Sunday, September 19, 2010

~A Big Thank You~

Hello everyone!! This post is all about YOU!! I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone that has ordered my Fall and Halloween salt dough fillers! And everyone who has sent me the sweetest, most encouraging emails! You will never know how much your kind words mean to me! I am truly grateful for each and every one of my followers, a.k.a friends and for your support!

I have already shipped out some orders and I am working like a beaver to get more orders out soon! I thought it would be fun for you to see what I am working on…  :)

Here is a brand new BIG batch of fillers:


Here they are all painted, now the fun begins! I love sanding/distressing and staining them!


Here are my helpers! After I finished baking for the day I let  our two youngest boys “have at it”! There was flour everywhere and quite a bit of clean up for me to do, but they had a blast!!


They LOVED that flour! Did you know that when you clap your hands together you get a big cloud above your head?! *POOF*


Here is a sneak peek at a few of the bags that I have shipped out. I am having so much fun with this and I hope that you enjoy your fillers when they arrive at your door! Packaged with TLC~~~



Again, thank you to all of you for supporting my new little business venture. It couldn’t happen without any of you! And I just wanted to share my appreciation in this post!

Now I am going to get back to finishing up some fillers and packing up some more orders!

If any of you missed my post about selling my bowl fillers, just click HERE That link will take you right to it!

I am also working on getting our house decorated for Fall. Slowly but surely, I get a little bit done here and there. Here is what I have burning right now in my kitchen. Spiced Pumpkin from Village Candle. It sets just the right “mood” for Fall decorating!


"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."  ~ Albert Camus

Until next time, take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Sarah you are a very busy girl and your bowl fillers looks great. I am still working on mine but mine doesn't look near as good as yours do. Kay

  2. xoxo...your kids are darling.....and your fillers are beautiful..

  3. Sarah,
    It seems you can turn anything into gold -- even flour! So happy your new venture is so successful. You certainly deserve it, sweet gal that you are.

  4. Your a very busy girl, Sarah! I knew you would be! Good thing those 2 cuties are helping you!

  5. Keep them kiddos busy - bet they had fun helping!

  6. Sarah, I am right behind you, I love your blog and the bowl fillers you are making are going like hot cakes!!!!!!!

    Your ROCK!!!!!


  7. How fabulous for you Sarah that you could include your children in this sale. I hope all your hard work pays off. These bowl fillers are wonderful.

  8. Love your bowl fillers, those look beautiful, where did you get all your cookie cutters?
    Love your blog!

  9. Holy Moly!!!! Wow, that is a lot of bowl fillers! They are wonderfully prim! So glad you are doing so well with them. Looks like lots of fun too! I'm not sure I could handle my kids playing in flour though... you sure are braving than me. Lol! But you can tell by those huge grins that they are loving it... so that makes it all worth while, doesn't it? Cute, cute boys!


Thank you so much for visiting & for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate and enjoy each & every one! ~Sarah~