Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow & Homemade Ornaments

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We sure did!  We spent tons of family time together, ate spicy party mix (recipe in a previous post) watched several classic holiday movies and made some homemade ornaments!

But first I have to show you these pictures I took of our first snow! It was a perfect, beautiful snow! We enjoyed watching the flakes fall all day long.

Our front porch~

First Snow 2009 018

First Snow 2009 025

First Snow 2009 026

First Snow 2009 021

First Snow 2009 023

Here is our walkway….totally undisturbed~

First Snow 2009 019

This is looking out our front window~

First Snow 2009 034

It is a quiet, gorgeous night. Cold but SO beautiful!

And this was our snowy day project. I went to Michaels and bought packages of the clear Christmas ball ornaments. We just used my craft paints (watered down a bit to make them blend better) Then we squirted whatever colors we wanted into the ball and then shaked, rattled and rolled it all around! Then we finished some of them off with writing and ribbon!

Here is Alex making his first one~

Ornaments 002

This is Noah shaking his paint all around~

Ornaments 004

Here they are drying~

Ornaments 006

Close Up~

Ornaments 007

Here are some of our creations~

Ornaments 011

Ornaments Part2 006

Here are the ones I made. Some of these the kids did the paint and I did the writing on~

Ornaments 008

Ornaments 015

First Snow 2009 006

Here are some more! We made lots~

First Snow 2009 002

First Snow 2009 003

First Snow 2009 004

What an EASY and FUN project to do! We had a great time! And the best part! There is NO right or wrong….Alex put six colors in some of his and we all thought “wow…. how is that one going to turn out”!? And they turned out FABULOUS!

We made some old fashioned bead ornaments too! The kind I made when I was a kid!

Bead Ornaments 001

Bead Ornaments 002

Our kids are crossing their fingers for a snow day tomorrow so that we can do more crafts! :)

What a positively perfect day! I counted my many blessing today. So thankful for my wonderful husband, our five beautiful children, and our families that love us so much! And our healthy puppy too!  :)

Until next time. Take care. ~Sarah~


  1. Sarah,
    A perfectly fun day,spent with family!Your ornaments are the cutest treasures!
    ♫ Let It Snow... ♫

  2. Your "first snow fall" photos are beautiful, Sarah!
    I love those ornaments! WOW, those turned out so neat! What a fun family project :)

    Have a happy week.

  3. Love them! They turned out so beautiful.

  4. Sarah,
    Love your porch & the snow is beautiful. What a wonderful project with the kids & they turned out lovely.

  5. Sarah your first snow fall pictures are beautiful!
    Your ornaments are awesome...even more so because they were made with love!! What fun memories for you and your kids :) Priceless!!

    Holiday Blessings,

  6. What a perfect weekend indeed Sarah! It just doesn't get any better than that!

    Have a great Monday and a wonderful week!


  7. Sarah....I love how your walkway is all lit up. Very pretty! Your ornaments turned out so well. My kids love doing crafts too...I'll have to get some ornament balls.

  8. Nothing like everyone gathered all together to watch some Christmas movies. One of the things I always love doing with my girls.

    I really like your idea on the clear balls. I just may have to make a few with my girls. And they would make really nice gifts. Oh boy, I think I will have to go out today and get some...LOL. Hope you don't mind, I think it's a wonderful idea and will be enjoyed by girls.

  9. Isn't it great when it snows on a weekend? Your home looks great -- and the outside is so welcoming! ~Terry

  10. Sarah-
    your ornaments are so neat, what a great thing to do with your kids. The snow is gorgeous here too, I plan on posting some pics of the winter wonderland.

  11. Ohhhh...what beautiful snow pictures! A gorgeous winter wonderland!
    Those ornaments are precious! I loved doing things like that with my boys when they were little. We did the bead candy cane and wreath and now they have them on their family trees.
    Have a great week!


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