarts. I sent her an email and she suggested we do a trade! Trades are so fun! So of course my answer was yes!

Her candles, tarts, pantry cakes etc. smell wonderful! Look at all the handmade goodies she sent me!

Here is where I put three of the little pumpkin tarts~

Right next to my Ball jars filled with dried gourds and acorns~

Here is a little shelf that I got at the antique store for $10.00. I feel a makeover coming on! I am thinking of painting it black (go figure)! Afterall is there any other color!! :)

I also redid my kitchen table centerpiece. I used one of my large resin bowls and filled it with pumpkins, gourds, acorns, leaves etc. I love how full it looks like a true "Harvest".

Time for bed, tomorrow will be a busy day! Thank you to everyone who visits my blog! I appreciate all of your kind comments so much! They are a joy to read! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Have a wonderful day Sarah! It sounds to be a perfect way to spend the day. I love the way you did your centerpiece..simple gorgeous! I always enjoy reading your blog so much.

  2. Lovely pictures as always!. Nice goodies from Dana.

  3. Sarah is that just grapevines you are using on your dough boards and table settings? It's perfect!

  4. Sarah, I swear you find the greatest finds at the antique mall! I love that shelf! Post a finished picture please! Love the pumpkin tarts. Have been eyeing them too. Have a great day at the pumpkin patch! I so wish we had them around here. lol

  5. Love all your pictures! thank you for sharing

  6. Great swap with Dana, love all the goodies!

  7. Those pumpkins are to cute! Loved the acorns and gourds in a jar great idea! Hope the weather is great for the pumpkin patch.


  8. Your table looks wonderful - perfect for the Harvest Season!!

    I hope you had fun at the pumkin Patch and didn't have the snow we did! Looking forward to seeing pics!!

  9. Hope you made lots of memories at the Pumpkin Patch!! Love your Fall centerpiece....just prim perfect!! You really have a "knack" for prim decorating!! Looking forward to your make-overs. Have a good week. Our temps here in S.C. will be in the 70's this week....gotta get my pansies planted. Blessings, Sherrie


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