Sunday, October 4, 2009

~A Little More Fall To Share~

A few more Fall decor pictures! We moved our two little boys into a room together and created a much needed office. It is not done yet. We need curtains and a few other things need to be done yet. But thought I would share what I have done so far~

This is on top of our filing cabinet. The Fall Sampler was made by Lisa and the basket on the wall was handmade by Pam ~

This is on top of our computer cabinet. I will be taking down the air vent this week and painting it the same color as the walls. I think that will make a BIG difference~

Our leather chair and ottoman~

Our new kitchen table got delivered yesterday! We are SO excited! Now ALL seven of us can sit around the table with plenty of elbow room and we will all have a matching chair! It is 8 feet long with the leaf in. I think for everyday use we can get by without the leaf~

I am sure I will experiment with different arrangements for the center of the table but for now I put this bowl of pumpkins and gourds on it~
That is all I have to share for tonight! So glad to be blogging again! Can you tell!? Haha! Until next time take care. ~Sarah~


  1. I love your new table and the arrangement you have on it!

    Great office...that's what we did painted the air vents the same as the walls;)

  2. Wow, that must feel good to have an extra room to decorate. Gorgeous kids!!!! Have a blessed day!!

  3. Found you by way of A Primitive Place...Love your blog! Stop by to visit me!

  4. As always, Nice decor! . Beautiful table.

  5. Your office will be go nice! Love what you have done so far. Love the big birdhouse! Hope you enjoy your new table.

  6. Love that table! Love the arrangement,too! Nothing like an office to keep things organized! Looks great so far.

  7. Absolutely love your table! Nice arrangement, too! Your office looks great! Can't wait to see more of your prim decor!
    Love your blog!

  8. Love the new table gf!! Everything just looks so inviting, I will be over soon to enjoy! LOL

  9. Just gorgeous! Love that new table....and the new office is looking good too!

  10. It all looks warm and inviting and wonderful Sarah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ling tables!! I need one too for when the whole family gathers here!!Yours looks great. Thank you for more pics of your lovely home!!

  11. Everything looks beautiful! Congrats on the new table! I have 5 sisters, and growing up, I knew what it was like to feel 'crowded' at the table! Hope you all are enjoying the new-found 'elbow room'! :)


  12. Sarah,

    I love your fall decor everything looks great! By chance where did you get your table or did you have someone make it. My dining room is a little crowded with my table and yours seems a little narrower than mine, I'm guessing 3 ft across? Email me.


  13. Loving the new office, Sarah! The wall color is so warm and relaxing!

    That is an awesome table. There are also 7 of us, but I still have a table that seats 6. :(
    Your decorating is just perfect as usual!

    Prim Blessings,

  14. Beautiful home! I Love The colors and your fall decor. blessings, Leah

  15. Great way to start a rainy Monday in S.C. Your home is soo neat and decorated with just the right touch. You do know you have a special "knack" with that don't you? Itr is so good to have you posting again! Thanks for sharing your Fall gatherings and your table is wonderful! Sherrie

  16. As always, everything looks so warm and inviting. I do have a question -- where do you buy your "faux" bittersweet? I am really wanting some, but cannot find it anywhere! I live in NM, so have no real bittersweet around, and I'm not having any luck at the stores. Is there a particular place you have bought it? I sure would love some help! Thanks!
    Have a nice day,
    Janet A.

  17. Lovely! Such wonderful eye candy!


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