Thursday, October 8, 2009

~A Few More Fall Photos~

Hope everyone is doing well. Say it isn’t so…..they are calling for possible SNOW this weekend! I can’t believe it! High of 40. Whaaaat?? Hey….Yoo Hoo Mother Nature…Don’t forget about Fall!

I thought I would share a few more Fall photos. I worked in my basement a bit. I just love the change of seasons, things get rearranged and our house gets a good cleaning. And with Christmas around the corner, I know that it will get a good cleaning again! Ha ha!

The quilt on the middle shelf cost me $10.00! What a great find! It is a big quilt, it is old, soft and was handmade by someone a long time ago. And the perfect Fall colors are a big bonus!

Here is a close up. Look at my little faceless doll that I purchased from Lisa. I just love her! I named her Autumn, her little prim dress has acorns on it~

Here is an updated photo….I added a couple of crocks to the bottom shelf of this table~

I love the look of quilts on a ladder but I am a pretty “matchy matchy kind of person. So I am not sure about all the different quilts on here. What do you all think?

Here is a display that is on my kitchen counter. This wonderful Fall needle punch was made by Kris. I just love it~

I have gotten emails asking me where I got my Cozy Home Yankee Candle. I got it at Kohls. The label says “Simply Home” and the scent is Cozy Home. I am not sure if it was made especially for Kohls, but I do know that people are having trouble finding it in other stores that carry Yankee. Hope that helps! And hopefully you have a Kohls near you!

Next time I promise I will share the Snack Mix recipe that I talked about in a previous post. This post got long! Hope you are all still with me! Until next time, take care. And we will be here trying to stay warm…??? ~Sarah~


  1. Your fall decor is wonderful, Sarah. By the way your candy corn & peanut mix is delicious. Simon & I have already eaten two batches of it & you just posted it, LOL. It's kind of early for snow but nothing surprises me anymore with the weather. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the quilts hanging on the ladder...matchy matchy does not apply to quilts! LOL
    I also am eyeing that great picture above your table...very nice!
    Ahhhh favorite of ALL SEASONS!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. love your table display! the picture above is gorgeous. such a nice quilt for $10!!! i'm off to go get my basket and turn it sideways with pumpkins and other such fall goodies in it!

    and i think the quilts on the laddar look beautiful, but i'm not a matchy matchy person! :)

    de @

  4. Mornin' Sarah! all of your Autumn touches!....I don't think I could ever tire of seeing your pics as they are amonng the best out there!

    I searched up that candle after you mentioned it previously and found that it is a Kohls exclusive and is not available elsewhere.

    What state do you live in that is possibly expecting snow?!


  5. I really love that console table of yours.And yes,of course your Fall decor on it as well! lol Love,love the ladder!! I so want one,I haven't found what I want YET! lol


  6. Love your blog....come visit me sometime!

  7. Ah, so much fall loveliness, Sarah...

    I hope you have a snow-free weekend. I can't even think about snow yet! Though anything is possible here in New England too. We've been surprised before... Yikes!

    Here's hoping that fall lasts a good long time...

  8. As you know i think everything looks primtastic! Oh i have a doctors app. tomorrow out of town and there is a Kohls!! yay, i think i will stop in there! Thanks!

  9. Lovely as always. Nice findings! New goodies are awesome.Lisa and Kris are so talented!

  10. Just perfect as usual, Sarah!
    I can't believe you said the "S" word. Take it back now! ;-0
    We are just now getting some fall weather, and the leaves are finally starting to change. I wish Fall lasted for 6 months! Have a great evening!

    Prim Blessings,

  11. Everything looks so nice, Sarah!
    You have such a beautiful,warm home! I love the quilts on the ladder!

    Have a happy weekend.

  12. Sarah,

    Everything looks lovely, I'm a matchy gal too. I've tried to break myself of it but it's hard to do. I like the quilts though.


  13. Love the basket with the doll and pumpkin and that quilt is fabulous!

    I definetly have to get to Kohl's:)

  14. Your blog is truly it!!!!

  15. Ahhhh Snow....say it aint so. Love all your groupings....and your farm table is wonderful so happy you can all sit around for meals together...Bless You All ~~ Hugs ~ Connie xox

  16. Fall is my favorite season. I truly love the colors and also knowing that the holidays and much family time will be coming in the near future. I also love to be with my husband in the fields as he harvests what we have planted back in the spring. It is incredible how much it grows and how just in a few months it is ready.

    I love your autumn decorations. They are all very beautiful. What a great find you have with the quilt on your shelf. I truly love a mixture of them.

    Have a great weekend and hopefully you will not see any of that snow! That I am certainly not ready for either!

    Blessings and Perfect Prims,

  17. Sarah your decorating is always so professional looking...such a talent you have.



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