Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wildflower Photos and Salt Dough Flowers

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I hope you are all doing well. Summer is a busy one with baseball games and other activities. Trying to stay cool during those baseball games is quite the challenge. It has been SO hot here lately.

At one of our son’s baseball games there is a wildflower preserve right next to the fields. So I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. I couldn’t believe the colors! All of the flowers were drifting in the breeze.







Here is a picture I took on the 4th of July of the flag that proudly hangs on our front porch.


And here are the rest of our salt dough creations. My daughter and I were busy! We kind of went a little crazy on the salt dough flowers! I just love them too much! What am I going to do with ALL of these you ask….I have NO idea! But they are so much fun to make!





Did I mention that I LOVE the flowers!? Haha!



My daughter and I just sorted through our Fall and Halloween cookie cutters! Yep, you guess it…that is our next project! It’s going to be Fall-tastic! So stay tuned!

Well, this post was rather random wasn’t it? Filled with some fun photos I have taken recently. I hope you enjoyed a little of this and a little of that!

Until next time, take care.



  1. Any post you make I enjoy~~ love the pictures, they look amazing and can I just say WOW~~~ you and your daughter are SO very talented,,,,, love all the ornaments~!!! I'd be glad to take some off your hands, lol~
    great to see you posting~ I have missed you and seeing what you are up to.
    hugs, Darla

  2. Well, you've clearly caught the salt dough bug, Sarah! They are all terrific. And so fun. Can't wait to see your fall installment...

    So glad to see you posting again!

  3. WOW!!! You were'nt kidding that's a TON of salt dough ornaments!!! I just LOVE mine that you sent me with our Summer swap. I can say you have mastered the technique. They make beautiful displays I have them all over my house. I just LOVED the pictures of the wild flowers nature is a beautiful thing!! Oh by the way I really like the new blog wallpaper and header. Keep these post coming!!


  4. Sarah, I am so happy to see that you are posting. I know how busy you must be with 5 children but it is so worth it!

    I LOVE your salt dough creations, I wrote down the recipe and I am going to try some. I am going to do some Fall and Christmas ones!!!!

    I can't wait to SEE the ones you do for Fall!


    P.S. I LOVE the first song that is on your blog!!

  5. I love the wildflowers, thanks for sharing!

  6. I love all your bowl fillers. I have a bunch too and I thought about what I would do with them all, but then decided that they would just go in every room regardless. And they smell nice too, so it is added bonus. You did a great job on all those. I have had to buy new cookie cutters with the seasons as mine we so old they weren't pretty at all, but now I have a nice new collection of cookie cutters as well.

  7. Wow! You sure have been busy! But what a fun project to do with your daughter! They turned out great!

    And what pretty flowers? Where was that at? By Denton? It sure has been HOT, that's for sure! Glad to see you posting!

  8. It has been hot here in Wisconsin, too, but I can't begin to get as much accomplished as you do! Always fun to read your blog and find out what new ideas are swirling around in your head.

  9. What a gorgeous site those flowers are!! You have been busy with your bowl fillers!! They are so cute! Looking forward to seeing your fall designs.

  10. Beautiful pictures, Sarah! And, I love the bowl fillers, too. You've been very busy!

  11. What great photographs! You have made such wonderful displays with your bowl fillers. They're also on my list of things to do. I always enjoy seeing how you have your blog set up. It's a happy place to visit. :) Thanks for sharing!


  12. LOVE THE PICS OF THE WILDFLOWERS! What a fun project to do bowl fillers with your daughter. Glad to see you posting...we have missed you! Keep those pics coming..always enjoy your posts!


  13. Beautiful flower pics Sarah..stunning.
    Love your bowl fillers too..i'd certainly buy a bag from you if your happy to sell the flag and flowers and bee skip..oh heck, i love them project for you and your daughter to do together..
    luv Annie.xxxx


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