Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally Fall Salt Dough Bowl Fillers…Well.. Sort of….

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing great! It has been a whirlwind around our house lately! We are back into a school routine, everyone is going to bed good and getting up good! And they ALL love school! Yay!

With all five kiddos in school now, I get a few hours in the afternoons to do whatever I wish! This is all new to me. After 16 years of being home with our children, having time to myself is so different! I go to the gym for a couple hours and then I can get groceries or clean/do laundry ..but just to have that choice is kind of fun! And having the kids enjoy school makes it all that much more enjoyable for me!

We just got done moving and rearranging some furniture this past weekend, giving our two oldest boys their OWN bedrooms, we gave up our office for a bedroom, but that is o.k. it all worked out great! And in the moving process we got some major cleaning done, it feels SO good! I am now ready to start decorating for Fall! Yippee! Love, Love Fall! Like you all didn’t already know that! My most favorite season!

Speaking of Fall, I am FINALLY painting my Fall Salt Dough Bowl Fillers tonight! I always have to do this project in shifts. They are all cut-out, baked and cooled but that is as far as I got! Every project always has a way of eventually getting done, it just takes me a while to get from point A to point B!

I thought I would share some before pictures of the  bowl fillers.

Here they are before they are baked~


Acorns are one of my favorite things about Fall~


Can’t wait to paint and finish the leaves and pumpkins of course~


Here they are baking away~


Do you think I made enough?….


Lots of sunflowers, I love sunflowers~


A little bit of Fall and Halloween in there~


So stay tuned, I took a break from painting to blog about these! My favorite part is distressing/sanding and dipping them in wax after they are painted. That is when they each take on their own primitive look!

I plan on making more. My daughter missed out on helping with this batch. I did these while she was at school. So we will be doing another batch together! Such a fun and easy project! In case you need or want the recipe and directions here is a link to Colleen’s blog And Baby Makes Five SO fun to make for all reasons and all seasons!

I better get back to my painting! I will share the finished products soon!

Oh, just for fun…here is what I have burning tonight! Sooo yummy! It is from Village Candle, it is called Cinnamon Stick. I just love the warm toasty scent! Enjoying it while I am painting…oh yea…I am supposed to be painting!! Bye!

Cinnamon Stick

Until next time, take care!



  1. Those are just fantastic! If I could touch saltdough without gagging, I'd be off to the races too! (Maybe that's why I swapped with Colleen of And Baby Makes Five for some of her ornies!)

  2. Sarah~can't wait to see them when your finished! I really have to try and make some soon, love all of the ones you have made in the past! Hope you get all of them painted :)


  3. I love those sunflower shapes! I wish I could those shapes around here, lol. I know what you mean about finally having some time for yourself since all your kids are at school. This year all 5 of my kids will be in school and I'm not sure what I will do to fill in time but whatever it is, I am going to enjoy it, it's been 15 yrs for me, lol. Look forward to seeing all your goodies painted!

  4. Those look wonderful Sarah! Hugs

  5. When you told me you was fixing to start making your Fall bowl fillers you wasn't kidding!!!! You made a ton of them!! I can't wait to see them painted you have such a talent for that. I'm going to start on mine soon. I've got several new cutters from ebay that I can't wait to try. Thank you again for posting about my blog. I had a wonderful response and a lot of them told me that they read about my candles on your blog so thank you for helping me get orders. Your friendship means the world to me!!! Have a great day tomorrow.


  6. I love sunflowers they always say happy & make me smile. I have them in my rock garden, in crocks & baskets inside the homestead. I would really like to see them all painted & prim. Hurry paint them first LOL! I enjoyed your trash to treasure ...prim style section in A Primitive Place. Keep them coming.

  7. WOW-look atcha go with those s/d fillers!!! I can't wait to see them all finished up and displayed...always love seeing how you display them! :) Your photos are always wonderful treats for my eyes!! :) I LOVE sunflowers too. I think sunflowers and pumpkins are my most fave fall decorations-along with drieds! Ahhhh-I'm so looking forward to fall...
    Glad all the kiddo's are liking school...ENJOY your "me time", Sarah!! ♥

  8. So glad things are going well for you and that your kids love school! Wow, you sure made a lot of bowl fillers-that is a lot of painting. Can't wait to see them finished, I know they will look fantastic. Enjoy!

  9. They look great Sarah! I hope to make some too next week! Can't wait to see them finished. I'm enjoying the time to myself too.... :)

  10. Isn't it just a wonderful feeling having a little time carved out of the day just for you?
    It looks to me that you are spending it very well!
    I can not wait to see them all finished...be sure to post pics!
    I am interested in seeing how you distress them.
    Have a wonderful September!!!

  11. Good morning Sarah...I do know how you feel.
    It was many, many years ago for me but I still remember how it felt to have just ME time and I also KNEW WHERE MY CHILDREN WERE! So it was a wonderful feeling.

    Your creations are just wonderful. I've seen them about on other blogs from purchases and also on here...very nice.


  12. I'm glad you are enjoying your new found time with yourself. Still I know you miss your kiddos. I love your bowl fillers. Thanks so much for the link to Coleens Blog. I've always wanted to make some of these and I'm going to head over there now to print out the directions.
    Enjoy your week.

  13. Oh, Sarah ... you are such a kindred spirit! A load of in-progress salt dough ornies and a new Village Candle burning ... two of my loves for sure!

    I'm so glad your school year is starting off so well! Our kiddos are thrilled too and we're settling back into the routine nicely. Except for the 95º temps. Not very fall-like, I'm afraid.

    I can't wait to see your finished fillers ... and now I'm really feeling the need to make some more too.

    Have a great week!

  14. NEWS ALERT: There is a shortage of salt in the state of Nebraska due to a woman fiendishly making salt dough bowl fillers!! (just kidding!! lol) Wow!! You've been a busy girl!! Love all of them...can't wait to see them finished!

    Enjoy that "me" time! I don't get that too much anymore. My kids are out of school, but still live at home and they're in and out throughout the day with work and commuting to college! I'm lucky to get an hour here and there! I really miss my "me" time!! :o(

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!

    Take care,

  15. You certainly have a big project going there - lots of shapes to finish up! very cute!

  16. Enjoy your new found freedom in the afternoons! I'm looking forward to Fall decorating too!


  17. You are so busy. I LOVE all the sunflowers and half moons and the pumpkins. You have alot of painting to do but you are so good at it. I saw what you sent to sweet Dana and I love them as bowl fillers!!!

    I know you have 5 kiddos so I don't know how you find the time I know my husband and I have been busy with just two sons. Our oldest is off to College and our youngest is in 10th grade this year. They grow up so fast so I scrapbook every vacation and everything we do from Birthday's to dances, like the Prom and our son's first car(jeep)he graduated with high grades and our youngest made the honor roll in 9th grade. I feel we are doing something right, because to raise children in this day and age is hard!

    I am going to try to make some of those bowl fillers but I know they aren't going to come out like yours!

    Also I have you under my favorites because I just LOVE the way you decorate your home and do makeovers and at Christmas time I LOVE, LOVE the way you decorate your home! It is so cozy and warm and inviting! If you lived closer Dana and I would be over for some hot coco!!!!!

    Prim Blessings,


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