Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Snowy Photos & Salt Dough Bowl Fillers

Good evening everyone! Well…we have had three snow days. We ended up with about 10” total. So, yep you guessed it I ran outside and took a few more photos! I love it when the snow hasn’t been touched by snowplows, snowblowers and shovels. I can’t resist snapping away.

The first few are from the inside looking out….Ahhhh toasty warm inside, nasty outside~

Really Snowy Night 013

Really Snowy Night 037

Winter Stockings 001

Then I went outside….Brrrrrrr.  Look how much more snow is on my sled now~

Really Snowy Night 019

Really Snowy Night 022

Yes..I went out in the street to take this one. I about blew away and my hair was wet and frozen. Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow~

Really Snowy Night 026

Another snow day craft. I made Colleen’s Wax Dipped Salt Dough Bowl Fillers. What a fun and easy project! You can all read Colleen’s tutorial here. So glad she shared how to make them~

I’m all ready to cut them out~

Winter Stockings 011

Here they are baking away~

Winter Stockings 013

All painted and dipped~


Dough Ornaments 003

Dough Ornaments 004

Here are a few of them tucked into a wooden bowl~

Dough Ornaments2 003

And the stockings were hung! I finally got all of our stockings hung on the fireplace~

Winter Stockings 020

Winter Stockings 021

That fireplace has gotten quite the workout lately. We have had some pretty chilly temps.

Well back to school tomorrow. And time for me to replenish our food supply. After three snow days there is not much left to eat for the weekend!

Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Those snow pics are beautiful!! But I'm like you, it's much better inside!!! The bowl fillers are great too. Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I love your salt dough ornaments all painted up. You sure got a lot of snow! We had flurries the other night but that was it...not that I'm complaining!!

  3. Your so lucky to have those 10" of snow Sarah, I love it as long as I don't have to go anywhere:)

    Love the salt dough ornaments, I've always been going to try them but just can't find the time...always something else needs done:0

  4. Sarah,
    Gorgeous snowy photos!How cute are those salt dough bowl fillers!!Now go get that food so you can be ready for that next storm!

  5. Love the ornaments! You did a great job on them. You are getting the snow and we are getting the cold. -25 at my house this morning! Turned out be a fairly nice day though. Your pictures are perfect. Love the one with the tree reflection in the glass.

  6. We had a snow day here yesterday ... and ended up with 8" of snow. And the first thing I did this morning was hit the grocery store!

    Your bowl fillers look so sweet and festive, Sarah. I'm so glad you enjoyed that tutorial :) And now I'll have to find myself a Santa cookie cutter for next year. He's just so darn cute!

    Enjoy your winter wonderland ... and your replenished cupboards.

  7. Oh sweetie...
    How fun is this? All of this beautiful snow. Yes it is cold, but living in the desert for the last 24 years, I always yearn for it at the holidays. It is so beautiful looking at it.

    So serene and calm and still. I love it sweetie. In the one picture you can actually see the reflection of the lights on your Christmas tree. It is just beautiful.

    Please stop by and say hi. I so love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

  8. The pictures are so nice! I have been hoping for a good snow storm here but it can wait till school is out for me on the 18th... then it can snow all it wants. I love the salt dough ornies. I hope to get some done this weekend too! What do you dip them in when they are done?

    Stay warm,

  9. WOW, we recv'd just a dusting, but nothing that big!! I say if it is going to be cold then bring the snow. Your home looks beautiful and the ornament bowl fillers turned out great!!


  10. I always enjoy stopping by your posts!
    Snow is my absolute favorite precipitation!
    It looks like you are all ready for Christmas...I love the salt dough fillers.
    Ahh...a nice warm fire on a cold winters night! What could possibly be better?!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Wow, I think Rondell and I must be the only ones that didn't get snow!!(YET!!) Your pics are like a Christmas postcard...just beautiful. ~Terry

  12. I just saw your featured home page and I really loved it, and thanks for including the story of my Twas the Night Before Christmas that means alot! I always look forward to helping get all of the christmas decor out every year. Love you so much mom.'


  13. Your home is so beautiful! I love the second picture with your tree reflecting in the window and the picture of your home from the street. I know your froze but the picture is hauntingly beautiful!

  14. great photos sarah.
    waiting for the alarm to ring to go home tomorrow. it'll feel more like Christmas when i get there. it was 72 today so i know tomorrow will have quite a bite in chicago.
    hopr you and your family has a great Christmas together. these are the good old days.
    nikonsniper steve from los angeles

  15. Those salt dough bowl fillers are so pretty, too late to make any this year but next year.........

  16. Hi Sarah! Your photos are lovely and your ornies are 2 cute;) Just wanted 2 wish u and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS:)


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